UTMB Faculty Senate

May 12, 2003

4:30-6:00 p.m.


Senators present:  S. Ayachi; C. Baker; M. Best; M. Boyars; V. Braciale; B. Budelmann; B. Camune; R. Fabian; S. Gerik; N. Holcomb; C. Jansen; K. Johnson; R. Lederman – Chair Elect; J. Leonard; S. Mitra; L. Nash; A. Perachio ex-officio; L. Primeau; N. Rubin; V. Sierpina – Past Chair; G. Taglialatela - Chairman; D. Traber; C. Watson; P. Watson ex-officio; C. Wigg.


I.       Call to order.  Agenda approved.  Minutes of April 13, 2003 approved.

II.    Comments from Dr. Stobo

a.      Budget.  The House and Senate are scheduled to meet to come to agreement on the budget.  As it stands now. We are still looking at a 5-7% reduction in FY’04 & FY’05.  By the end of this fiscal year, we plan to be back on track even though we trimmed 12 million.  The TDCJ prison system will have 329 RIF’s for FY’04; these will be from outlying units, not our campus.

b.      We have negotiated with two companies to perform the Faculty Salary Equity Survey.  It will begin in early Fall as we want to use FY’03 data.

c.      SARS policy.  This policy was announced last week.  Any questions about these procedures should be directed to Dr. Glen Mayhall in Healthcare  Epidemiology.  There will be a 10 day quarantine for persons returning from travel in high risk locations.  The ER is prepared with a specific area for SARS patients.  It is noted we currently have a potential of five Chinese students this fall.  The procedures will be the same for them.

III. Chair Report – G. Taglialatela

a.      The diversity council should prove to be a good opportunity.  They are meeting tomorrow to brainstorm for the July events.  Also noted that the diversity council is not a substitute for the core groups.  Dr. Richardson will be invited to the next senate meeting to brief on the progress of the core group for advancement of women faculty and administrators

b.      Called for nominations for Chair-Elect.  If nominated, the nominee is not obligated to respond immediately – they should take time to think about it.  V. Sierpina noted it is a time consuming but good opportunity to advance one’s interests.

c.      Shared a reminder from Dr. Perachio that the research faculty retreat is on June 18-19 at South Shore Harbor.

IV.  Chair-Elect Report – R. Lederman

a.      Attending faculty advisory committee in Austin June 5-6.  During the budget crunch, this was cancelled, but now reinstated.  They have cut back on some expenses (i.e. meals).  This group also has legislative responsibilities.  They are exploring possibilities for collaborative research within UT-system faculty.

b.      Student senators.  Research of the by-laws has not produced any provisions for this.

V.     Past Chair Report – V. Sierpina

a.      Working closely with Austin towards satellite campus.

b.      President’s cabinet awards may be submitted through June 14.  Up to $50K can be allotted for projects that promote a healing environment.

VI.  Report from Core Committee on Underrepresented Minorities – Dr. C. Romero

a.      There are two committees on campus: one for minorities and the other for women.  Dr. Stobo has created an “Institutional Diversity Council” to be an advisory group promoting diversity within our institution.  They will roll this out in July with a featured guest speaker, Jordan Cohen.  As an institutional goal, we should try to mirror the diversity of our patient & student population.   Our minority level overall for the past ten years has remained at 7%; physicians at 3%.  V. Sierpina asked if females were held back by child care; homemaking, etc.  C. Romero stated that had not been one of their findings.  The core group continues to research reasons.

b.      Distributed core action plan.  This plan has been presented to Dr. Stobo and will be presented to the AEC.  Data have been added to provide an evaluation tool.  The committee will continue to look at policies of the APT and mentoring.  If you know of a talented candidate, contact Dr. Romero

VII.                       Senate Executive Session

a.      Discussion ensued regarding disparities in APT standards, processes, and procedures among the Schools and the lack of consistency across all Schools at UTMB. A decision was made to ask the deans of the Schools to speak to these issues at our next meeting.

b.      The senate will investigate the imposition of stricter security measures for access to our buildings.  Seems the process for entry without a badge is redundant and viewed as a punishment rather than establishing identity/accessibility.

c.      D. Traber nominated Cheryl Watson for Chair-Elect.

VIII.                    Adjournment – committee meetings followed.