UTMB Faculty Senate

January 13, 2003

4:30-6:00 PM – Caduceus Room


Senators in attendance:  S. Ayachi, C. Baker, M. Best, V. Braciale, B. Budelmann, K. Calhoun, C. Christiansen (ex-officio), R. Fabian, R. Garofale, S. Gerik, N. Holcomb, C. Jansen, K. Johnson, R. Lederman, R. Leonard, J. Leonard, S. Mitra, R. Moore (ex-officio), N. Rubin, V. Sierpina, G. Taglialatela, D. Traber, C. Watson, P. Watson, C. Wigg, C. Wisnewski.


I.                   Call to order.  1/13/03 Agenda approved.  12/9/02 minutes approved.

II.                 Chair report – Dr. Taglialatela

·         Informed the Senate that he and the Faculty Senate Leadership met with Dr. Teresa Sullivan, Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Dr. Geri Malandra, Executive Associate for Accountability and Performance on January 8th.  They are visiting UT campuses to foster better interaction among schools.  It was a brief meeting with the majority of the focus on campus life & recruitment.

·         Reminded the senators that upon election to their term, each committee was charged with a set of issues.  Committee members need to review those issues & action plans and bring these back to the senate; put on the agenda.  Senators should convey these words and actions to the faculty


III.              Chair-Elect Report – Dr. Lederman

·         Was part of the meeting with the UT System visit.  They are working to foster better relations between academic and clinical entities.

·         Met with the augmented Executive Committee regarding incentive pay plans for scholarships; all schools must present a plan.  In addition, has asked for better access to NIH funding.

·         The Faculty Advisory Committee composed of Senate members from all 15 UT System schools has participated in organizing a Faculty Satisfaction Survey of UT System schools. An independent company, Digital Research, will conduct the survey in the next 1-2 months.  Confidentiality is assured by having all responses from the computer-generated survey returned directly to the evaluation company. Faculty will be contacted 3 times in an effort to attain adequate representation. The survey is designed to be completed in a minimal amount of time, approximately 20 minutes. Faculty are strongly encouraged to respond to requests for completion so that we may have accurate and interpretable results for UTMB.

·         Spoke with Vice-Chancellor Sullivan about the two Core Committees on Ethic Diversity & Advancement of Women; actively seeking a conference grant

·         Internal Medicine has an incentive plan that may work as a model, as each departmental survey is unique.  Suggested inviting Bill Mitch to the March meeting to discuss their plan, as there is a need for a university-wide comprehensive plan.

·         The Request for identification of faculty working in the area of health disparities: to date has 12 responses.


IV.              Past-Chair Report – Dr. Sierpina

·         Attended conference in San Antonio planning a Conference on Hispanic Healing Practices. Also developing a collaboration for a planning grant for an International CAM Research Center with UT San Antonio and University of Mexico and UTMB

·         UTMB has been included in the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine. They will review the clinical, educational, and research opportunities in partnership with 16 other major medical schools.

·         Dr.’s Stobo, Marx, Garges and Dr. Sierpina will be visiting the Texas College of Chiropractic to examine the possibilities of a collaboration

·         Dr. Gerik and Dr. Sierpina are working to develop a Faculty Development series in Austin as part of the satellite campus project. .



V.                 New guidelines on recruitment – Melvin Williams –Director OEOD

·         Melvin Williams, Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, distributed and discussed a new handbook entitled, “Creating a Diverse Workforce.” Diversity is a core value at UTMB, and the handbook is designed to achieve diversity that mirrors the population served by UTMB, and to assure equal opportunity and affirmative action. The handbook includes discussion and details about search committee composition and selection procedures, guidelines for preparation of position descriptions, interviewing, and advertisement, and staff and departmental responsibilities.

·         Emphasized that waivers for recruitment will be drastically reduced.

·         May call his office anytime for guidance.  The handbook is available on-line: http://www.utmb.edu/diversity/Recruitment/default.htm


VI.              Nursing Issues – Dr. Karen Sexton, COO for Hospital Administration and David Marshall, RN, Executive Director and Chief Nurse

·         The Senate had invited presentations on Nursing Issues by both Dr. Pam Watson--Dean, School of Nursing and Dr. Karen Sexton. At the Senate meeting of December 2002 issues related to the School of Nursing were presented and discussed.

·         This presentation focused on achievements and challenges in Nursing Service, some of which include decreasing RN vacancies, increasing educational endeavors, and increasing patient satisfaction.

·         Efforts are in place to reduce reliance on external agencies for the nursing workforce.   The intention is our employees are part of the UTMB Culture and the monies not used on outside agencies can be invested in our nursing personnel as part of development, reward and retention.

·          A goal of Nursing Service is the attainment of magnet status.

·         Questions and discussion related to ways to enhance nurse-physician collaboration and relationships (professionalism), and nursing service participation in research.


VII.            Motion to adjourn made and seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 5:58 p.m.