UTMB Faculty Senate


UTMB Faculty Senate

June 09, 2008

Caduceus Room

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm




Members Present:  T. Albrecht, G. Anderson, C. Baker, E. Cuellar, R. Fox, L. Grumbles, D. Hudnall, A. Hudson Jones,  R. Johnson,  R. Konig, R. Leonard, S. Lewis, K. Mossberg, E. Protas, K. Sandor, C. Utsey, P. Watson, N. Wills, C. Wisnewski


I.                    Approval of Agenda of 06/09/08 – The June 09, 2008 agenda was approved.


II.         Approval of Minutes of 05/12/08 – The minutes of the May 12, 2008 meeting have not been approved, they will be sent to Senators via e-mail for review and approval.


III.       Provost’s Comments (Dr. Garland Anderson) written report appended:

·              The School of Medicine had a very successful commencement.  Dr. Bernard Morrey was the commencement speaker.

·              Conflict of Interests Forums are being held, next one is scheduled for June 11, 2008.

·              UTMB has had a 70% participation on the physician satisfaction survey from our physicians who practice in the clinics and hospitals.  Dr. Peter Hoffman will be sharing the results by the end of July and forming a committee to make sure the issues raised in the survey are addressed.

·              The Regional Maternal Child Health Program – Department of OB-GYN has opened a new clinic in Pearland.  It is a 17,000 square foot facility that offers a whole range of services so that patients will only have to travel to Galveston to deliver.

·              The Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic has been opened in League City.  They have seen 160 patients in the first two weeks, and have had four patients referred to the hospital from the clinic.

·              Drs. Cooper, Anderson, and Ahmed traveled to Saudi Arabia to discuss collaborations between King Saud and UTMB.


IV.       Vice President for Education’s Comments (Dr. Pam Watson) – (5 min)

            (written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended).

·              Annual Report of Faculty Publications – the COD will charge the Academic Affairs Council (AAC) with the task of developing a retrieval and tracking mechanism for faculty publications.  Dr. McKee has reviewed the process used by UT Arlington and will assist the AAC in developing a process at UTMB that will be similar to the databases being used at UT Arlington.

·              A Development Board Meeting will be held on Friday, June 13.  Drs. McKee, Gerik and Watson will present on Inter-professional Education.

·              The Council of Deans met with Chief Brown and Mr. Mike Shriner regarding concerns related to UTMB police response to security issues.  They discussed faculty, student, and staff safety.


V.        Dean’s Corner


Dr. Cooper, Dean of Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences was not able to attend the meeting, a written report is attached.


Dr. Protas, Interim Dean of School of Allied Health Sciences reported on the following:

(written report provided by Dr. Protas is appended).

·              SAHS awarded the SAHS Star Awards to recognize contributions from the faculty and staff to Dr. Jennifer Ellison, Department of Physical Therapy and Linda Vosberg, Dean’s Office.

·              Bethany DeGray, Physical Therapy student, received a Mary MacMillan Scholarship from the American Physical Therapy Association.

·              The SAHS goal for faculty practice income was $219,500 for the academic year.  They are currently at $214,148 with 3 months to go.  This was accomplished with 17 out of 28 (61%) clinically prepared faculty in a wide variety of practice settings.  This is spectacular growth in their clinical enterprise.

·              Dr. Kenneth Ottenbacher received a grant entitled “Impact of prospective payment on Rehabilitation outcomes” from National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

·              Dr. Micah Drummond, Research Assistant Professor in Physical Therapy, received a research endowment award from the American College of Sports Medicine.

·              The SAHS held their Advisory Committee meeting on May 19th and 20th for their Rehabilitation Research Career Development K12 grant with collaborators and lead investigators from UF Gainesville and UTMB and their current scholars.


Dr. Garland Anderson, Dean of School of Medicine reported on the following:

·              The School of Medicine has completed their budget hearings.

·              They made some adjustments to salaries, some of the A&P salaries were adjusted according to marketing analysis.


Dr. Watson, Dean of School of Nursing reported on the following:

(written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended).

·              The SON has received funding from the Community Health Board for the St. Vincent Clinic.  Dr. Kate Fiandt is leading this program.  St. Vincent Clinic provides primary care to unsponsored patients.  The goal is keep patients from coming to the emergency rooms and to decrease hospitalization.

·              Drs. Elizabeth Reifsnider who holds the Constance Brewer Koomey Professorship has received a HRSA grant titled “Culturally competent nurses in community health” for $803,274.

·              The SON conducted a retreat for the DNP program.  Prairie View A& M and UT Pan American are included with UTMB as the lead school.



VI.       Chair’s Comments– Dr. Albrecht reported on the following:

·              The Faculty Compensation Charter has been sent to committee for review and approval.

·              The Faculty Compensation Plan is going to committee next Monday.

·              Online Training Committee is looking for volunteers.

·              Chair-Elect Nominations – Dr. Charlotte Wisnewski nominated Dr. Tina Cuellar.  Additional nominations can be made at the July meeting.


VII.      Chair-Elect’s Comments and Report on May SysFAC Meeting – Dr. Hudnall reported on the following:


·              Dr. Ken Shine, Chancellor ad Interim was the first speaker at the meeting and reported the following:


                                                   i.      UT System is currently conducting ongoing campus audits – 2 per year.

                                                 ii.      high  priority items include the following:

                                                iii.      nursing practice plans for improved recruitment and retention

                                               iv.      recovery of previous formula funding levels by legislature.

                                                 v.      $5 million each is available for innovation grants in health science and graduate school education.

                                               vi.      UT System is requesting new bonds for facilities

                                              vii.      UTSW-Austin Medical School has 50 students enrolled, no state moneys other than formula funding, hospital district taxes, and funds from existing local hospital systems will be used.

                                            viii.      plans to fund new patient safety grants.


·              Dr. David Prior, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs next presented:

                                                   i.      Discussed the need for the UT System to address the challenges to academic tenure and accountability recently issued by an advisory group of leaders appointed to the Governor.

                                                 ii.      UT System raised $760 million in cash gifts in FY2007 – 3rd in the nation.

                                                iii.      UTMB raised $50 million (9.2% of expenditures)

                                               iv.      Health Affairs approved negotiated gift for UTMB.

                                                 v.      Dr. Callender made a presentation to the Regents about uninsured health care.

                                               vi.      Facilities Planning approved 1 UTMB project.

                                              vii.      Campus Life cmte – a UT System student now serves as a non-voting student regent

                                            viii.      On-line course evaluation tools are recommended

                                               ix.      Honor codes are needed on all campuses

                                                 x.      Criminal emergency response (reverse 911) systems are needed on all campuses

                                               xi.      A system-wide standard for student health care is needed

                                              xii.      Student health insurance upgrades are needed

                                            xiii.      A mechanism for generating legislative issue alerts is needed.

                                            xiv.      Finance cmte approved release of PUF funds to campuses

                                             xv.      Oracle Corp site license has been purchased for UT System.


·              SACS issue – burden of effort

·              textbook cost issues – bookstores and publishers are the problem.


·              Texas State Representative Geanie Morrison – Chair of the Higher Education Committee reported on negative political attitudes about higher education and problems of under-funding of the uninsured.


·              Karen Lundquist, UT Attorney, reported that lobbying must be restricted to non-UTMB time with non-UTMB equipment and a non-UTMB browser.


·              UT Austin – UT System license to be obtained from the American Association of Publishers for free access to educational materials.

·              UT Austin – research funds can now be placed into a non-taxable UT Intermediate Term Bond Fund (Strategic Exec Fund)


VIII.     Past-Chair’s Comments – Dr. Baker

·              Dr. Baker reported that the UTMB Faculty Senate By-laws have been sent out to the Faculty Senators and received approval.  They will next be sent out to the entire faculty and need to receive two-thirds approval from those responding.


IX.       Senate Business

Committee Reports

Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee

·              No report.


Faculty Quality Committee

·              No report.


Governance Committee

·              No report


New business:

·              No new business.



Meeting adjourned at 5:20 pm.