UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate

August 11th, 2008

Caduceus Room, 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm



Present:  Drs. T. Albrecht, G. Anderson, C. Baker, J. Bauer, R. Fox, L. Grumbles, R. Konig, S. Lewis, D. Munsell, G. Olson, K. Sandor, N. Wills, S. Lieberman and E. Protas

Absent:  Drs. V. Brooke, E. Cuellar, D. Hudnall, A. Hudson Jones, R. Johnson, A. Koutrouvelis, R. Leonard, M. Sheffield-Moore, K. Mossberg, J. Ruiz, K Sandor, G. Steer, G. Weaver and C. Wisnewski


Special Guest:  Larry Revill, Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer


I.                    Approval of Agenda of 8-11-08 – The August 11, 2008 agenda was approved.


II.                 Approval of Minutes of 7-14-08 – The minutes of July 14, 2008 meeting were approved via e-mail.


III.               Provost’s Comments (Dr. Garland Anderson) – (5 Minutes)

·        Our hurricane preparedness worked in overall, only issue is the dry ice with delivery to the docks and to take what you need.  The auxiliary generators and building exhaust all worked well.

·        AAALAC site visit resulted in four concerns; for a program of our size and complexity they usually find 20 or more concerns, this showed significant strength of our program and they will recommend to the AAALAC Council “full accreditation”; an improvement from two years ago when we received provisional accreditation.

·        The School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony is next Monday.  Parents’ night is this Friday and the dinner will be on Saturday.


IV.       Vice President for Education Comments (Dr. Pam Watson) – Dr. Watson was not able to attend the meeting; written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended.


V.                 Dean’s Corner – (2 Minutes each)


Dr. Cooper, Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences was not able to attend the meeting; written report provided by Dr. Cooper is appended.


Dr. Protas, Interim Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences reported on the following: (Written report provided by Dr. Protas is appended).

·        Commencement is this Friday and Dr. Anderson will be officiating.  They will have fifty-one students receiving their bachelor degrees and twenty-four students will earn their master’s degrees.  Dr. Brent Masel, Director of the Transitional Learning Center will give the keynote address and Diane Rath, former Chair and Commissioner representing the public for the Texas Workforce Commission will be honored as Outstanding Alumnus.  Merline Oommen, respiratory care graduate will receive the John G. Bruhn Award for Professionalism and Anne Magliolo, physical therapy graduate will receive the Student Honor Award.

·        Dr. Bruce Niebuhr was inducted into the Academy of Master Teachers.

·        The Rehabilitation Sciences Ph.D. program is ranked 8th in a group of Kinesiology, Exercise Science, and Rehabilitation programs.  This was based on faculty productivity; they have the highest citations.

·        A new site in Dallas for the WebCLS distance program has been approved by the Council of Deans.

·        Dr. Carolyn Utsey from Physical Therapy was selected as STAR awardee for July

·        Dr. Vicki Freeman attended the AACE Ed-Media World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications in Vienna, Austria and had some ideas about “an instructor in your pocket” with distance learning through cell phones.  Cell phones are readily available in the African countries that the CLS faculty have been visiting.


Dr. Watson, Dean of the School of Nursing was not able to attend the meeting; written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended.


VI.              Mr. Revill presented the financial results Year-to-Date through June. 

The Adjusted Margin for 2008 is projected to be a deficit in excess of $60 million. Declining volumes in the hospital (down 5% YTD and 10% in the months of June and July), a deterioration in payor mix, and high usage of premium labor are all negatively affecting the hospital.  Correctional Care is also experiencing deficits as a result of the growing medical costs associated with an aging population and high usage of offsite hospital care.


Current trends are not sustainable. Plans to make financial improvements include reducing bed capacity and costs in the hospital; seeking supplemental funding for the Correctional Care deficit; and implementing the Provost's financial improvement plan in the academic enterprise.


VII.            Chair’s Comments. Dr. Albrecht reported on the following:

There will be two emails sent out, the Faculty Compensation Committee Charter which was approved by the four schools and the Faculty Compensations Plan, so please vote.


VII.      Chair-Elect’s Comments.  Dr. Hudnall was unable to attend the meeting.


VIII.     Past-Chair’s Comments.  Dr. Baker reported on the following:

·        A one-page summary of Key Points Regarding Textbook Recommendations from UT System was distributed at the meeting.  The actual document is twenty pages.  Dr. Baker endorses this recommendation; one brief point that UTMB is already doing this well.  A motion to accept as is was voted on and passed unanimously. 


IX.       Senate Business


Committee Reports

Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee

·        No new business.


            Faculty Quality Committee

·        No new business.  A summary of the Faculty Quality Committee 2007-2008 was distributed.  Written report provided by Dr. Olson is appended


Governance Committee

·        No new business.


New business:

·        Dr. Baker inquired if anyone attended or watched Dr. Callender’s Town Hall meeting.  He is looking at strategies to reduce costs and looking at a four-day work week.  Some buildings might shut down, labs can’t.  This will be a cost saving measure and might start with the administration building where separate floors are zoned.  The SON and SAHS building can, the first and second floors are classrooms and is zoned by floor.  The SON took a poll and 8 out of 40 staff employees were interested in a four-day work week.  Buildings with labs and patients will not be shut down.  There was discussion regarding if a Senate committee should look into this.  It was decided to table until the Council of Deans have visited this when more information has been announced.

·        Dr. Konig suggested that in an effort to improve the You Count survey is to work on the online training deadline; after a certain date if you have not completed your training, your pay will be suspended.  Dr. Albrecht announced that we need volunteers for the On-line training Committee.  We need three volunteers from each school for the On-line training; IHOP; Faculty Compensations Committee; and on the Governance Committee.

·        Dr. Albrecht extended a “Thank you” to those who have served on the Faculty Senate this last year.

·        September 15 is the next meeting which is the annual lunch meeting.


A motion for adjournment was made and seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.