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What to Expect

When you arrive for treatment at the Emergency Department, your condition is evaluated by a nurse. The Emergency Department physician may order tests necessary to diagnose your condition (laboratory, X-rays, etc.), and if you need specialty treatment, one of our consulting specialists will be called.

Please be prepared to provide pertinent information about your medical history, including:

  • medicines you are taking,
  • allergies,
  • and a summary of your past illnesses, injuries and surgeries.

This information allows our medical team to give you appropriate treatment.

View of Nurse Triage in Emergency Room


Visitation Guidelines

Space limitations require that only one family member or primary support person can accompany the patient to the treatment room.

When in the patient care area, visitors are asked to always remain at the patient's bedside. With your consent, our staff will make every effort to keep family members and friends informed of your condition and treatment.