UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate

March 10, 2008

Caduceus Room

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm




Members Present:  T. Albrecht, G. Anderson, C. Baker, V. Brooke, C. Cooper, E. Cuellar, R. Fox, Jose Gonzalez, D. Hudnall, A. Hudson Jones,  R. Johnson,  R. Leonard, S. Lewis, S. Lieberman, M. Moore, K. Mossberg, E. Protas, K. Sandor, G. Steer, G. Taglialatela, C. Utsey, P. Watson, G. Weaver, N. Wills, C. Wisnewski


I.                    Approval of Agenda of 03/10/08 – The March 10, 2008 agenda was approved.


II.         Approval of Minutes of 02/11/08 – The minutes of the February 11, 2008 meeting were approved by e-mail.


III.       Provost’s Comments (Dr. Garland Anderson) – Reorganization of UTMB Administration

·              Dr. Anderson reported that not all reorganization activities have been completed.

·              All of the Deans will now report to the Provost.

·              Dr. Anderson is now the Chief Academic Officer and Dr. Pamela Watson is the Vice President for Education.  Dr. Anderson will be delegating tasks to others.

·              The meeting held with Dr. Ken Shine, UT System on February 15, 2008 went very well; there were no concerns or issues raised.


IV.       Vice President for Education’s Comments (Dr. Pam Watson) – SACS update (5 min)

            (written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended).

·              The SACS on-site review committee was on campus on February 26 -28, 2008 and conducted its evaluation.  It was a successful review.  UTMB only received two recommendations.  The committee recommended that UTMB identify indicators of overall synergy program success and develop baseline measures of those indicators.  They also recommended that the GSBS develop and implement in each of its programs a system for measuring student learning outcomes that is independent of course completion rates and grades and that provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of the outcomes.

·              The Office of the VP for Education is conducting a search for the Director of synergy.  Dr. Ann Frye is chairing the search committee.


V.        Dean’s Corner

Dr. Anderson, Dean of School of Medicine reported on the following:

·              The School of Medicine will be pursuing a Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA).  UTMB will focus on Biomedical Informatics and will partner with UT Houston who currently has an active CTSA.  Previous attempts to obtain a CTSA failed when UTMB tried to partner with UT Austin.  An Institutional Research Committee will be formed to evaluate methods to prepare a successful proposal.


Dr. Cooper, Dean of Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences reported on the following:

·              The GSBS is currently working on addressing the SACS recommendation.

·              Dr. Cooper thanked Dr. Watson for her leadership in getting us successfully through the SACS site visit.

·              Dr. Cooper is chairing the search committee for the SAHS Dean’s search.  All members of the search committee have agreed to serve.  Plans are under way.

·              On March 26th & 27th, 2008 a review of the GSBS Basic Biomedical Science Curriculum will be conducted by a team that includes external reviewers.

·              On July 1st thru 3rd, 2008 an external review of the GSBS and its leadership will be conducted, a report will be produced and submitted to the UTMB Provost and the UTMB VP for Education.

·              UT System announced that 5 million dollars will be awarded in grants to Graduate Schools.  The awards will be 500K each for innovative graduate program initiatives.  The grant deadline dates for proposals are June 1st for pre-proposals and October 1st  for full proposals.

·              The Gulf Coast Consortium MOAs that are now in place that allow GSBS students at any of the member schools to take certain courses at any other institutions and receive credit for them at their home institution.  Formal agreements have been signed with Rice, Baylor, MD Anderson, and the UT Health Science Center.  An agreement is needed with the University of Houston and is currently being processed.


Dr. Protas, Interim Dean of School of Allied Health Sciences reported on the following:

(written report provided by Dr. Protas is appended).

·              Dr. Kenneth Ottenbacher is currently completing a visiting faculty appointment at USC as part of his K02 Award.

·              Dr. Protas commended Drs. Gretchen Stone and Susie Gerik for their efforts on synergy during the SACS site visit.  She also commended all faculty, staff, and students who contributed to the successful site visit.

·              A revision of the SAHS Faculty Service, Research and Development Plan (FSRDP) is occurring to make it consistent with the recent changes in the MSRDP.

·              The SAHS has had 87.7% participation rate in the You-Count survey.

·              Dr. Protas held a joint faculty and staff assembly on Feb. 27th to discuss UTMB’s new organizational structure and answer any questions.

·              Dr. Ivonne Berges in the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences learned that her R03 will be funded.

·              Dr. Micah Drummond in the Department of Physical Therapy has received a prestigious post-doctoral award from the American Physiological Society.

·              After discussions during the UT System visit, the SAHS tuition proposal was revised to align with the BOR directives for increases in undergraduate tuition (limit to $150/semester).

·              The Office of Academic Affairs completed a renewal of all clinical affiliation contracts.  A monumental task since this represents hundreds of contracts.

·              Debra Danburg, a member of our Advisory Council, was honored as a Political Pioneer at the League of Women Voters luncheon in February.


Dr. Watson, Dean of School of Nursing reported on the following:

(written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended).

·              Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnider’s NIH-NINR grant “Reducing Overweight among Galveston WIC participants” received an unofficial notice of funding $223,483.

·              Dr. Jeanne Ruiz was honored as February Researcher of the Month for research on the Impact of Acculturation in Hispanic Women on preterm birth.

·              Practice development – (which will include training opportunities for SON students)

o       Primary care practice at St. Vincent’s

o       Employee health programs for small businesses (earmarks project w/$30,000 proposal-Kempner)

o       Identifying off-site clinic for practice

o       FREW proposal

o       Establishing long-term care practice partnership(s)

·              Eight SON doctoral students completing PhDs this academic year.


 VI.       Chair’s Comments and Report of SysFAC Exec. Comm.. Mtgs. – Dr. Albrecht reported on the following:

·              Dr. Albrecht attended the SysFAC Exec. Committee meeting.  Dr. Kenneth Shine invited himself to the meeting and attended without notice to the committee.  He discussed his clinical plan with the committee, and they did not endorse his plan.  He also met with the Regents regarding the clinical plan.  Dr. Shine’s attorney lacks experience to complete the faculty compensation plan.  The SysFAC Executive group developed a document of guidelines.  Dr. Shine’s clinical plan along with the guidelines was presented to the Regents, and they approved it.  External audits will be conducted on a regular basis and will be within the UT System guidelines.  Dr. Shine agreed that the Faculty Compensation Plan needed to include tenure base salaries.  The plan will include basic tables of salaries, based on time and rank, they will also become part of the Clinical Practice Plan.


 VII.      Chair-Elect’s Comments and Report on March SysFAC Meeting – Dr. Hudnall reported on the following:

·                    Dr. Hudnall reported on the SysFAC Meeting held in March.  The committee will meet one on one with the Regents.  Faculty senators from other UT Schools will also be invited to attend the meetings.  The Regents are currently considering awarding PUFF funds from 3% to 5% to be used for recruitment and retention of faculty members.  Current issues being discussed include recruitment, retention, and salary comprehension.  There are no connections with tuition caps and formula funding.  The committee members feel that the Legislature needs to be educated by the UT System.  A handbook will be created for the Legislature it will include any issues that faculty members may have.

·                    Dr. Albrecht added that all issues are costly.  The committee was trying to create a policy that students could have no more than six dropped classes.  They discussed diversity issues, some minority groups do not complete all courses quickly.  The committee is trying to help the legislature understand issues which create more problems than they solve.

·                    Dr. Hudnall reported that at the SysFAC meeting a motion was brought forth to not allow non-compete clauses – if a faculty member leaves UTMB, they cannot practice within 50 miles of UTMB.  This motion was tabled.  A second motion was brought forth and approved - all UT Campus’ and UT Buildings are to be smoke free.  The SysFAC committee discussed indigent care issues.  They questioned whether the counties were paying for or would they be willing to pay for indigent care costs.  Dr. Anderson stated that the counties are currently paying 21% of indigent care costs.

·                    A directive from Governor Perry regarding commercialization of tenure was discussed.  A recommendation was made that the UT Regents review and endorse consideration of commercialization.

·                    At the SysFAC meeting Dr. John Stobo discussed various grants, educational training, a Master’s degree program, and online certificate programs.  He mentioned that LER, educational material can be shared across UT Campus’.  He also discussed the 3 share plan - $180 per month premium, $60 from the University, $60 from the employee, and $60 from ????.


 VIII.     Past-Chair’s Comments and bylaw changes – Dr. Baker

·                    Dr. Baker reported that a small task force was formed to review and update the UTMB Faculty Senate By-laws.  She distributed changes to the UTMB Faculty Senate By-Laws via e-mail to all Senators and was prepared to discuss the changes at the meeting. 

·                    Dr. Jose Gonzalez made a motion that we accept the UTMB Faculty Senate By-laws as changed.  His motion was second.  No discussion was held.  A vote was held.  All present at the meeting were in favor, no one was opposed.  The corrections of the UTMB Faculty Senate By-laws were approved.  The UTMB Faculty Senate By-laws will now be sent to the entire faculty for approval.

·                    Dr. Guilio Taglialatela made a motion that the Chair of the UTMB Faculty Senate approach the Deans and ask them to allow the Senate to have executive sessions without the Deans present.  This motion was second by Dr. Nancy Wills.  Dr. David Hudnall asked if this could be done on an ad-hoc basis.  Dr. Taglialatela objected to that.  He stated that standard executive sessions would allow the Senate to review and discuss issues without ex-officio members present.  Dr. Charlotte Wisnewski stated that these meetings should not be called executive sessions.  It was recommended that this issue be assigned to a Senate sub-committee to review, discuss and bring forward to the UTMB Faculty Senate Committee.  Dr. Robert Johnson stated that this motion would require a change to the Faculty Senate by-laws.  Dr. Jose Gonzalez stated that this issue was too big to vote on.  Dr. Taglialatela withdrew the motion.

·                    Dr. Jose Gonzalez made a motion that the Faculty Senate charge the Senate Executive Committee along with the Parliamentarian with the task of addressing the issue of asking the Deans to allow Faculty Senate meeting time without the Deans and ex-officio members present.  This motion was second by Dr. Virginia Brooke.  A vote was held 15 approved, 3 opposed, 0 abstained; the motion was passed.


 IX.       Senate Business Committee Reports

Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee

·        Dr. Kurt Mossberg reported that the ombudsperson policy was submitted to the UTMB Faculty Senators.  The policy was voted on and approved, 13 senators voted, 11 in favor, 2 opposed.

·        A discussion was held on the ombudsperson position description.  It had not been submitted to the UTMB Faculty Senate for approval, it was only included with the ombudsperson policy for information purposes.

·        Dr. David Hudnall made a motion that the Faculty Senate meeting continue after 6:00 pm.  Dr. Robert Leonard second the motion.  A vote was held 13 in favor, 4 opposed.  The meeting continued after 6:00 pm.

·        Dr. Jose Gonzalez made a motion that the ombudsperson position description be submitted to the UTMB Faculty Senate to be voted on.  Dr. Kurt Mossberg second the motion.  A vote was held 16 in favor, 0 opposed, and 2 abstained.  The motion was passed.  The ombudsperson position description will be distributed to the UTMB Faculty Senate via e-mail to be voted on.  The Faculty Senate secretary will distribute it on March 11, 2008 with a two week deadline to respond to, all votes must be submitted by March 25, 2008.


             Faculty Quality Committee

·        No report.


Governance Committee

·        Dr. Robert Johnson reported that the Governance committee was making progress on the faculty compensation plan.  He will send the revised plan to the faculty senators to review by e-mail, and the Senate can have an open discussion at the next senate meeting.  Dr. Robert Leonard had requested feedback on the plan; the senators from last year had made extensive changes to the document that were consistent with SysFAC.  It was written from a faculty point of view.

·        Dr. Robert Fox made a motion that the Faculty Senate convene a special session to review the Faculty Compensation Plan.  Dr. Virginia Brook seconded the motion.  A vote was held 17 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstained.  The motion was passed; the Executive Committee will call a special session. 


New business:

·        No new business.


  Meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm.