UTMB Faculty

January 12, 2004


Caduceus Room


Senators present:  T. Albrecht; S. Ayachi; C. Baker; M. Best; V. Braciale; B. Budelmann (Chair-elect); S. Gerik; A. Hudson Jones; C. Jansen; H. Jordan; M. Kanz; R. Lederman (Chair); S. Lemon (ex-officio); H. Li; M. McGinnis; L. Primeau; R. Rahr; C. Stroup-Benham; G. Taglialatela (Past-Chair); D. Trevino; C. Wigg; M. Winter; C. Wisnewski.


I.       Agenda & minutes of 12/08/03 approved.

II.    Chair Report – R. Lederman

a.      The names of three representatives from the Faculty Senate have been submitted to the President as candidates for the Dean of Medicine Search Committee:  Christine Baker, Ulli Budelmann and Helen Li.

b.     Dr. Stobo is out of town, but will address the change of the Vice-President of Research position at the next meeting.  He noted the increase of 8 million dollars for increased security to ten buildings.  He will also give a fiscal update at the next meeting.

c.      Dr. Perachio will be invited to brief the senate on the research retreat when the report is ready.

III. Chair-Elect Report – U. Budelmann

a.      Noted a correction to statement at last meeting -- the increase in capital improvements in administration offices, etc., was not correct.  Data for the administration offices, etc. are not available.

b.     Percent of Tenured Faculty at UTMB.  Data includes only those faculty who are appointed at 100%, and 100% of their paid appointments are in the job class “Faculty”.  Total faculty includes all:  tenured faculty, non-tenure track faculty & tenure-track faculty.

·        SAHS 33 total faculty – 17 tenured = 51.5%

·        SOM 725 total faculty – 221 tenured = 30.5%

·        SON 49 total faculty – 12 tenured = 24.5%

·        UTMB total faculty – 807:  250 tenured = 31%

IV.  Past-Chair Report – G. Taglialatela

a.      Special attention should be paid to the changes in the Vice-President of Research office.  That office manages the Sealy Fund which has favored the SOM in the past.  Input should be provided to the committee that reviews Sealy grants.  Currently, the appropriation of funds is consistent with the size of faculty in each school. Along with the Sealy fund and MSRDP funds, NIH offers biomedical funding.

V.     SOM merger of two departments – S. Lemon

a.      The official merger of Physiology and Anatomy/Neurosciences is pending the approval of the Vice-Chancellor and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

b.     This is congruent with the movement of medical education and research toward a multi-disciplinary approach.

c.      The merger will facilitate the growth of cell biology on campus, while accelerating the development of molecularly-oriented approaches to neuroscience at UTMB; as an added benefit it will also facilitate more equitable allocation of space between the departments.

d.     Dr. Epstein will chair the new combined Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology; his expertise provides a great opportunity for leading the merger and formation of the department.  He will hold one of two Cecil and Ida Green Distinguished University Chairs.

e.      No tenured faculty will be lost.  The commitment to tenure is made by the institution, not the department, and the merger does not lead to faculty redundancies.

f.       No future departmental mergers are planned within the SOM at this time.

VI.  Information Systems Overview – Ralph Farr

a.      Presented “Information Services Strategic Initiatives” (handout)

b.     Security has been increased in net services.  Many have noticed an increase of e-mail classified as “SPAM”.  This software tracks the characteristics of e-mails in an effort to readily identify unwanted solicitations and potential viruses.

c.      A special “other internet” comprised of individuals belonging to educational institutions with pass codes is available.  This bypasses the regular internet and offers high-speed, spam free communications.

d.     PeopleSoft has been tailoring reports for PI’s to better track information.  Faculty should contact IS with individual requests.

e.      (time was short – Mr. Farr will be invited to complete his presentation at the next available meeting).

VII.                       Committee Reports (will now become standing at each meeting)

a.      Academic and Administrative – C. Jansen

                                                              i.      Researching how people are appointed to committees – C. Stroup Benham will send URL with committees.

                                                            ii.      Keeping up with PeopleSoft changes, and other upcoming changes.

                                                          iii.      Research – tabled at this time

                                                          iv.      Should have a faculty satisfaction survey every three years.  This project was transferred to the Faculty Quality Committee.

                                                            v.      Mark Winter is serving on an on-line compliance committee chaired by Richard Moore

b.     Faculty Quality Committee – S. Gerik

                                                              i.      Faculty club – have not heard back on progress yet.

                                                            ii.      Been working with human resources on employee “morale boosting”, (i.e. Job sharing, making campus breast feeding friendly, etc.)

                                                          iii.      Committee to review faculty satisfaction survey (Stephan to provide to members)

VIII.                    Motion to adjourn made and seconded.