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Community Health & Education Expert

Sharon Petronella, M.S., Ph.D.
Community Health & Education Expert


OFFICE (409) 772-3879

Sharon Petronella, M.S., Ph.D.

Community Health & Education Expert


Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Biomedical Sciences
Member, Asthma Pathogenesis Research Core
Co-Director, Asthma and Lead Divisions, Community Outreach and Education Program of the NIEHS Center in Environmental Toxicology
Environmental epidemiologist with UTMB’s Child Health Research Program

Expertise / Area(s) of Interest

Environmental epidemiology
Exposure to environmental toxicants
Pediatric asthma
Air pollution and effects on childhood asthma

Recent Media / Articles

  • Thaller, E., Petronella, S., Hochman, D., Howard, S., Chikkara, R., & Brooks, E.G. (2008). Moderate increases in ambient PM2.5 and ozone are associated with lung function decreases in healthy athletes. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 50:202-211.
  • Sullivan, J; Parras, B; St. Marie, R; Subra, W; Petronella, S; Gorenstein, J; Fuchs-Young, R; Chavarria, A; Ward, J; Diamond, P. Public Talks & Science Listens: A Community-Based Participatory Approach to Characterizing Environmental Health Risk Perceptions & Assessing Recovery Needs in the Wake of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. (2008). Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health. (in press).
  • Sullivan, J., S. Petronella, E. Brooks, M. Murillo, L. Primeau and J. Ward. (March 2008). Theatre of the oppressed and environmental justice communities: A transformational therapy for the body politic. Journal of Health Psychology. Vol. 13(2); 166-179.

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