UTMB Faculty Senate
October 11, 2004
Caduceus Room
4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Senators present: T. Albrecht; J. Alperin; S. Ayachi; C. Baker; C. Boodley; D. Breitkopf; B. Budelmann (Chair); B. Camune; C. Christiansen (ex officio); C. Cooper (ex officio); S. Coulter (ex-officio); J. Dallas; P. Gallagher; J. Gallagher; A. Hudson Jones; N. Hughes; H. Jordan; M. Kanz; R. Lederman (Past-Chair; ex officio); R. Leonard; H. Li; M. McGinnis; R. Moore (ex officio); V. Parisi (ex officio); C. Phillips; L. Primeau; R. Rahr; K. Rasmusson; J. Stobo (ex officio); P. Watson (ex officio); M. Winter.

I. Approval of Agenda of 10/11/04, with addition of the Chair of Academic Executive Council Remarks.

II. Approval of Minutes of 8/9/04 meeting.

III. Chair’s Opening Remarks – Dr. Budelmann
The Chair welcomed all senators and the new Dean of Medicine, Dr. Valerie Parisi. The Chair reminded the senators to encourage all faculty to get more involved in the Faculty Senate.

IV. President’s Report – Dr. Stobo
Faculty concern about use of restricted monies for a reserve account. This year’s operating margin is 2 million. UTMB will not use endowments against wishes of donors. All entities need to factor in a give-and-take policy.

The recommendation was made to invite L. Revill, CFO of UTMB, to talk about the UTMB operating margin and address specific questions about UTMB budget issues.

V. Dean of SOM Remarks – Dr. Parisi
The Dean offered her support of the Senate. She noted that there will be a search for a Chief Financial Officer for the SOM whose focus will include budget planning.

VI. Chair of Academic Executive Council Remarks – Dr. Christiansen
The Chair of the AEC explained the role of the council and mentioned that its goals for this year are not yet outlined. He offered AEC’s cooperation with the Senate.

VII. Reorganization of Research Services - Toni D’Agostino & Ann Elbert
• The Accounting Division of Research Services currently resides in the Logistics Department on Harborside Drive. It will join Research Services when it relocates to Rebecca Sealy next month. This should provide for a much smoother integrated process.
• The Center for Technology Development is not currently under Research Services.
• Internal audits revealed a large number of deficiencies related to PeopleSoft and grant organization. Research Services is trying to resolve those problems.
• Senate should have representation on relevant Research Services committees before new ideas and programs are rolled out.

VIII. Senate Business
• Appointment of Parliamentarian. No volunteer. The Chair appointed R. Leonard as Parliamentarian.
• Fifth SAHS Senator Needed. The Chair pointed out that, according to the bylaws, a fifth senator from the SAHS is needed. He will contact the Dean of SAHS. (Kurt Mossberg was elected October 26).
• Election of New Chair Elect (due to the resignation of M. McGinnis) The following senators were nominated for the position: H. Li, J. Alperin, M. Winter, J. Dallas, D. Breitkopf, J. Gallagher, K. Rasmusson, B. Camune, S. Ayachi, L. Primeau. Only M. Winter accepted the nomination; he was elected by acclamation.
• Committees. The committee membership of the new senators was determined as follows: Faculty Quality: Alperin, Cass, J. Gallagher, Leonard, Governance: Camune, Dallas, Rasmusson Academic & Administrative Affairs: Boodley, P. Gallagher, Hughes, Mossberg. H. Jordan moved from Governance to Acad. & Admin. Affairs. The Chair reminded the committees that they should identify a Chair and Chair-Elect for each committee.
• Faculty Senate Meetings. It was discussed whether to start the Senate meetings 30 minutes earlier. A decision was made to keep the current meeting time (4:30 – 6:00 p.m.). The Chair recommended that at future Senate meetings a time slot shall be allocated to allow for immediate discussion of reports given at a meeting. The Chair also recommended that “Senator and Faculty Concerns” should be a permanent agenda item. • Letter to all Faculty. The Chair informed the Senate of a letter to be sent to all faculty to encourage them to become more involved in the Faculty Senate. Alperin, Camune, Lederman, Li, and Winter volunteered to discuss the letter with the Chair.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting: November 8, 2004.