UTMB Faculty Senate

July 12, 2004

Caduceus Room

4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Senators present:  T. Albrecht; S. Ayachi; C. Baker; V. Braciale; D. Breitkopf; B. Budelmann (Chair-elect); B. Camune; A. Hudson Jones; C. Jansen; H. Jordan; M. Kanz; R. Lederman (Chair); H. Li; M. McGinnis; R. Moore (ex-officio); C. Phillips; R. Rahr; G. Taglialtela; C. Thomas; P. Watson; C. Wigg; M. Winter; C. Wisnewski.


       I.      Approval of Agenda (7/12/04) & approval of minutes (6/14/04)

    II.      Chair report – Regina Lederman

a.      Updated the senate on the DOM search.  She, Dr. Budelmann and Dr. Tagliatela met with the top three candidates.  Dr. Valerie Parisi was selected by Dr. Stobo as the new Dean. 

b.     Reviewed proposal for “Tenure Retention for Full-time Faculty Requesting a Part-time Appointment.  Revisions to the statement will be made and R. Lederman will forward to the senators for review/suggestions via e-mail.

 III.      Chair-Elect Report – Uli Budelmann

a.      Sent an e-mail to Dr. Parisi congratulating her.  Within one hour received a response that she is looking forward to working with the Senate; She is very supportive of faculty, research and teaching.

  IV.      Campus location of biocontainment laboratory – Mike Shriner

a.      The design process was submitted to the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases last year and will have a peer review in September.  Original plans included a dry moat and fence but were modified by the NIH to exclude these as other similar labs showed no need.

b.     There will be a 200 foot parameter closed to vehicular traffic; there is not a restriction on pedestrian traffic other than normal security measures.

c.      9th street access will be closed during construction.

d.     Patient drop-offs and retrievals will be routed to the UHC building and trauma center and the John Sealy Hospital main entrance.  Construction of a covered walkway from parking to the UHC building is in progress.

e.      Destruction of the Gail Borden building should start by October.  The first four months will be asbestos abatement.  Completion of the new BSL is scheduled for approximately 2 years to 30 months.

f.       Security procedures for the new lab will mirror those currently in place (i.e. employees and contractors will need ID badges).  There will be different access levels in compliance with homeland security regulations regarding select agents.

     V.      Election of Senate Chair-Elect for 2004-2005

a.      Christine Baker read a statement to the Senate from Susan Gerik, nominee, as she was unable to attend the meeting due to a UTMB business meeting.

b.     Helen Li nominated Michael McGinnis.  Michael made his statement to the Senate.  The votes were taken & Michael McGinnis was elected to the position.

  VI.      Watson & Wyatt Salary Study

a.      Noted the importance of the study determining faculty salaries.

b.     The Senate needs to be involved in the formation of the regression model.

c.      Proposed that a statement to the President be sent expressing concern that the Faculty Senate be involved in the initial stages – motion made and seconded (* at the August meeting, C. Stroup-Benham noted the senate was represented by G. Taglialatela)

VII.      Faculty Governance Committee – Daniel Breitkopf

a.      Have reviewed APT guidelines for the 4 schools.

b.     Recommended that Chairs not be a part of or present during APT Committee deliberations.

c.      Also recommend a review of the mentoring process.

d.     Motion made and seconded to present these recommendations to the President and Academic Executive Council.

VIII.      Motion made and seconded to adjourn.