UTMB Faculty Senate

June 9, 2003

4:30- 6:00 p.m.


Senators present:  M. Best; V. Braciale; B. Budelmann; K. Calhoun; B. Camune; S.. Gerik; N. Holcomb; K. Johnson; R. Lederman; J. Leonard; R. Moore (ex-officio); M. Sankar; N. Rubin; V. Sierpina; C. Watson; C. Wisnewski.


I.Call to order. Agenda approved.  Minutes of May 12, 2003 approved.

II.          Chair-elect Report – R. Lederman

·  Next month will be the Chair-Elect session for the new year.  Will hear verbal position statements from nominees and vote.  Dr. Lederman shared her experiences as Chair-elect to be favorable.  She explained that the position will require four trips to Austin per year serving on the Faculty Advisory Committee.  Last session included vice-chancellors and regents and dealt with salaries, budget health affairs, and faculty governance, to name a few (distributed samples of agendas) for senator’s review.

·  Continues to work on multi-disciplinary collaboration in research and education.

III.       Past-Chair Report – V. Sierpina

·  Attended the alumni student minority session.  This group is comprised of minority alumni whose efforts over the years helped establish diversity in our student population.

IV.       Medical Educator Development Seminar – Jack Scott

·  The Office of Educational Development has developed a formal faculty development program for present and future leaders in the education programs of UTMB (handout).  Department Chairs and Chiefs recommend faculty for programs.  Presented timeframe for enrollment; initially, enrollment will be extended to school of medicine faculty. Depending on availability, enrollment will be opened to all faculty.  Details can be obtained by contacting his office @ extension 22791 or by visiting their website http://oed.utmb.edu/courses.htm

V.          Report from the Core Committee on Women – J. Richardson

·  Distributed copy of the action plan (handout).  Over the last year, the committee has helped with review of salary equity and faculty satisfaction survey.  They have also sponsored outside faculty speakers on campus promoting advancement of women faculty and administrators.  Efforts have been made with the promotion of gender equity by enhancing the search process; retention (currently 38% departing faculty are female), and salary inequities (had done a survey 4-5 years ago and are promoting that it be done every 2-3 years).  Of note, there are a large percentage of female faculty in part-time positions which are not covered by APT – committee is studying this.  For the year 2002 in the School of Medicine, 19.5% female faculty are tenured versus 44% male faculty.  With regard to retention, the committee is recommending that an outside firm do post departure interviews allowing for anonymity to better glean reasons for departure.  V. Braciale cited that an important factor is “are they leaving for something better or escaping a hostile environment?”  Dr. Richardson asked the senators to review the action plan and send comments and inquiries to her, or visit their website at https://www.utmb.edu/corecommitteewomen/Default.htm

VI.       Security Issues – R. Moore

·  In response to Senate questions about the security procedures in the medical research building and basic sciences building.  Mr. Moore distributed an overview of security & identification badge measures (handout).  The senators main concern is that when a person does not have their ID badge, the process of getting a temporary badge is cumbersome and time consuming in addition to not being allowed access.  Senators perceive that the procedures are more of a “punishment” rather than necessary process.  Mr. Moore outlined that ID badges are a necessary and vital part of our security procedures.  Of note, the reason these two buildings are highly monitored is that they have labs with “select agents” of which security has been tightened to conform to the US Patriot Act.  Lengthy discussion ensued.  Motion made and seconded to extend time allotment for discussion about the pros and cons of the process.  Mr. Moore is researching the possibility of having an on-site badge deactivation/temporary badge issuance.  The senate suggested that just the labs with select agents be inaccessible (i.e. install a security badge swipe/reader).  It was also suggested that Dr. Perachio address the Senate on this issue as he is the designated contact for research security.  Mr. Moore will return with an update at the July Senate meeting.

VII.           Senate Executive Session

·  The following were nominated for Chair-Elect:  Alice Speer, Susan Gerik, and Bernd “Ulli” Budelmann

VIII. Adjournment – motion made and seconded - meeting adjourned 6:25 p.m.