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Faculty & Staff

ER Nurses during Nurses Week Forensic Nurses Three RNs in the ER ER staff at Grand Reopening Ceremony following Hurricane Ike ER RNs ER physicians in action

ED Medical Director & Chief of Trauma     

William Mileski, MD
William Mileski, MD    

ED Medical Director  

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Robert Kaale, MD  

ED Nursing Director

Christine Wade
Christine Wade, RN, MSN, CEN

ED Assistant Nurse Manager  

Leanne Ledoux
Leanne Ledoux, RN, BSN, CEN 

ED Charge Nurses

Chad Connally, RN, ADN,CEN  
Lance Parker, RN, ADN 
Rebecca Davis, RN, BSN
Darin Radzieski, RN, ADN  

ED Social Workers

Johnston & McGrew
Sascha Johnston & Carly McGrew

Trauma Program Director

Diana Grimm-Mapp
Diana Grimm-Mapp, RN, BSN

Mid- Level Providers

Olugbenga Akinwande, PA
Carl Brofman, NP
Megan Medina, NP
Vincent Sorrentino, PA
Larry Settles, PA
Darlene Tracy, PA
James Xie, NP



Michael Glassinger, MD
James Hunderup, MD
Julio Cesar Jayes, MD
Stephen Kim, MD
Joseph Koza, MD
Anil Menon, MD
Radheshyam Miryala, MD
David Olson, MD
Terrence Pattinson, MD
Christion Rice, MD
Gregory Rumph, MD
Wayne Rutledge, MD
Craig Smith, MD
Peter VanDelden, MD
Brent Vasut, MD
Wakili Yarima, MD
Peter Yoo, DO


At UTMB Health, we provide the same care that we would want the most cherished of our loved ones to receive.