UTMB Faculty Senate

October 12, 2009

4:00 – 6:00 pm



Present:  Drs. Wisnewski, Chair, G. Anderson, I. Boldogh, V. Brooke, J. Broussard, Y. Davila, S. Gerik, S. Higgs, C. Jansen, M. Kanuth, J. LeDuc, L. Massey, D. Munsell, M. O’Keefe, D. Powell, E. Protas, K. Sandor, P. Singh, E. Smith, D. Solanki, H. Spratt, C. Utsey and C. Wigg


Absent:  Drs. E. Hannigan, S. Jain, N. Mendias, S. Petronella, A. Torres and S. Watowich


4-4:30 pm Orientation for the new senators.  Dr. Wisnewski presented the new members with a PowerPoint presentation and then opened for Questions.


I.        The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Charlotte Wisnewski, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.      Approval of PowerPoint Presentation of September14, 2009.  The PowerPoint presentation presented at the Annual meeting on September 14, was accepted.


III.     Provost’s and Dean Report – Dr. Garland Anderson

·    The first month we met our margins; February is typically slow in revenue.

·     The Graduate school started a Postdoctoral Office where postdoctoral fellows can take courses and the goal is for them to have two titles on training grants.  In the past, the time frame to have a postdoctoral fellow was seven years maximum and they are looking to change this time frame, if someone wanted to stay.  This year, the Provost gave the Graduate School $8,000 for each graduate student on an NIH grant so they would get the same amount of money as students not on NIH funding.

·     Educational space plan and study rooms, we have started this process and are looking at the first floors of our buildings.

·     Dr. Anderson reported that he met with the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) last week.  They were here to investigate the faculty RIF and the appeals process.  AAUP will send us their report to respond to and then they will publish the report.


Dean, School of Health Professions – Dr. Elizabeth Protas (report provided by Dr. Protas).


·    Dr. Chris Baker was appointed to the Ruby Decker Endowed Professorship.

·    Dr. Jeff Baker was elected a Fellow in Division 22, Rehabilitation Psychology, American Psychological Association.  

·    Dr. Meredith Masel, post-doctoral fellow in Rehabilitation Sciences, was 1 of 3 at UTMB to be named a Jeane Kempner Scholar.

·    Lauren McGirt, 2nd year Occupational Therapy student, received a scholarship from the Texas Schools of Allied Health Professions.

·    New Faculty: Dana Wild, Physical Therapy and Eddie Salazar, Clinical Laboratory Sciences.



·    SHP had a 3% increase in enrollment over Fall, 2008.

·    Twenty-four students from OT, CLS, and PT enrolled in a new Global Health elective.



·    Dr. Ottenbacher received approval for a year’s storm-related extension on his T32 grant, and Dr. Protas received a 1 year Ike extension on her R01.  


Quality and Service:

·    Dr. Patricia Fingerhut, Occupational Therapy, and Ed Woods, Dean’s Office are this quarters SHP Stars.



·    Dr. Barbara Doucet, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy, received a President’s Cabinet Award to establish a post-stroke clinic.



·    Encouraging faculty participation in AMT. Develop Academic Residency.

·    Develop 1 new inter-professional clinical experience.

·    Increase practice income by 20% over FY 08 and research income by 3%.

·    Maintain student retention at ≥ 90%. 


Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – Dr. Wisnewski on behalf of Dr. Cary Cooper (report provided by Dr. Cooper).

·    On September 11, at the President’s Cabinet Awards dinner, GSBS Vice Dean, Dave Niesel and Associate Dean, Norbert Herzog, received one of the 2009 awards providing financial support and recognition for their radio program Medical Discovery News.  This follows the earlier GSBS sponsored application that resulted in their initial President’s Cabinet award a few years ago.

·    The new GSBS website will be live this week.  A new Office of Postdoctoral Scientists (OPS) celebrated the inaugural National Postdoctoral Appreciation Day by organizing and hosting a “data blitz.”  In both the north and south auditoria of Levin Hall, a one hour session was chaired by a UTMB postdoctoral fellow where six others postdoctoral fellows presented one slide of their research and answered one question from the audience.  A reception followed in the Levin Hall dining room. The program and abstract book from this event was distributed at the Faculty Senate meeting.   

·    On October 1st, at the Galvez Hotel, the UTMB Academy of Master Teachers hosted their annual dinner and inducted newly elected members.  For the GSBS, in recognition for their teaching excellence, Dr. Randy Given, Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology and Dr. Norbert Herzog, Department of Pathology, were so honored.


Dean, School of Nursing - Dr. Wisnewski on behalf of Dr. Watson (report provided by Dr. Watson).

Faculty Publications

Bae, J., Wolpin, S., Kim, E., Lee, S., Yoon, S., & An, K. (2009). Development of a user-centered health information service system for depressive symptom management. Nursing and Health Sciences, 11, 185–193.


Lederman, R. P., Weis, K. (2009). Psychosocial adaptation to pregnancy: Seven dimensions of maternal role development. New York: Springer.


Tina Cuellar, RN, PhD, CNS, BC, WHCNP, BC and Associate Dean of Student Admissions and Affairs, has a publication titled, “Caring and Meaning in War Zone Nursing”, scheduled for the October issue of Nursing Clinics of North America.


Cates, L.A. (2008). Melendez N.T. (ed.) I Married a Teen Challenge Graduate: Inspiring True Stories: Rick and Leigh Ann Cates. Gazelle Press. Mobile, 141-143.

·     Cates L.A. (2009, January). Pigtail Catheter Placement. University of Texas Medical Branch- NNP Program, Galveston, TX.

·     Cates L.A. (2009, January). Neonatal Advanced Assessment GU Section. University of Texas Medical Branch- NNP Program, Galveston, TX.

·     Cates L.A. (2009, January). FEN Calculations. University of Texas Medical Branch- NNP Program, Galveston, TX. 

·     Cates L.A. (2009, January). NNP Progress Notes. University of Texas Medical Branch- NNP Program, Galveston, TX.

·     Cates L.A. (2009, January). PICC Placement. University of Texas Medical Branch-NNP Program, Galveston, TX.

·     Cates L.A. (2009, May). Basic EKG Interpretation. University of Texas Medical Branch- NNP Program,  Galveston TX

Collaborated in the revision of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) Transport Guidelines.


Faculty Presentations

Mendias, E. P., & Bishop, S. L. (2009, July, August). Stops for no storm: In the eye of Hurricane Ike. 2009 Continental Divide Disaster Behavioral Health Conference, Colorado Springs, CO.


Bishop, S. L., Mendias, E. P., & Mardikar, A. A. (2009, July, August). Running before the storm: Assessing displacement from Hurricane Ike. 2009 Continental Divide Disaster Behavioral Health Conference, Colorado Springs, CO.


Bishop, S. L. (2009, August). What is Best Fit: Psychosocial studies on humans in extreme environments. International Space University, Life Sciences Departmental Workshop, NASA-Ames, Moffett Field, CA.


Bishop, S. L. (2009, August). Humans living and working in space: Learning from Earth analogs. [Video Conference]. Invited Speaker, United Space School, Galveston, TX.


SON Achievements

Mary O’Keefe, RN, PhD, JD, received notice of a grant award that will total $750,000 for 3 years from HRSA.  This is a long-standing educational and service project that Dr. O’Keefe created in collaboration with the probate courts in Texas.


Colleagues R., Constantino, Y. Kim, and Patricia Crane, assistant professor in the UTMB SON, have had their 2005 study, Effects of a social support intervention on health outcomes in residents of a domestic violence shelter: A pilot study, listed in a recent issue of The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, 2009, Issue 3. New York: The Cochrane Collaboration. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


Kate Fiandt, DNS, FAANP, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Clinical Affairs, was featured in an article by UTIMCO for her work on the innovative project called, Center for Nursing Practice Development.  The center located in Galveston enables nurses to take the lead in helping medically underserved patients manage complex chronic conditions.


IV.     Old Business
Dr. Wisnewski announced that Dr. Carolyn Utsey is the new Chair-Elect. 

          Subcommittee Reports:  Dr. Sandor, Faculty Quality Committee Chair, stated that they are working on the Post Tenure Review of schools to comply with Regents Rules.  Dr. Munsell, IHOP Committee Chair, stated they have reviewed the IHOP rules pertaining to faculty and are working with Ruth Finkelstein.


V.        New Business

   Chair Comments – Dr. Wisnewski

          Dr. Carolyn Utsey and Dr. Charlotte Wisnewski met with the UT System Faculty Advisory Council on October 1 and 2 in Austin for two days of regularly scheduled meetings.  Dr. Wisnewski provided a summary (in bold below).

I.    We first met with Chairman James Huffines, Chair of the UT Board of Regents.

A.    There is now a student regent on the board. This model was also proposed for adding a faculty member to the Board. However, the bill died in Senate hearings. We are now looking at a better way of doing this by having two faculty representatives, one from Academic campuses and one from Health Science campuses. Mr. Huffines seems favorably inclined toward the model.

B.    Syllabus violations were discussed but not sure what it will mean.

C.    Chancellor has set up a task force to examine the financial exigency policy after the problems at UTMB.

D.    “We owe a debt of gratitude to our faculty… and value your impact and dedication.”

E.    August 2009 $50 M for Stars recruitment of faculty. 73 academic campus faculty received bonuses for outstanding performance.

F.     Expected budget deficit for next session is expected to be $12-15B. UT Regents are preparing now so that we will come out well in the next session which is expected to be tough.

G.    Elections in November are extremely important especially in regard to Tier I Universities.

H.    UT System endowment is down but doing better than some; it is the only one of two in the US with an AAA rating.

I.      Major issues are affordability, student costs, accessibility, diversity of students and faculty, and funding.


II.  Representative Dan Branch; Chair of Higher Education Committee, Republican

A.    8% overall increase in funding in last session.

B.    Need to increase numbers of students and graduations


III.  Lisa Leiden, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Projects

A.    The state is looking at massive auditing/reports by the Federal Government for the stimulus research funding. Right now they are requiring weekly reporting. UT system is trying to reduce paperwork.

B.    UT System is working on intercollaborative agreements for IRB’s at various UT System campuses so we would only have to go through one IRB.

C.    Intellectual property rules vary from campus to campus and we need to get that together.

D.    IRB policies should reviewed by Faculty IHOP committee.


IV.  Campus Reports given by each faculty chair including C Wisnewski, Faculty Chair for UTMB Faculty Senate.


V. Barry McBee, Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations

       A.   Discussed tuition issues, texts and admissions. UT System has commissioned a study on electronic textbooks. UT Austin will go from top 10% to top 8% automatic admission which they are very happy about. Again expecting about $15B shortfall so 2011 session is expected to be very very tough on higher education.


VI. Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, Chancellor

A.    Very important to maintain a balance between ensuring student success, maintaining academic rigor and academic excellence. A statement seen by the Faculty Senate in opposition to the statement made by State Senator, Dan Branch, in just looking at numbers and graduations without any statement regarding excellence.

B.    We need to be creative in cost containment. For instance, in shared purchasing, if a $1 is saved a $1 goes directly to the academic mission.

C.    He promises to help campuses to raise philanthropic funding.

D.    Hand gun legislation will most likely be reintroduced again in next session so will have to fight that battle again. 

E.    We need to revisit rules regarding financial exigency; Dr. Cigarroa has appointed a task force to refine rules and they have a 3 month deadline. The task force which includes a UTMB faculty member and President Callender will give advice to the Chancellor and to the UT Regents.

F.     He handed out a copy of his vision for UT System which was presented to the Board of Regents in August, 2009.


VII. Dr. David Prior, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

A.    Stars Program is being doubled for Faculty at Academic Campuses.

B.    Discussed issues and took questions from those at the Academic campuses.


V.        New Business (continued)

       Dr. Utsey presented the Senate with a PowerPoint presentation with a qualitative review from the Senate’s Annual Lunch note cards.  A Senator indicated that the results should be posted on our website for public viewing.  Dr. Utsey indicated that these faculty comments should be first categorized (perhaps by the one of the Senate’s subcommittees).

Committee Reports:

Dr. Sandor reported for the Faculty Quality Committee.  They are working on Post Tenure Review for all schools.  She also wanted to bring to the senate’s attention (for faculty input and voice) there are two items, possibly can be given to the Academic and Administrative Committee? and they are: Regents’ Rule 40101- Faculty Role in Educational Policy Formulation and the HB 2054, course syllabus bill. 

Dr. Munsell reported for the IHOP Committee.  They identified and reviewed the IHOP policies (faculty related) and they identified 24.  They are to evaluate these policies to see if they could be revised, deleted or combined.  She has provided the reports from the last two meetings.

Governance Committee worked on the Ombudsman policy.  Last year they voted and passed to change that a retired UTMB member could apply.  Dr. Wisnewski will check with Dr. Callender to see where this stands.


VI.      Reports/Business matters by outside guests

Pam Falk, RN, presented the Senate with handouts and referred to the UTMB website for more information (http://www.utmbhealthcare.org/OPage.asp?PageID=OTH000171).

She discussed in detail on 4 topics.  Communication and Education, Infection Control Practices, Vaccination, and Healthcare Prophylaxis.


VII.     New Business – Dr. Wisnewski

·  Dr. Wisnewski asked the committees to meet after the Senate meeting and decide on the Chair and co-chair.

·  Dr. Anderson said that he foresees a new policy in regards to pictures of patients on students or residents posted on Face book, Twitter, etc.,

·  Dr. Wisnewski asked the Senators to give her input on “Attendance” as currently stated in the Senate Bylaws as such:  10. Forfeit appointment if absent from three consecutive scheduled meetings OR four total meetings during the calendar year.  This rule does not apply to ex officio members.  In the event of removal of a Senator for failure to attend meetings, a special election as outlined in Rule Number 12 shall be held.  Exemption from this rule due to illness or extreme circumstance shall follow a written request to the Chair of the Senate.  Exemption shall require approval by the majority of those present at an Executive Committee meeting.  Perhaps this can be reworded


A motion for adjournment was made and seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 6:02 pm.