UTMB Faculty Senate

December 14, 2009

4:30 – 6:00 pm



Present:  Drs. Wisnewski, Chair, G. Anderson, I. Boldogh, V. Brooke, J. Broussard, C. Cooper, Y. Davila, E. Hannigan, S. Higgs, S. Jain, C. Jansen, M. Kanuth, J. LeDuc, L. Massey, N. Mendias, D. Munsell, M. O’Keefe, S. Petronella, D. Powell, K. Sandor, P. Singh, E. Smith, D. Solanki, H. Spratt, A. Torres, C. Utsey, S. Watowich, P. Watson and C. Wigg


Absent:  Drs. S. Gerik, M. Kanuth and L. Massey


Special Guests:  Mr. William Elger, Mr. Cameron Slocum and Melvin Williams


I.        The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Charlotte Wisnewski, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.      Approval of Minutes of November 9, 2009.  Minutes of November 9, 2009 were accepted as written and voted on by email sent November 23, 2009.


III.     Provost’s and Dean’s Report


  Provost - Dr. Garland Anderson

·      Dr. Anderson stated that there will be around eight contractors here on campus to repair about 40% of our first floor space.  There are architects for the four schools reviewing class rooms and conference space.  We would like to have a new Educational building, Simulation Center, 300 person auditorium.  The contractors are also working on our elevators, which will probably take three years to complete.

A Senator asked Dr. Anderson a question regarding faculty receiving Emeritus status.  Dr. Anderson responded stating that Professor Emeritus is not automatic upon a faculty member’s retirement.  The chair of the department makes this recommendation.

  Dean, School of Nursing - Dr. Pamela Watson (report provided by Dr. Watson).

·      In January, 195 new students will be admitted.  We want to double this amount by year 2015.

·      Diversity training is ongoing.  For Emergency Preparedness, Dr. Watson displayed a card that fits in wallets that has all the contact information to be given out to the students and faculty.

·      The School of Nursing 120th Anniversary is scheduled for March 10, 2010 with a day of celebration.

·      SON website is being modernized to be appealing and easier to navigate.

·      Recruiting teaching faculty

·      The SON/SHP building cafeteria will not be coming back.


SON Achievements:

Dr. Kathryn Fiandt, Professor, has been selected to serve on the National Nursing Centers Consortium Board of Directors.


Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnider has been elected Secretary to the Executive Committee for the Southern Nursing Research Society.  Her term of office begins in February 2010 and ends in 2012.


Dr. Linda R. Rounds, Professor and holder of the Betty Lee Evans Nursing Professorship in the UTMB SON, was recently appointed to the editorial board of the Journal of Nursing Regulation.  This is a new journal sponsored by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.


Dr. Charlotte Wisnewski, Associate Professor, has been reappointed for a 2nd year to the American Association for Diabetes Educators (AADE) Research Committee.



Ferguson, L. A., & Rhoads, J. (2009). Multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis: The new face of an old disease. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 21, 603-609.


Heliker, D. (2009) Enhancing long-term care relationships through story sharing. Journal of Gerontological Nursing; 35(6), 43-49.


Rath, L. L. (2009). Scientific ways to study intercessory prayer as an intervention in clinical research. Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing, 23(1), 71–77.


Rhoads, J. (2009). Managing bites and stings, The Nurse Practitioner;34(8), 37-43.


Faculty Presentations:

Baisch, M. J., Fiandt, K., & Resick, L. (2009, November). Interventions to address the sociocultural context of health: Perspectives for diverse nursing centers. Paper presentation at the 8th Annual Conference of the National Nursing Center Consortium, Philadelphia, PA


Cuellar, E. (2009, November). How to save a life; mental health from a deployed position. Invited podium presentation at the 114th Annual Meeting of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS), Mental Health Section, St. Louis, MO.


Our Students:

Linda Benskin – 2nd place Poster for Global Health International Education Week – Global Health Preceptorships and Projects


Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS)

Melissa Ethington – Top Ranked Poster

Susanne Lundeen – Top Ranked Poster

Paula Stangeland – Top Ranked Poster

Rebeka Watson

Graduate School Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon

Brenda Johnson – Regina R and Alfonso J. Mercatante Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Sandra McNeely – Lois E. Nickerson, RN, Endowed Scholarship

Paula Stangeland – Elaine L. Nicholson, RN Fund for Graduate Nursing Education


Suzanne Lundeen, a UTMB nursing PhD student, is one of two recipients of the After College-AACN Scholarship, which was created to support students seeking baccalaureate and graduate degrees in nursing



Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – Dr. Cary Cooper (report provided by Dr. Cooper).

·      Dr. Cooper stated that the challenges are met, the margin is on budget.

·      The Postdoctoral are going well with Certificates for coursework.  HR is working on finalizing the pay scales for postdoctoral fellows (based on NIH guidelines).

·      Homecoming is March 5th with an inaugural dean’s lecture and reception with Dr. Barbara Sasser, UTMB GSBS 1983 alumna and President of the GSBS alumni association.

·      During the May Commencement, there will be four awards, one is the teaching award, selected by the students, and the distinguished alumnus, the research award and the faculty service award, will be voted by GSBS faculty.  An email will be sent to them asking for nominations.



Dean, School of Health Professions – Dr. Carolyn Utsey for Dr. Protas (report provided by Dr. Protas).


·      The Chair’s Council is engaged in strategic planning in preparation for our Vision 2015.  President Callender has encouraged us to reach for a bold target of doubling our enrollment in 10 years.  We are considering the resources required to increase our enrollment by 50% in the next 5 years, including an increase in faculty and staff and space.  In addition, we are considering innovative new programs including the OTD and DCLS, post-professional doctoral degrees, an on-line MPT-DPT transition program, a MS for faculty preparation in CLS, RC, and PAS, and, possibly, a new program for the school. 

·      We are proposing an increase in tuition and fees for FY 2010-2011 and FY 2011-2012 that would increase undergraduate programs by $7.50 per SCH and $10.00 per SCH for graduate programs for each of the 2 years.  This will mean $800-$900 more tuition in total for a student over those 2 years. 

·      We have been discussing the feasibility of a post-professional specialty residency in surgery for Physician Assistants to be implemented next year.  We already have a specialty residency in Neurologic Physical Therapy.

·      We are discussing the feasibility of re-establishing an In-Patient Rehabilitation Service at UTMB.  This fits with the President’s proposal that UTMB’s expertise is in the management of chronic diseases.


·      Commencement will be held December 18th at 4 pm in Levin Hall.  Regent Longoria will confer the degrees.  Dr. Raul Caetano, UT Southwestern Dean of the School of Health Professions, will present the commencement address.

·      Physician Assistant Studies had their White Coat Ceremony December 4th.  Dr. Protas provided the keynote address and Dr. Beech presented each student with their white coat.


·      Mary Beth Murray established $150,000 fund for scholarships for students in Clinical Laboratory Sciences who enter the program form Houston Community College.   We are so grateful to Ms. Murray for her support of CLS. 

·      We thank Eddie Salazar, faculty chair, and Mary Ellen Deaupre, staff chair, for their leadership during the SECC Campaign and who achieved 49% participation in the School of Health Professions.


IV.   Reports by Officers/Chairs:

Dr. Wisnewski stated that the Executive Board had a productive meeting.  Dr. Wisnewski stated that they also met with Dr. Callender.  Dr. Callender will be attending the February 8th Faculty Senate meeting.

Dr. Utsey discussed the Categories and Themes from the Faculty Luncheon survey and the themes were assigned to the Committees.

Dr. Utsey presented the Senate with two forms, one a motion form and one a decision tracking form for discussion.  There was a motion to keep the decision tracking form since it was something that was used in the past and seconded and opened for discussion.  Comments included that the form was not used since it is very extensive and time consuming. The motion failed by a majority vote. The Executive Committee will work on these two forms and will present at another faculty senate meeting.


UTMB Financial Report
Mr. William Elger, EVP and Chief Business/Financial Officer gave a PowerPoint presentation updating the Faculty Senate since July. 

·      He stated that we have a lot to fix from the storm; we are running a business with fewer people and are trying to grow by expanding the facilities, locations and business lines creating new revenue sources and building for the future

·      Our adjusted margin projected a loss of 145 million dollars and the actual was 140 million.  In those numbers, 40 million was IKE expenses to be reimbursed. 

·      UT System ranks each component under the categories of Favorable, Watch, and Unfavorable for financial conditions and we are listed in the Unfavorable category and we are the only UT System component in this ranking.  How do we fix this, by managing cash flow and manage capacity constraints (health system – patient beds, infrastructure and Academic enterprise – principally research space).

·      Adjusted Margin FY10, the first quarter we are in the black, better than we thought.

·      Ike related expenses, we need to collect FEMA money.

·      FY10 Actual, we are up from last year from 346 beds to 423; inpatient admissions, FY09 3,166, to FY 10 7,437.

·      Overview of Ike Recovery Projects estimated at $667,000,000.

     Academic and Business Buildings                        $162,105,000

     Healthcare Buildings                                           $271,668,000 

     Infrastructure                                                     $146,032,000

     Research Buildings                                             $  87,195,000

Funding from FEMA, private insurance and state matching funds approved by 81st Texas Legislature and Scope for each project includes mitigation, repair and remediation in multiple buildings.  The FEMA process is the money flows from Government to the state (not us) and FEMA will pay up to the repair.  To date, we are the largest single claimant.  Our goal is to build up to 1,200 workers and to get 400,000 square feet by FY11.


Discussion:  A question about Correctional Managed Care and the fee for the service, how to fix it.  Mr. Elger explained that we had less beds and we had to out-source for cancer care and radiation therapy. 

Another question asking about the unfavorable status, Mr. Elger stated that we have been losing money for at least 5 years.  He also mentioned that we are going to grow and invest; we have the surgical tower and will be making improvements.  From Ike, we lost a lot of our Medicaid population and indigent care.  In the past, we had to give back our disproportionate share ($100 million) and last year the legislation gave us $96 million.

A question about financial exigency was brought up and Mr. Elger stated that we need to be cautious and watch our spending.  After the storm (September-November) our financial status was $140 million in debt, so we declared financial exigency.  We now have a positive margin and the Chancellor has formed a subcommittee to deal with the financial exigency.  Several Senators mentioned that faculty are still concerned about the financial exigency especially for the areas trying to recruit faculty and they are asked about the university’s financial status.


IV.   Reports by Officers/Chairs (continued):

Dr. Sandor wanted to add that in addition to Dr. Watowich’s department, there are other areas concerned about UTMB’s financial exigency.  Reporting for the Faculty Quality Committee, Dr. Sandor is waiting for a copy of the SON policy from our Legal Office for the Post Tenure Review. 

Dr. Munsell reported for the IHOP Committee: There are not any new policies affecting faculty.  They are reviewing four policies currently and gathering input and will report back to the Senate.

Dr. Wigg reported for the Governance Committee.  The Committee has reviewed the last two years of minutes to determine if there are areas not finalized or issues that still need further resolution.  These areas include the tracking form, faculty compensation and the Ombudsman position. 

Dr. Jansen reported for the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee, reflecting on the balance budget.  The Committee has sent a list of questions to Mr. William New,  Associate Dean for Research, for discussion at the January meeting. 

Dr. Watowich asked the Senate, did they have any faculty that they represented any sense of trouble by our financial exigency?  Several senators commented that they did and a Senator indicated that if we are in recovery it is essential in communicating this with everyone for UTMB to move forward.  Another comment was made in that organizations are concerned about our viability and our likelihood for funding.  Another comment was regarding what UT System is doing for us?  Dr. Lieberman reminded Senators that Dr. Cigarroa formed a subcommittee on financial exigency and it will be reporting back in three months.  More comments: “financial exigency is more than faculty losing their jobs, currently things are not right; it is about trust.”  If we have good news then our Administration needs to let people know and reassure faculty that we are as competitive as anyone else.  Does our faculty know that we are in the unfavorable category?  The outcome was that we need to recruit faculty; retain faculty; get grants and not lose any centers, quit pushing financial exigency and move forward.  We are recruiting 100 nurses; counties need to assume more responsibility for indigent care.


V.        New Business – Dr. Wisnewski

·  Mr. Williams brought several questions regarding the Ombudsman position from the Ombudsman Search Committee.  He stated that they need a good job description, asked regarding the master’s degree, and did we want anyone formerly associated with UTMB?  This position is posted for 20% time.  This position is supervised by the President.  The Senate formerly looked at this position and still recommends that the person who is hired have a PhD and be a former tenured professor; he or she can come from UTMB or another University.  Mr. Williams will report this information back to the Search Committee.

·  Dr. Anderson is concerned about the Categories and Themes (results from faculty note cards at the September annual meeting) with item number 4 – University Mission and Faculty.  Dr. Utsey will email Dr. Anderson the raw data from which the qualitative analysis was made.


A motion for adjournment was made, seconded and approved.  Meeting adjourned at 6:20 pm.  The Committees then met for their work.