UTMB Faculty Senate

April 12, 2004

Caduceus Room



Senators present:  T. Albrecht; S. Ayachi; C. Baker; M. Best; V. Braciale; D. Breitkopf; B. Budelmann (Chair-elect); C. Christiansen (ex-officio); S. Gerik; A. Hudson Jones; C. Jansen; M. Kanz; R. Lederman (Chair); R. Moore (ex-officio); C. Philips; A. Pou; L. Primeau; R. Rahr; C. Stroup-Benham; G. Taglialatela; C. Thomas; C. Wigg; C. Wisnewski.


I.  Approval of April 12, 2004 agenda; approval of March 8, 2004 minutes.

II. Chair report – R. Lederman

o        Documents from the Watson & Wyatt faculty salary study – Overview and Reports for each School -- are available at the Moody Medical   Library on campus.  Senators are encouraged to review them prior to the May  Faculty Senate meeting.  Highlights of the tape will be presented at the May meeting & C. Stroup-Benham will be available to field questions.

o        A Core Committee will be assembled to participate in the reorganization of the Office for Research.  Senators nominated are T. Albrecht, V. Braciale, M. Kanz, G. Taglialatela, S. Mitra, and C. Wisnewski.

III. Chair-Elect report – B. Budelmann

o        Per Institutional Policy (IHOP) a   Faculty Grievance Board has to be  assembled    At  the request of the President  the Senate was asked to ASAP nominate 20 tenured, non-Senate faculty    From the four schools  : 

§         8  SOM – J. Blankenship; D. Traber; A. Kurosky; E Bello-Reuss; A. Duarte; L. Song;    M. Soloff  D. Rassin.

§         4  SONE. Anderson; K. Brykczynski; N. Murrell   V. Rahr.

§         4  SAHS – J. Baker; S. Peloquin; K. Mossberg; B. Niebuhr.

§         4  GSBS - A. Chopra; N. Herzog; M. Moslen; R. Urban.

 Additional nominations will be made by the SOM, SON, SAHS and GSBS Deans. The President will select 20 faculty from all nominated to serve on the Board.  .

IV.  President’s Cabinet Awards – V. Sierpina (handouts)

o        Dr. Sierpina is the Chair for the President’s Cabinet Awards Committee

o        This is an excellent opportunity to consider submitting projects that fall within the theme of “Creating a Caring and Healing Environment.”

o        Proposals are due by 4:30 p.m., June 18, 2004

o        Awards will be presented at a meeting of the President’s Cabinet on September 18, 2004. Awards Banquet tickets are available and can be considered a charitable contribution.

V.School of Nursing – APT Process – V. Rahr

o        Changes to the process were approved in January, 2003

o         Most importantly – faculty seeking tenure must hold a Doctorate; in the past, this was “preferred”

o        The APT committee serves as a guide for the process.  Mentoring is done by non-committee faculty members.

o        The committee reviews all materials presented. They may seek letters from outside experts in that discipline. The committee then makes recommendations regarding promotion and tenure to the Dean.

o        The SON does not have departments, so there is no recommendation from Chairs.

o        The same committee reviews both tenure track and non-tenure track faculty applications for promotion and tenure.

o        The Dean makes the final decision.

o        The application for tenure must be requested by the 8th year (possibly earlier).

o        Stricter guidelines in the APT process do not seem to have deterred faculty from seeking promotion or tenure.

VI.  APT Processes – what should the Senate do with information gleaned?

Action taken: Decision made to table discussion till next meeting of the Senate.

VII.   Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Accreditation – C. Stroup-Benham

o        Our institutional accreditation will occur in 2008; we begin providing SACS with information 2 years prior to the on-site portion of the process.  Site visits are done by teams that review other similar institutions.

o        The university must prepare a Compliance Certificate  and  a quality enhancement plan (QEP).  Rudy Guerrero  and  Christine Stroup-Benham requested the Senators’ advocacy. Senate support is deemed essential for the process to be successful.

o        The SACS accreditation is vital to the organization for tuition, federal, and research funding.

o        Distributed a list  of  websites  for the Senators to visit.

VIII.       Volunteers will be sought to serve on an Institutional Educational Evaluation Committee. A          purpose statement will be circulated and volunteers will be sought for representation of each school.

IX.       Student Recruitment/Retention – R. Saavedra (presentation)

o        The State has a goal of reaching 5% of the total population in higher education.

o        Difficulties in reaching that goal include monetary and cultural factors.

o        Our campus has a variety of resources, student groups, counseling programs, and financial aid advocates. Student Aid manages over 27 million dollars.

o        Need-based funding is extremely low. Grant and scholarship funds are minimal.

§         Senator Pou suggested that UTMB need-based scholarships be established through funds donated as part of the Family & SECC campaigns.

o        The campus environment/climate is extremely important to student retention.

o        The Office of Institutional Analysis gathers student statistical data for use in analyzing possible detriments in the system.

X.Committee Reports:

o        Academic and Admin. Affairs – C. Jansen  (presentation/Documents). 

The committee has produced a sign-up sheet for Senators to volunteer to serve on committees. The document also includes a mission statement for each group.  Two volunteers are needed for each of the following groups, and they may be faculty selected as Senate liaisons:

§         Computing Standards Advisory Group

§         Institutional On-line Training Advisory Group

§         PeopleSoft Advisory Group

§         Project Leadership for Electronic Medical Record

                   The list will be distributed via e-mail to Senators.

o        Faculty Quality Committee – C. Baker

§         Continuing to review Faculty Satisfaction Survey

§         Plan to meet with Richard Moore for update on faculty club

o        Governance Committee – D.   Breitkopf

§         Reviewing APT processes

§         Reviewing Core for Labs 

XI.  The Senate will invite the Core Committees both for Women and Minorities to give an update  at future meetings

XII.                       Motion to adjourn made and seconded – committee meetings followed.