UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate
November 14, 2005
Caduceus Room 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Members Present: T. Albrecht, W. Au, S. Ayachi, C. Baker, C. Boodley, B. Budelmann, B. Camune, A. Cass, C. Christiansen, E. Cuellar, D. Freeman, K. High, R. Johnson, S. Leitch, R. Moore, K. Mossberg, M. Olson, V. Parisi, L. Phillips, L. Primeau, R. Rahr, K. Rasmussen, J. Stobo, P. Watson, S. Weaver, and M. Winter.

I. Approval of Agenda of 11/14/05

II. Approval of Minutes of 10/10/05 – after acknowledgement of a change to one of Dr. Stobo’s comments – UTMB received a $50 million cut from for the legislature.

III. President’s Comments – Dr. Stobo

o Dr. Stobo announced that the recent UTMB Broadcast Notice of Reorganization was not a precipitous decision and had the approval of Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Kenneth Shine. There wasn’t an opportunity to do the notice differently. The central office Executive Vice President position is no longer a position. The personnel change was based on how the institution is administered and governed. The decision best serves the needs of the overall institution.
o Dr. Stobo announced that the 2005 Faculty Satisfaction Survey available online closed in November and was completed by 53% of faculty solicited. Dr. Stobo announced that the annual You Count! Survey would not be conducted until the spring of 2006.
o Dr. Stobo announced that the overall campaign begun in September of 2003 and which concludes December 31 has raised 40% or $120,000 of the $250,000 goal. The family campaign has raised $8,000 of the $25,000 goal.
o The next Development Board meeting is scheduled in January 2006.
o The Center for Technology Development is in charge of funding technology development. Seed gap funding is used to verify proof of concept from innovative, broad-minded entrepreneurs. Venture capitalists submit their concepts but only one out of every 100 concepts generates income. The Center for Technology Development Advisory Committee meets quarterly and consists of eight people. Jim Arie is in charge of facilitating our entry into this venue.

IV. Chair’s Comments – Dr. Winter

o Senate By-Laws to Governance Committee – Dr. Winter advised the Senate that he is going to ask the Governance Committee to review the Senate By-Laws. This has not been done since 2001.
o UTMB Academic Calendar to Academic Affairs Committee – Dr. Winter announced that the Academic Executive Council (AEC) wants the academic calendar to match for all four schools. This will be a huge project. The Academic Affairs Committee will work over the next six to eight months on this project for the AEC. Dr. Christiansen will share the minutes from Academic Executive Council meetings with the Academic Affairs Committee.
o Faculty Senate Members on UTMB Committees – The Faculty Senate now has representation on UTMB’s Core Committees and the Institutional Diversity Council. A list was circulated in order to collect Senate member that are currently members of committees as representatives of the Faculty Senate.
o Correction for IEEC – Barb Camune will serve as the Faculty Senate representative on the Institutional Educational Effectiveness Committee. o Parliamentarian – Loree Primeau will serve as Parliamentarian for the Faculty Senate and will assist Dr. Winter in keeping him on time and on task.

V. Chair-Elect Comments – Dr. Baker

o UT System meeting for SACS – Dr. Baker advised the Senate that she had recently attended a one day meeting in Austin on UT System components for SACS. She met Margaret Sullivan, the consultant that UTMB has used in the past. Dr. Christiansen is heading SACS for UTMB and has initiated eight different study groups addressing areas in question regarding our site visit in 2008. Dr. Christiansen has asked that everyone support their colleagues on SACS efforts.
o The faculty roster will be available electronically, and will consist of all faculty responsible for submitting grades for a course. This will need to be updated each semester with academic degrees, qualifications, awards, etc. This is a requirement of SACS and demonstrates to them that all faculty listed are qualified to teach courses.

VI. Past Chair’s Comments – Dr. Budelmann

o Faculty Lounge – Dr. Budelmann informed the Senate that 60 faculty have signed up to utilize the Faculty Lounge and stressed the need for more faculty membership. He asked Senate members to please promote the lounge to their colleagues.
o Faculty Senate Web page – Dr. Budelmann informed the Senate that he will update the Faculty Senate web page. After discussion, it was decided that all old agendas would be taken off, the lists of Senators and Committees would be included as far back as possible, along with minutes from past meetings.

VII. Compact with UT System – Richard Moore/Rudy Guerrero

o Rudy Guerrero provided the Senate with a follow-up on the UT System Compact Process and UTMB’s Initiatives. The compact process is part of the UT System’s overall accountability system. The FY 06–07 update has been submitted to and approved by the Chancellor, and has been broadly disseminated. In the compact development process input and feedback from the Senate and other constituencies was merged into a set of short-term initiatives to be accomplished within one to two years and long-term initiatives to be accomplished within three to four years. UTMB is making progress with each initiative. We will soon begin updating the compact for FY 07–08. A broad-based group will review and revise the initiatives. Mr. Guerrero offered the Senate the opportunity to participate in the process. The UTMB Compact is 20 pages long with specific objectives, strategies and measures. It is available on the iUTMB website.

VIII. Senate Business

Dean’s Comments
o Dr. Parisi informed the Senate that UTMB’s School of Medicine partnered with the UT consortium to open schools and positions to Tulane colleagues affected by Hurricane Katrina. Tulane will not open until next fall. o Dr. Parisi announced that the Secretary and Secretary Elect of the LCME is conducting an emergency visit the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. They will be visiting all four schools and will be reviewing clerkships to make sure they are not oversubscribed.
o Dr. Parisi announced that the first all faculty meeting will be held in Austin on November 27. They will announce the composition of the search committees for the Regional Dean position in Austin and the Finance Dean at that time.
o Dr. Parisi announced that the design of the clinical building in Victory Lakes is underway. We hope to have the first shovel of dirt dug by August 31, 2006, and currently plans are that the facility will be open to see patients in November 2007.
o Dr. Watson thanked everyone for participating in the 2005 State Employee Charitable Campaign which has raised $696,000 to date.
o Dr. Watson announced a planned gift by a grateful member of the class of 1952. The gift is an endowed chair.
o Dr. Watson announced a 95% pass rate on the NCLEX-RN licensure exam by School of Nursing graduates this year.
o Dr. Christiansen informed the Senate that the School of Allied Health Sciences is exploring options for programmatic participation in the Austin initiative. Under current consideration are program expansions in physician assistant studies and physical therapy.
o Dr. Christiansen introduced the School of Allied Health Sciences new chair of Occupational Therapy, Dr. Gretchen Stone.

Committee Reports o Governance – no report. o Academic Affairs – no report. o Faculty Quality – This committee is making the faculty lounge their focus and plan on forming an advisory committee.

Senators’ and Faculty Concerns – Update
o Letter to Dean Cooper – Dr. Budelmann drafted a letter to Dean Cooper that focused on the need for more support for the graduate school to stay competitive and fill the needs of the increasing research enterprise at UTMB. He asked the Senate for volunteers to review the letter.
o Homework: Stories of “Brain Drain” – At the last Faculty Advisory Council meeting in Austin, it was announced that the Board of Regents was interested in collecting stories of “Brain Drain.” A UT El Paso faculty member recently left that institution after being wooed by another UT System component school and took her $1,000,000 National Institutes of Health grant with her. Faculty should email details of “Brain Drain” to Dr. Winter for the Board of Regents.
o The Faculty Senate is still lacking members for committee assignments. The Faculty Quality committee needs a member from the School of Nursing and the Graduate School, the Governance Committee needs two School of Medicine members, and the Academic Affairs Committee needs a representative from the School of Medicine. Senators interested in serving should email Dr. Winter or Dr. Budelmann directly.
o Dr. Albrecht touched on some concerns from Hurricane Rita. The loss of power caused problems for many departments within the GSBS. Research samples were compromised as a result. Red electrical outlet plugs that were supposed to generate emergency power did not. The research operation lost samples as a result of this outage.

Meeting adjourned at 5:53 p.m.

Committee meetings followed.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting: December 12, 2005 at 4:30 p.m. in the Caduceus Room.