UTMB Faculty Senate

June 14, 2004

Caduceus Room



Senators present:  S. Ayachi; C. Baker; D. Breitkopf; B. Budelmann (Chair-elect); B. Camune; S. Gerik; A. Hudson Jones; C. Jansen; M. Kanz; R. Lederman (Chair); M. McGinnis; S. Mitra; C. Phillips; L. Primeau; R. Rahr; G. Taglialatela; C. Thomas; D. Trevino; Pam Watson (ex-officio); C. Wigg; M. Winter; C. Wisnewski.


 1)    Approval of Agenda (6/14/04) & approval of minutes (05/10/04) – motions    made and seconded. Motions passed.

2)       President’s – Dr. John Stobo

a.      Dean of Medicine search – will be interviewing finalists during June.  Should have decision on Dean by mid-July.

b.     Reorganization of VP of Research – Jan Feldman is working on the reorganization and determining the reporting structure of the department.  Post awards will reside with the principal investigator.  We should see an increase in patents & royalties.  He will take the issue of where the VP Research Advisory Committee will reside to the AEC for consideration.  Jan Feldman is on the global e-mail list should you wish to contact her.

2)     Chair report – Regina Lederman

a.      Issues from the Faculty Advisory Committee:

                                                                i.      MD Anderson is questioning what is truly “base salary” for faculty.  Base salary should be protected by tenure.  Chris Johnson in legal affairs has stated that base salary and tenure are not tied. This is an issue that is reopened for discussion.

                                                              ii.      UT System is performing a search for a VP of Research – Search Committee is led by Dr. Kenneth Shine.

                                                            iii.      Issue re: use of state computers for viewing pornography.  Questions concern what the penalties should be and how to determine if someone is viewing sites accidentally, or doing research vs. actually visiting these sites.  Federal laws exist for child pornography.

                                                            iv.      Review of the Student Government Association Constitution.  Suggested change – each school should be represented by one senator if enrollment is under 100.  Motion made to approve & seconded. Motion passed.

                                                              v.      A proposal presented re: tenure retention for  full-time faculty requesting part-time appointments. To be discussed at next Senate meeting.

3)     Chair-elect report – Ulli Budelmann

a.      Some faculty have expressed concerns about the campus location of the new national biocontainment lab.  Suggested that Mike Shriner, Director of Facilities, Operations and Management address the Senate on reasons for the chosen location.  Dr. Watson will approach the President’s Council with a request for M. Shriner to address the Senate.

4)     Past-Chair report – Giulio Taglialatela

a.      According to the by-laws, a call for nominations for Chair-elect is in order.  Nominated were Susan Gerik and Caroline Jansen – both would like time to consider the nominations.  Additional nominations can be sent to the Chair, Regina Lederman.  The Chair-elect position must be filled at the July meeting.  Dr. Lederman noted she felt it was a rewarding and educational position to hold, dealing with UT System and the Faculty Advisory Council.

5)     Committee reports

a.      Academic and Administrative Affairs – C. Jansen

                                                                i.      The faculty and information systems interface plan has been completed.  It will allow for senator rotations without interruption on the committees.  The sign-up list can be e-mailed if requested.

                                                              ii.      Working on issue:  “What if faculty working on a grant become ill for a period of time?  What are implications for stability of the grant?

b.     Faculty Quality Committee – S. Gerik

                                                                i.      The faculty club is progressing nicely.  Target opening date is around first of the year 2005.

                                                              ii.      The Faculty Satisfaction Survey has been reviewed and no changes were recommended; existing questions have definite value.

c.      Faculty Governance Committee – D. Breitkopf

                                                                i.      The committee has reviewed APT processes for the three schools.  Will assemble recommendations and bring back to the July meeting.

      Closed Session.

6)     Watson & Wyatt Faculty Salary Survey - recommendations

a.      The Senate needs to be more involved in the choice of variables among the schools; in the past the Deans have made those decisions.

b.     Factors or variables important to a multiple regression salary analysis were not addressed if there were less than 30 faculty of the same rank/gender surveyed.

c.      The Core Committees and Senate should be involved in the process.

d.     Tapes of the Watson and Wyatt results presentation can be obtained by contacting Stephan Cichacki scichack@utmb.edu

e.      The Senate Executive Committee will collate comments made and bring to the next Senate Committee.

7)     Motion made and seconded to adjourn, 6:08 pm.  Committee meetings followed.