UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate
February 12, 2007
Caduceus Room
4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Members Present: T. Albrecht, G. Anderson, S. Ayachi, C. Baker, T. Cuellar, D. Freeman, P. Gallagher, D. Hudnall, R. Johnson, R. Konig, S. Leitch, H. Li, M. Moore, D. Munsell, G. Olson, M. Olson, L. Phillips, E. Protas, R. Rahr, R. Saavedra, P. Watson, S. Weaver, M. Winter, and C. Wisnewski. Guests: Benjamin Barenberg, Steve Lieberman and S. Shomaker.

I. Approval of Agenda of 2/12/07 – The February 12, 2007 agenda was approved with two changes: Dr. Yarbough was unable to attend and her presentation will be rescheduled and Dr. Saavedra’s report on the status of the unified calendar was moved up on the agenda.

II. Approval of Minutes of 12/11/06 – The December 11, 2006 minutes were approved via email.

III. Deans’ Corner

1 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that as a result of increased fundraising in the School of Nursing, three additional endowed professorships have been created; further, one of the existing professorships will be raised to the level of distinguished professor.
2 Dr. Watson also informed the Senate that the School of Nursing continues to struggle with its financial picture in the faced of decreased revenue and increased shared services costs. In the next six months the School will focus its efforts on enhancing its financial status.
3 Dr. Protas informed the Senate that Caroline Utsey has been named interim chairman of the Department of Physical Therapy in the School of Allied Health Sciences; the Respiratory Care program has been reaccredited; and Legal Affairs approved the SAHS Faculty Practice Plan. 4 Dr. Protas informed the Senate that admissions and recruitment for the School of Allied Health Sciences has moved to Enrollment Services.
5 Dr. Protas informed the Senate that the Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree program is before the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and will be reviewed at the April or July Board meeting. This will be a paper rather than onsite review.
6 Dr. Protas informed the Senate that the School of Allied Health Sciences is mostly on track with their financial improvement plan. Tuition has been increased.
7 Dr. Anderson provided a PowerPoint presentation to the Senate on the clinical enterprise strategic plan and an update on the Faculty Compensation Plan. A copy of the presentation will be maintained in the Senate files. The Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan is comprised of six goals: 1) Patient Centered Care, 2) Develop Tertiary Care & Specialty Care, 3) Develop Service Where There is Shortage, 4) Be the Provider of Choice for Employees, 5) Develop Off-Island Presence, and 6) Faculty Practice Development. Regarding the Faculty Compensation Plan, only two basic science faculty have seen a reduction in their salary and within the School of Medicine, seven to ten percent of faculty will have a reduction in salary.


1 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that there are two excellent doctorally prepared candidates for the position of Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness. A decision will be forthcoming.
2 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that Dr. Ruth Levine, Executive Director of the UTMB Academy of Master Teachers is conducting informational sessions regarding induction into the Academy. Dr. Watson asked that the Senators encourage qualified faculty to view the Academy website and apply for membership.
3 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that Drs. Mark Holden and Linda Rounds will be nominated by the UTMB Council of Deans for the UT System title of Distinguished Teaching Professor.
4 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that the Council of Deans is working on matters related to the SACS reaffirmation process. The Council is revisiting and revising existing policies and procedures to be sure these reflect institutional level agreement consistent with SACS requirements.
5 The Council of Deans has also charged the UTMB library to do a self study and benchmark itself with other Academic Health Center libraries.
6 Dr. Watson informed the Senate that she is pleased with the SACS re-affirmation preparation process.
7 Dr. Watson announced that Drs. Liebermann and Gerik continue to work on the Quality Enhancement Plan and that the QEP team has been joined by Dr. Howard Brody, IMH Director.

V. Student Rights and Responsibilities – Benjamin Barenberg & Dr. Saavedra

1 Dr. Saavedra, VP of Student Services, and Benjamin Barenberg, a student representative, presented a copy of Student Rights and Responsibilities, a student initiative. The students are looking for Senate endorsement of the document.
2 After discussion by the Senate, most of which was created by the third flagged item under ‘Students will..’, a majority of the Senate endorsed the concept of the document.

VI. Status of Unified Academic Calendar

1 Dr. Saavedra informed the Senate that regarding the status of a unified academic calendar that a common start date across the four schools had been determined for Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. The common start date for all schools will aid in the resolution of financial aid issues. Dr. Saavedra informed the Senate that the academic deans and Registrar Vickie Brewer have determined start dates for three years. The information will be posted to the Enrollment Services website.

VII. UTMB Austin Campus/Faculty Issues – Dr. Shomaker

1 Dr. Shomaker informed the Senate that his goal is to build a high quality program in medical education and biomedical research incrementally as opportunities and resources permit. Dr. Shomaker informed the Senate that they are constructing business in Austin and there are opportunities in medical education.
2 Through a PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Shomaker informed the Senate of activities presently ongoing in Austin and opportunities and goals for the future. The city of Austin is expected to double in population by the year 2030. There is a projected physician shortage causing by an aging physician workforce.
3 Dr. Shomaker informed the Senate of a proposed six-year program which would include a bachelor’s degree, an M.D. degree, and additional coursework towards a joint degree of their choosing.

VIII. Chair’s Comments – Dr. Baker

1 Dr. Baker asked Dr. Shomaker if Austin faculty would be interested in some level of involvement with UTMB’s Faculty Senate. There are approximately 80 faculty in Austin, with that number expected to increase to 100 by summer.
2 Dr. Baker informed the Senate that the January 8 All Faculty meeting was a good visit by Dr. Shine. Dr. Baker reminded the Senate that Dr. Shine had charged them to be thinking about how to present UTMB in as positive a light as possible. Dr. Baker asked the Senators to email her, Tom Albrecht or Mark Winter and the Senate with ideas.
3 Dr. Baker informed the Senate that she would ask Dr. Anderson for a written report on the Faculty Compensation Plan.

IX. Past-Chair’s Comments – Dr. Winter

1 Dr. Winter informed the Senate that he had met with Matt Havard of Public Affairs and Sheryl Lashway regarding the Senate webpage. The site has undergone many changes. Senate meeting minutes have now been posted from September 2003 through December 2006. The webcasts of All Faculty meetings have also been posted.
2 Dr. Winter informed the Senate that a blog on the Senate website would require someone to manage it and would take an incredible amount of time.
3 Dr. Winter presented a resolution to the Senate to add automatic external defibrillators to every building on the UTMB campus. The Senate was in support of the resolution.

X. Chair-Elect’s Comments – Dr. Albrecht

1 Dr. Albrecht thanked those senators who had submitted comments on the draft resolutions presented to SYSFac and on the Dr. Leaf’s draft summary of the Faculty Governance/Health Affairs subcommittees of SYSFac regarding faculty compensation plans. He requested that any additional comments be sent to him as soon as possible since the next SYSFac meeting is March 1.

XI. Report from Presidential Search Committee Representative

1 The Senate representatives informed the Senate that they can’t disclose any information about candidates.

XII. Committee Reports

• Governance
1 Debra Munsell informed the Senate that she had met with Jennifer Raeke and Ruth Finkelstein regarding faculty input on the Institutional Handbook of Operating Procedures.

• Academic Affairs
1 The Academic and Administrative Affairs committee will be joining the Faculty Quality committee to meet with Kathy Shingleton at the conclusion of the Senate meeting to revise the Faculty Grievance policy which hasn’t been revised since 2002.

• Faculty Quality
1 Dr. Rahr reported that the Faculty Quality committee will also be meeting with Kathy Shingleton at the conclusion of the Senate meeting to revise the Faculty Grievance policy.

Meeting adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

Committee meetings followed.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting: Monday, March 12, 2007, 4:30—6:00 p.m. in the 6th floor Administration Building Caduceus Room.