UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate
January 14, 2008
Caduceus Room
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm


Members Present: T. Albrecht, G. Anderson, C. Baker, J. Bauer, V. Brooke, E. Cuellar, R. Fox, M. Gallagher, J. Gonzalez, L. Grumbles, D. Hudnall, A. Hudson Jones, R. Konig, Aristedes Koutrouvelis, R. Leonard, S. Lewis, S. Lieberman, D. Munsell, E. Protas, G. Steer, G. Taglialatela, C. Utsey, P. Watson, G. Weaver, C. Wisnewski

I. Approval of Agenda of 01/14/08 – The January 14, 2008 agenda was approved.

II. Approval of Minutes of 12/04/07 – The minutes of the December 04, 2007 meeting have not been submitted to the UTMB Faculty Senators to be voted on.

III. President’s Corner – Dr. David L. Callender

Dr Callender reported to the Senate on Monday January 14, 2008. He noted that he will report, with Mr. Revill, on financial matters at a subsequent time; which, if possible will be the February Senate meeting

Dr. Callender reviewed the new UTMB Institutional Priorities. People –attracting and retaining a world-class workforce and achieving recognition as a preferred employer and workplace. Growth –becoming known nationally and globally as a leader in health care delivery and biomedical science by developing or expanding priority clinical and research programs and facilities. Education – achieving national prominence for innovative and effective educational curricula focused on evidence-based learning and practice across the health profession. Finance – generating financial strength, strategic investments in programs and growth in philanthropic support. Quality and Service – achieving and sustaining top-quartile performance in clinical outcomes, patient service and employee satisfaction. Community – developing and implementing model programs that optimize the health of the populations that we serve, including those that are vulnerable or underserved.

Dr Callender pointed out that the Deans of the four UTMB schools have established entity level goals and priorities that are aligned with the institutional priorities. In each of the schools, the Deans have sought input from faculty and staff on these priorities and goals which are specific to their departments and operating units.

Dr. Callender expressed his goal of meeting with all the academic departments on campus so as to communicate with faculty and staff regarding institutional priorities and the manner in which these have cascaded to the entities. Accordingly, he noted he looks forward to the opportunity to hear from all faculty members as much as possible. He emphasized his interest in hearing faculty impressions regarding what UTMB is doing; not doing, and the nature of the appropriate focus for UTMB. Dr Callender also stated his intention to hold small informational forums. He asked that the Senators to please convey his message that he would appreciate invitations to come to departmental faculty/staff meetings.

With regard to capital/facilities planning, Dr. Callender reported that the UT Regents have approved funding to build a new hospital tower, to expand our operating rooms, surgical units, patient rooms and intensive care unit capacity. The Regents have also approved funds to be used to build a new Research Building on campus. Lastly he noted that the Victory Lakes site will be used to build and enhance current clinics that are located off the island. The site will also be used for a new UTMB imaging center, and to establish new practices.

IV. Chief Academic Officer Comments –Dr. Pamela Watson - (written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended).
• The SACS working group completed UTMB’s Focused Report which addresses the twelve issues raised by the SACS off-site review committee. The Focused Report, the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) - synergy, and a draft of UTMB’s Financial Statement was sent to SACS on Friday, January 11, 2008.
• Dr. Watson has sent a copy of synergy – QEP to the UTMB Faculty Senate. synergy focuses on interprofessional education. Dr. Watson asked that all Senators read and review the document and share it with others in their areas.
• The Office of the Chief Academic Officer along with University Advancement is currently conducting an extensive marketing campaign to inform the UTMB campus about synergy our QEP. When the SACS on-site review committee visits in February, they expect to be able to ask anyone on campus, including students, faculty and staff about synergy. Everyone will be expected to have a general knowledge of the plan.
• Dr. Barry Goldstein, chair of the SACS on-site review committee is scheduled to be on campus on Thursday, January 24th, 2008. He will be conducting a preliminary site visit. He will be meeting with the President, the Executive Leadership Council, and the SACS and QEP executive leadership groups.
• The SACS on-site review committee is scheduled to be on campus on February 26-28, 2008 to conduct its evaluation. They will want to meet with the UTMB Faculty Senate during this time. Dr. Watson will send the Faculty Senators a roster of the committee members.

V. Dean’s Corner (written reports provided by Drs. Protas and Watson are appended)

Dr. Anderson reported on the following:
• The School of Medicine is currently conducting searches for three departmental chairs: Department of Otolaryngology – five candidates have been invited to interview. Dr. Courtney Townsend is chairing the search committee. Department of Pharmacology, Dr. David Walker is chairing the search committee. Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Hankins is chairing the search committee.
• An announcement will be made on Friday, January 18, 2008 on who will be the new Director of the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development.

Dr. Cooper did not attend the meeting and no report was submitted.

Dr. Protas reported on the following:
• Dr. Chris Baker submitted a grant entitled STAIRS, to the Department of Education in January. The purpose of the grant is to educate physical and occupational therapists to work with children with special needs.
• Dr. Vicki Freeman was appointed a Marie Hall Scholar during her term as an Academy of Master Teachers.
• Dr. Vicki Freeman was also nominated as a Piper Professor to the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation. Her nomination was supported by UTMB’s Academy of Master Teachers.
• Dr. Soham Al Snih, M.D., PhD.. has been appointed as an Assistant Professor, to the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences in the School of Allied Health Sciences.
• The SAHS has submitted a request for increases in designated and differential tuition to UT System for approval. They are requesting an increase of $15 per SCH for FY 2009 and an additional $15 per SCH for FY 2010 for CLS and RC, and $20 per SCH for OT, PT, and PA each year plus a differential of $10 per SCH for each year for PAS and PT. If approved this will go into effect fall, 2008 with a second increase fall, 2009. • Lauren Marie Reynolds, a second year PAS student, has been nominated for the John D. and Mary Ann Stobo Award in Oslerian Medicine. This award rotates among the four schools within UTMB. This is the first time the award will be held by a SAHS student.

Dr. Watson reported on the following:
• The School of Nursing has submitted a revised tuition and fees proposal to UT System for approval.
• Dr. Watson introduced Dr. Martina Gallagher, Assistant Professor. She is a new faculty member in the SON and will be part of the Master’s program.
• Dr. Jeanne Ruiz, Associate Professor of the SON will be featured on Research Services website as the Researcher of the Month for the month of February 2008.
• The SON has received two Omnibus appropriations bill FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education) awards (supported by Congressman Ron Paul): $146,000 for nursing education programs and $97,000 for a centralized placement system.
• Two professorships in the SON have been elevated to “Distinguished”. They are the John P. McGovern Professorship awarded to Dr. Alice Hill and the E. Burke Evans Professorship awarded to Dr. Linda Rounds.
• The Odelia Brown McCarley Professorship has been fully funded.
• There are currently several SON faculty positions available.

VI. Chair’s Comments – Dr. Albrecht
• Dr. Albrecht allocated Dr. Baker more time to report on the SACS review process.

VII. Chair-Elect Comments – Dr. Hudnall
• Dr. Hudnall did not make a report.

VIII. Past-Chairs Comments – Dr. Baker
• Dr. Baker provided the Faculty Senate with a review of the SACS review process. She emphasized that many of the UTMB faculty have been involved in the process. There has been representation from all four of the schools. Dr. Baker emphasized the importance of SACS, reaffirmation of UTMB will mean continued federal funding for research. Academic accreditation is a very important to UTMB.
• Dr. Baker encouraged all Faculty Senators to take any and all opportunities to inform faculty and staff members in their departments about SACS. She asked that they encourage them to read the synergy document, and review information being circulated on campus regarding synergy.

IX. Senate Business Committee Reports
- Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee - No report was submitted.

- Faculty Quality Committee - No report was submitted.

- Governance Committee - The committee reported that they had received three responses regarding the Faculty Compensation Plan and were currently reviewing them.

New business: - No new business.