DRAFT                                              MINUTES


UTMB Faculty Senate

July 14, 2003

4:30-6:00 p.m.  Caduceus Room


Members Present:  S. Ayachi; C. Baker; M. Best; M. Boyars; V. Braciale; B. Budelmann; K. Calhoun; B. Camune; R. Fabian; S. Gerik; N. Holcomb; C. Jansen;

R. Lederman (chair-elect); L. Primeau; N. Rubin; V. Sierpina (past-chair);

G. Taglialatela (chair); D. Traber; P. Watson (ex-officio); C. Wigg; C. Wisnewski.


  1. Approval of Agenda;
    1.  approval of June 9, 2003 minutes. Motion made, seconded – approved.
  2. President’s Comments – J. Stobo
    1. The president’s office and the diversity council are hosting diversity week July 28-August 1, 2003.  The events of the week will include panel presentations with movies; a “common threads” fair to display employee arts & crafts; guest lecturer Jordan Cohen, who is also inaugural William C. Levin Guest Lecturer on Health Care and Diversity.  An endowment has been established to award a $2000 per year scholarship given in the lecturers name to an economically challenged student.
    2. The recent Supreme Court decision established that recruitment criteria for students cannot be based solely on race.  This gives us better latitude in our recruitment efforts.
    3. NIH will conduct a site visit on July 15th as UTMB is a candidate in the awarding of the national biodefense lab.  We have also applied to be a regional center for excellence – we should know if we are accepted by early fall.
  3. AEC Issues
    1. Dr. Watson reported that a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools site visit is underway.  They are determining if we meet standards in our distance education programs.  There will be a     4-hour retreat coming soon and faculty senate leadership will be invited.  Among issues are student issues, student sexual harassment and student rights.
    2. Dr. Watson suggested that Dr. Lemon is the chief academic officer and could best report on the APT issues.
  4. Chair Report – G. Taglialatela
    1. Announced there will be three new senators from the school of nursing in September.  There is an issue with core facilities; how are schools supported.  Dr. Perachio will be invited at the august meeting to address research support services.
    2. The chairs of senate committees are invited to share their report with the senate executive committee and Dr. Stobo on Thursday, July 17.
    3. Nolen Holcomb announced that he will be retiring in August after 30 years of service.  He will be teaching in Africa for the next three years.  G. Taglialatela thanked Nolen on behalf of the senate as he did a great job as parliamentarian.
    4. The senate commended S. Cichacki for his work on the senate web-site.
  5. Chair-Elect Report – R. Lederman
    1. Suggested a change in the name of the senate newsletter; make it more brief (i.e., bulleted items) with links to the minutes.  Proposed change accepted by membership present.
    2. Discussed possible increase in collaboration with UT system for research and education.
  6.  Past-Chair Report – V. Sierpina
    1. In light of N. Holcomb’s announcement, the senate will need a new parliamentarian.  Someone who is knowledgeable of the rules of order, by-laws and time management.

VII. Senate Chair Election

a.      Senate Candidacy speeches by S. Gerik & U. Budelmann.   After hearing platform speeches the senate voted.  U. Budelmann is the Chair-Elect for 2003-2004.

  1. Motion made and seconded – meeting adjourned.