UTMB Faculty Senate

UTMB Faculty Senate

November 10th, 2008

Caduceus Room

4:30 – 6:30 pm



Present:  Drs. G. Anderson, W. Au, J. Bauer, N. Cintron, C. Cooper, R. Fox, N. Garg, C Holzer, S. David Hudnall, A. Hudson-Jones, M. Kanuth, D. Munsell, M. O’Keefe, G. Olson, E. Protas, C. Utsey, S. Watowich, P. Watson and C. Wisnewski

Absent:  Drs. T. Albrecht, D. Heliker, R. Leonard, S. Peloquin, S. Rosenthal, J. Ruiz, K. Sandor, G. Taglialatela, C. Wigg and N. Wills


I.           Approval of Minutes of 8-11-08.  The minutes of August 11, 2008 meeting were approved at the meeting.


II.        The minutes of August 11, 2008 were approved.


III.      Introduction of the 2008-2009 Senators.


IV.     Deans Reports

Provost’s Comments and Dean of the School of Medicine – Dr. Garland Anderson

·     Part C of the Compensation Plan has been suspended.  No one is earning Part C right now; it could not be justified on a monthly basis since we are losing money right now.

·     For your equipment and supplies losses, turn in your work orders for FEMA.  Witt & Company is here working with FEMA.

·     MRB, BSB, ARC, GNL, PHTO and Keiller buildings, the hours starting this weekend will be 8-8:00 M-F and 8-5 on Saturdays. 

·     Students had some concerns with accessing the Student Center and Library; the Student Center hours will soon increase; the Library still has safety issues.

·     For R series, DP1 and DP2 NIH grants, the faculty can apply for a supplement of up to $50,000, on the condition that grant was active during the storm and remain in Galveston and you can request a one-year funded extension. 

·     Dr. Anne Hudson-Jones asked Dr. Anderson when they can get their books out of Old Red.  Dr. Anderson will check with Mike Shriner and get back to us.


Dean, School of Nursing – Dr. Pamela Watson (written report provided by Dr. Watson is appended).

·     The School of Nursing faculty did a wonderful job getting the classes up and running which started on October 1.

·     Dr. Jeanne Ruiz is now the Director, School of Nursing Biobehavioral Laboratory; Dr. Jacqueline Rhoads was appointed to the Joseph B. and Mary Alice Collerain Professorship in Nursing; Dr. Richard was appointed to the Florence Thelma Hall Distinguished Professorship in Nursing and Dr. Yolanda Davila was appointed to the Odelia Brown McCarley Professorship in Nursing.


Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – Dr. Cary Cooper (written report provided by Dr. Cooper is appended).

·     In early October all but a few GSBS students returned to UTMB, one for health reasons and one for academic reasons.  The students will finish their term on time.

·     GSBS scholarships winners had their checks sent already and this will help those students out financially.

·     The Alumni and some scientific societies all across the US and around the world have communicated to us of their willing to help where needed.  Colleagues at the UT Houston HSC and MD Anderson have organized a collection and distribution of goods along with Stan Watowich to students and postdocs in need in Galveston and Stan even delivered some furniture.  Students here who did not suffer severe losses volunteered their home and assistance to those in need. 

·     Dr. Cooper submitted his review to the Graduate Program Initiative grant program and rankings of 16 of the 18 UT System final proposals.  Out of 36-38 proposals, two were from UTMB (Dr. Mark Hellmich from Surgery and the other from Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) to hopefully be awarded up to $500K over three years.


Dean, School of Health Professions – Dr. Elizabeth Protas (written report provided by Dr. Protas is appended).

·     The School lost only several weeks of class time and will extend the semester one week.    Our Heroes to mention a few; new faculty member Dr. Whitlock and Dr. Salazar from CLS came in to supply dry ice to our freezers and keep our samples frozen and did this without power or ac.  Drs. Volpi and Moore moved our samples to freezers that were working; Dr. Ellison organized a household drive for the students and Dr. J. Baker provided counseling services to the students.  Students, Eric and Kelly helped with wound care at the evacuation center where they stayed during the storm apparently the cots are rough on fragile skin.

·     Dr. Ottenbacher and some faculty recently submitted a program project grant entitled “Translational Research in Muscle Rehabilitation”.

·     Dr. Chris Baker’s grant called STAIRS was funded from the HHS.

·     Dr. Blake Rasmussen’s R01 competitive renewal was funded.

·     The SAHS was ranked number 8 in 2007.  Dr. Protas was appointed as Dean, School of Health Professions in September.  The plans were to officially change the school’s name in January at the 40th anniversary celebration, but since the celebration has been delayed, they decided to make it official and implemented the change now.


V.        Dr. Hudnall handed out the certificates to the outgoing senators that were present.


VI.     Chair-Elect Comments – Dr. Wisnewski

Dr. Wisnewski informed the members with a little background information about herself.  She is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and has been a faculty member since 1996.  Her interests are to teach critical care nursing (104 critical care students) and research in the undergraduate program.  Dr. Wisnewski is a certified diabetes educator, faculty liaison for post baccalaureate nurse residency program and she is a past chair of faculty assembly, SON.  Her major goal is to maintain open communication between faculty and administration to advance mission of the University and the Schools.


VII.         Chair Comments – Dr. S. David Hudnall

Dr. Wisnewski was selected Parliamentarian.

PowerPoint presentation. The Faculty Senate, to facilitate better communication and collaboration concerning campus-wide issues and to help achieve excellence in the previously described areas, an organized body of the Faculty at large, a Faculty Senate of UTMB (henceforth referred to as the Senate), shall be created to participate in the conception, review and/or recommendation of policies affecting UTMB at large under the Board of Regents (Part 1, Chapter 3, Section 10.1)

The Senate Accomplishments from 2007-08, Dr. Albrecht’s reign, came the Grievance Policy, Ombudsman, Faculty Compensation Plan - general guidelines, AED units and Senate By-Laws (new IHOP committee).

Dr. Watson informed the Senate of some problems with the revised Grievance policy and legal council will need to meet with the committee.  Nita Davis did a side-by-side analysis of the two policies and Dr. Watson provided Dr. Hudnall with this document.


VIII.      New business:

·        Future of UTMB, this body to be proactive in our future which time frame is short, Faculty welfare, go out in the UTMB community and see what would they like for us to do.  We need to get relevant information from Dean Anderson, get a statement about our long term objectives, viability of programs and viability of UTMB, should we invite Craig Eiland to meet with us, invite President Callender to visit with us, just some ideas.  A motion was made by Dr. Holzer to have a “formal request for the Deans to provide more detailed topics under discussion and in consideration that will affect the future of UTMB” this should include building issues, reduction in faculty and location.  The motion was seconded and approved by 13 members and no one opposed.

·        A motion was made by Dr. Watowich for the Senate to be highly proactive in that the “Faculty Senate will take the leadership role in producing a document for the vision and the future of UTMB”.  The motion was seconded and approved by 13 members and no one opposed.

·        Employee Union, we need to encourage the community to contact our legislators and tell them how important UTMB is.  See what they are doing.  Do we want to invite the Galveston Daily News, the Mayor to hear from the faculty senate, do we want to hear from the Board of Regents and have them send a representative or someone to present their ideas, just some thoughts? 

·        The Senate to get behind Dr. Callender to come up with supporting statements backing the President – what can the faculty senate do to help?  We need to invite him to come for a special agenda.  How can we support the Provost and President?

·        Get a sense from the faculty and from the President of the vision of UTMB, we need to be a unified front and be a priority.  AWL runs out November 14th, do we want closed discussion, senate voted with 12 yes and 1 no.  The reduction in force, termination of programs, (note: Dr. Hudnall to give Dr. Holzer some info).

·        Committees will need to meet and come up with a Chair and Co-Chair, Mary will send out the committee lists to the senators. 


A motion for adjournment was made due to the time and seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 6:34 pm.