UTMB Faculty Senate

February 10, 2003

4:30-6:00 PM – Caduceus Room


Senators in Attendance:  S. Ayachi, C. Baker, M. Boyars, V. Braciale, B. Buderlmann, K. Calhoun, B Cammune, N. Holcomb, R. Lederman, S. Lemon (ex-officio) R. Leonard, J. Leonard, S. Mitra, L. Primeau, N. Rubin, V. Sierpina, A. Speer, J. Stobo (ex-officio), D. Traber, C. Watson, C. Wigg, C. Wisnewski.


I.                     Call to order.  2/10/03 Agenda approved.  1/13/03 minutes approved.

·        Dr. Taglialatela is out of the country – unable to chair meeting. Meeting chaired by Regina Lederman, Chair-elect.


II.                   Comments from the President. – J. Stobo


·        Budget – the Governor has called for a 7% reduction of state funds for the remainder of this fiscal year.

·        There will be no overall hiring freeze; no across the board cuts. Academic programs will be reviewed before any further budget cuts are made.

·        The leadership of the university (President, Deans, Hospital COO) worked together smoothly to prepare the budget decrease.  The amount of decrease was smaller this time; thus, a lower number of FTE’s were affected.

·        In addition, Service lines are under review for cost effectiveness/program quality.

·        Options are being explored to increase revenue (i.e., introducing a possible Medicaid pilot program focusing on the younger population (25-38 years old). Our expertise in this field would be valuable.

·        Indigent care funds were not immediately affected.

·        The Senate’s role:  be a steady/calming influence; solicit input from peers; be a conduit of information for faculty at large.


·        GalvestonAustin relationship

·        UTMB has an ongoing collaboration with Breckenridge Hospital wherein about 25 students a year have completed their clerkships.

·        The data shows that the quality of program content is comparable to ours; students have often rated it higher.

·        A potential M.D. to PhD. Program is being considered.  Our programs/facilities compliment each other (i.e., UT-Austin does not have an academic health center or medical school).

·        It is to our advantage; we have no program in Biomedical Engineering, whereas UT-Austin does.





III.                  Chair-Elect Report – R. Lederman


·        The Faculty Satisfaction Survey has been distributed by Digital Research, Inc., a private evaluation company.  They will circulate the survey to all UT System faculty.  The surveys are returned to them with a personal ID#; the process assures faculty complete confidentiality.  A 70-80% response is needed for a representative survey.  When last poled by UTMB, the Faculty Satisfaction Survey yielded a 74% response rate.

·        Senators need to encourage faculty participation.

·        Announcement regarding the importance of an adequate survey response will be published in the Senate Newsletter and in Daily Announcements.

·        Dr. Stobo and the Deans were requested to endorse the survey.

·        Must use caution in surveying – too many discourage participation.

·        Faculty will be contacted three times with reminders for survey completion.

·        The senate inquired what changes have been made since the last survey, if any.  Dr. Stobo will address this issue in a letter

·        The Senate Executive Committee met with Dr. Stobo re: planning a Faculty Diversity Conference.  Dr. Stobo is assembled a Committee to facilitate the conference.  The goal is to provide a model for increasing faculty diversity and resources

·        The call for faculty interested in Health Disparities research netted 22 volunteers—name of interested faculty have been forwarded to President Stobo.


IV.               Past-Chair Report – V. Sierpina

·        Re: Faculty Club: For budgetary reasons progress on the proposed faculty club in Old Red have been curtailed; the club is not a top priority.

·        Re: Yacht Club membership: It was suggested that a reduced fee or dues arrangement be worked out with the Yacht club. If this is arranged, adding the Yacht Club to the shuttle route should also be negotiated.

·        Dr’s Stobo, Perachio, Garges, Marx and Sierpina’s visit to the Texas College Chiropractics was favorable; they are working on a collaborative effort.  Dr. Perachio will be meeting with them next month.


V.     Authorship policies – C. Watson

·        The Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee met and reviewed the Authorship Guidelines.  Their findings included:  adding an additional paragraph (see handout). There is a Scientific Integrity Committee (SIC) here on campus – the AAAC felt this is a more appropriate task for that committee. The guidelines they have published appear adequate compared to other universities.

·        The committee noted they felt this should not have been our charge, that it was a duplication of effort.

·        Dr. Lemon noted the SIC committee only meets when they have a charge/activity.

·        Report submitted and approved by Senate.


VI.               Upward evaluation on President – N. Rubin

·        The Faculty Quality Committee was charged with determining if the president should have a 360-degree evaluation in response to a request from the UT System.  The committee recommended that all faculty be evaluated in the same manner.

·        The evaluation tools vary from one school to another at UTMB.

·        Report submitted and approved by the Senate



·        The senators emphasized that it is extremely helpful to send information for Senate meetings in advance to allow for review prior to meetings.

·        Invite Kathy Shingleton to discuss 360-degree reviews.

·        Governance Committee - wanted further discussion on process of what/who gets issues to the senate and assigned to committees.

·        Invite Walter Meyer (Scientific Integrity Committee) to give an overview of that committee



VII.  Motion to adjourn made and seconded.