UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate

December 10, 2007

Caduceus Room

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm



Members Present:  T. Albrecht, G. Anderson, C. Baker, V. Brooke, Cary Cooper, Robert Fox, D. Hudnall, A. Hudson Jones, R. Johnson, R. Konig, Aristedes Koutrouvelis, S. Lewis, S. Lieberman, Melinda Sheffield-Moore, K. Mossberg, D. Munsell, G. Olson, E. Protas, J. Ruiz, K. Sandor, G. Steer, G. Taglialatela, C. Utsey, G. Weaver, C. Wisnewski

I.                    Approval of Agenda of 12/10/07 – The December 10, 2007 agenda was approved.

II.         Approval of Minutes of 11/12/07 – The minutes of the November 12, 2007 meeting were approved through e-mail.

III.       Chief Academic Officer Comments – Dr. Cary Cooper reported on behalf of Dr. Pamela Watson - (written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended).

·              The SACS off-site review committee met on 11/07/07 and 11/08/07 to review UTMB’s Compliance Certificate.  Drs. Callender and Watson received their report on November 26, 2007.  The SACS working group is currently in the process of replying to the standards that were not considered compliant.

·              Dr. Goldstein, Chair of the SACS on-site review committee is scheduled to be on campus on January 25, 2008 to conduct a preliminary site review.

·              The SACS on-site review committee is scheduled to be on campus February 26-28, 2007.  Their main focus will be to review the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

IV.       Dean’s Corner (written reports provided by Drs. Protas and Watson are appended)

Dr. Anderson reported on the following:

·              They are currently conducting reviews in the departments of Pathology and Anesthesiology.

·              Horacio E. Adrogué, MD, - a new nephrologist has been hired.

·              Michael M. Koerner, MD, PhD - a cardiac surgeon will be hired in February.

·              Six new MD’s and six or seven nurses will be hired for the Comprehensive Program.

·              This year’s entering medical students are an outstanding group.  They had the highest MCAT scores.


Dr. Cooper reported on the following:

·              The GSBS is currently very busy working on SACS.

·              The Department of Pathology is currently conducting two program reviews, one for their generic curriculum and another in July which will be an external/internal review.

·              The Council of Deans has asked Dr. Cooper to chair the CIRT committee, this committee deals with any critical incidents including weather related incidents.  He has agreed to chair the committee.

·              They have begun a national search for the SAHS Deanship.  This will be made public in the near future.


Dr. Protas reported on the following:

·              Dr. Callender met with SAHS on November 28, 2007 for a tour and addressed a joint meeting of the Faculty Assembly and the Staff Assembly.  He scheduled to conduct a “What’s on Your Mind” meeting with the SAHS and the SON on December 19, 2007.

·              Dr. Michelle Kanuth and Dr. Roger Marion were inducted into the Academy of Master Teachers.

·              SAHS Commencements will be held on Friday, December 14, 2007.  The SAHS will be graduating 95 students from all areas including Master’s students from Physician Assistant Studies and Physical Therapy and baccalaureate students from Respiratory Care and Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

·              SAHS has responded to the SACS off-site report for further documentation.


V.        Chair’s Comments – Dr. Albrecht reported the following from the Faculty Advisory Council meeting he attended earlier in December:

·                    There are major problems with the contract for the on-line time and effort system, and purchasing systems.  We are in the process of reviewing these systems and may look at the ones currently being used at MD Anderson.  The new software programs need to be compatible with PeopleSoft.

·                    Regents Rollins and Hoffins were appointed as vice chairs to the Regent Cabinet.

·                    UT-Dallas mentioned that there should be a representative appointed to the UT Board of Regents over sight committee and this representative should be part of the UTMB Faculty Senate.  Drs. Albrecht, Baker, and Hudnall will find out what needs to be done.

·                    The THECB suggested that the Formula Funding Advisory Council has made some errors in the Nursing, Engineering, and Science areas.  They are investigating to see if they will be correcting these errors.


VI.       Chair-Elect Comments – Dr. Hudnall

·                    Dr. Hudnall did not have anything to report.


VII.      Past-Chairs Comments – Dr. Baker

·                    Dr. Baker did not have anything to report.


VIII.     Senate Business

Committee Reports

         Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee

-           Dr. Mossberg reported that the committee is currently reviewing the grievance policy.

-           The Council of Deans has modified the guidelines regarding the ombudsperson.  The committee is currently reviewing this. They are concerned with the wording in the policy.  The committee has not met to review the changes, and have not been circulated to committee members.


                       Faculty Quality Committee

-                     The committee is currently reviewing the online training.


Governance Committee

-                     The committee is currently conducting a review of the compensation plan and by-law changes.

-                     The committee will review the current IHOP policy that is currently on hold.

-                     A reviewer will be requested by UT Systems.

-                     A motion was made by Rolf Konig that the compensation plan that had been reviewed by the Governance committee last year be circulated and discussed by the entire UTMB Faculty Senate.  The Chair suggested that it be discussed and a plan be put in place by the March 2008 meeting.  It was indicated that per the Board of Regents, the body of the Faculty Senate has to approve the plan, and that it needs to also be approved by the Council of Deans, and the President.

-                     Kay Sandor second the motion.

-                     Robert Johnson asked that the leadership restate what their charge was and what the committee is being asked to do.

-                     Rolf Konig does not expect the compensation plan to be finalized but does want it discussed by the entire UTMB Faculty Senate.

-                     Tom Albrecht will meet with the Governance committee and give them written guidelines.

-                     Melinda Sheffield-Moore stated that currently there are three different compensation plans for the different schools.  Are we creating one plan?  This will be discussed by the Governance committee.

-                     George Steer suggested that the committee meet and report back to the UTMB Faculty Senate guidelines for all faculty members.

-                     David Hudnall asked if the committee was planning to use the document used last year as a philosophical statement rather than starting all over again.

-                     Tom Albrecht suggested that last year’s plan be taken into consideration.

-                     A motion was made that the Governance committee bring forth a draft of the compensation plan by the March 2008 meeting.  A vote of those present was taken, 4 were opposed, 1 abstained, and 16 approved.


 Other business:

        -          Debra Munsell made an announcement regarding the Dial 2-Care initiative and encouraged all present to begin

                   using this new service offered to all UTMB employees.