UTMB Faculty Senate

August 9, 2010

4:30 – 6:00 pm



Present:  Drs. Wisnewski, Chair, I. Boldogh, J. Broussard, C. Cooper, Y. Davila, S. Higgs, S. Jain, C. Jansen, M. Kanuth, J. LeDuc, L. Massey, N. Mendias, D. Munsell, M. O’Keefe, S. Petronella, D. Powell, E. Protas, K. Sandor, E. Smith, H. Spratt, A. Torres, C. Utsey, P. Watson and C. Wigg


Absent:  Drs. S. Gerik, P. Singh, D. Solanki and S. Watowich


Special Guest: William Elger, EVP/Chief Business & Finance Officer and Kim McKay, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction


I.      The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Charlotte Wisnewski, Faculty Senate Chair and a moment of silence was held for Ed Hannigan, MD, who passed away on 8/3/10.  Dr. Hannigan was a member of the Faculty Senate.


II.    Approval of Minutes of July 12, 2010.  Minutes of July 12, 2010, were accepted as written and voted on by email.


III.  Dean’s Report

Dean, School of Health Professions – report provided by Dr. Protas.   

Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – report provided by Dr. Cooper.      

Dean, School of Nursing and Vice President for Education – reports provided by Dr. Watson


IV. Financial Update – William Elger, EVP/Chief Business and Finance Officer

Mr. Elger stated that in the past 10 months, we have had a positive margin and we have 22 days left of the fiscal year.  UTMB Consolidated Income Statement sheet was distributed and Mr. Elger presented a PowerPoint presentation.  Some highlights from his presentation: The state-mandated 5% General Revenue cut, totaling $31 million for the biennium, will be internally absorbed this year and next year.  TDCJ contract is severely underfunded; State budget writers asked UTMB to pare down the estimated loss to $50 million which prompted the reduction in force of about 300 Correctional Managed Care employees across the state.  Our current estimates are that, without changes to the contract, CMC will lose $175 million during the next biennium, which UTMB cannot sustain.


UTMB has completed and submitted a balanced budget for FY11. Another financial concern going forward is the Ike-related projects that FEMA funds will not cover and that UTMB will have to partially fund.


We are continuing to work closely with lawmakers in Austin to maintain their commitment to Hurricane Ike recovery funding of $150 million which they passed in the 81st Legislative session.   We are also preparing for the 82nd Texas Legislative Session.  Our overall strategy will be to: continue to align our investments in activities which will grow programmatic resources; continue to manage growth in tandem with resources prepare for additional reduction in State appropriations and reduction in reimbursement for clinical services; continue to work with TDCJ and State Legislature on financial solutions to CMC operating losses; and start recovery rebuilding efforts in earnest. 


      Construction Update Financial Update – Kim McKay Director of Facilities Planning and Construction

Ms. McKay gave a PowerPoint presentation and indicated 900 project worksheets, 372 work orders and 38 are in the hopper. They are hiring contractors, managing the projects while running a business.  The presentation included the following:  

Organizing the work:  Investigation to verify scope and completion of damage assessment; Project worksheets; Scope of work, mitigation planning; Contracts, work orders and purchase orders; Surveys; Mobilization; Food; Building Access and security clearances; Environmental clearances; Communications; Safety; and Coordination with other projects and with on-going operations of Clinical, Research and Academic Programs. 

Infrastructure:  Distribution systems: High temp hot water to replace steam and Chilled water; Utility production equipment; Campus-wide lighting; Clocks; Storm and sanitary sewer, Blue pedestal phones; and Roofs. 

Elevators Modernization and Repairs: John Sealy Hospital, Medical Research Building; Basic Science Building and UHC garage.

Under Construction Healthcare: John Sealy Ground floor coffee, gift shop and rest rooms; almost 60 related moves from Jennie and Old Shrine to make way for demo; Off-site clinics – Bay Colony Pedi and Brittany Bay.

Under Construction John Sealy Modernization: Floors 2, 3, 7, and 8 of the C/D wing.

Under Construction Ancillary Services/Equipment for Hospital: Temporary kitchen, histopath, pharmacy, radio pharmacy, relocations of imaging equipment, P-tube and food tray.

Coming Soon Concourse Construction: Concourse 50%, designed by 8/6/10, February 2011 - February 2012.

Other Major Capital Projects: Clinical services wing, FEMA-funded and Hospital support departments; Jennie Sealy Hospital replacement, Surgical and ICU tower that will connect to the Clinical services wing, schematic design, and future John Sealy Modernization projects.

Under Construction Research: Dockside building, Children’s ground floor classrooms and meeting rooms, Keiller ABSL2 and Insectary and Basic Science building.

Under Construction or Coming Soon Academic and Business:  School of Nursing/School of Health Professions building, Moody Medical Library Coffee Shop, Rebecca Sealy ground floor, Marvin Graves building, Pharmacology building, Old Red, Administration, building, Dormitories and Frat houses, Nursing Stimulation Center, and Customs House.

Ongoing Communications: website: http://www.utmb.edu/construction/, meetings with Building Occupants, Public Affairs - daily announcements, Facebook, Twitter and lobby televisions, signage, “Here’s What’s Coming”

Boards in lobbies, hard hat hotline and Frequently Asked Questions.

Ms. McKay opened the floor for discussion.  Dr. Sandor inquired about the Donor center location, Dr. Smith asked about the Faculty Lounge and would faculty be asked for input when the time came for the location and design.  Dr. Torres asked if they were going to build a covered walkway between the research buildings and the hospital, Ms. McKay responded no since the underground utilities.


V. Reports by Faculty Senate Officers/Chairs

·      Dr. Wisnewski announced that the Senate will need to replace two members on the Faculty Grievance and two members on the Faculty Compensation Committees and ask for any nominations and then asked the Governance Committee to come up with some names.  The Council of Deans (COD) will also make nominations and all the nominations will be sent to Dr. Callender.

·      Nonie Mendias asked about the Faculty Club and Dr. Wisnewski replied that Dr. Callender is making this a priority but will find a location, perhaps in the UHC.

·      Dr. Wisnewski and Dr. Utsey have had several meetings with Dr. Callender and with the COD to provide year-end reports.

·      Dr. Utsey announced that over the next few weeks we will be working on the Committees and if you want to stay on the committee you serve on now, to let us know.

·      Dr. Smith reported for the Faculty Quality Committee:  The only had three members at their last meeting and will present the resolution in response to the June 12 AAUP report in which UTMB has been censured at the next Faculty Senate meeting.  Dr. Wisnewski stated that the next meeting is the luncheon and recommended that the Faculty Quality Committee send their resolution to the Senate for their vote by e-mail.

·      Dr. Munsell reported for the IHOP Committee:  Faculty policies 5.3.2, 5.3.6 and 5.3.10 were discussed.  5.3.2 Questions on the policies (Appointments to this title are part-time with regard to Emeritus titles); clinical titles, renewed every year or three years.  It was decided that these policies go to COD for clarification.   

·      Dr. Wigg reported for the Governance Committee:  On the Ombudsman position, questions arose on the FTE and changing the wording, could this position be held by part-time faculty?  They discussed how the other Universities have on this position.  We need more information on the position and the possibilities of part-time; possible for a previous faculty member to hold?  Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Wigg will meet to discuss some particulars.  Dr. Watson stated originally they explored this nationally and brought it together.  The Provost just stated that if we accepted an applicant who was a current faculty member that we would have to post the position and be open for applicants.  A Senator suggested we seek retirees, example Dr. Vanderpool.  Dr. Wigg made a motion that we add the sentence, “Qualified candidates will possess a minimum of PhD or MD, tenured Associate Professor or Professor or a retired individual who held the rank of Associate or Full Professor and was tenured.  Currently holds or previously held a faculty appointment in an academic institution.  Applicant cannot have an active salary faculty appointment at UTMB.”  Dr. Sandor seconded the motion and was approved with only two Senators opposing the motion.


Reports by Faculty Senate Officers/Chairs - continued after Mr. Elger and Ms McKay’s presentation.

·      Dr. Jansen reported for the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee:  Dr. Jansen presented a PowerPoint presentation authored by Ms. Frances Streeter, JD, Research Contract Analyst, UTMB, Center for Technology Development.  Dr. Jansen indicated that Ms. Streeter would come and speak to the Senate, if needed.  Ms. Streeter would like to widely publicize and have the Senate support a policy regarding export controls.  Dr. Jansen added that the Senate should support a policy in this area also.  Currently the Department of Commerce asks for a license and it can take around 7 months to acquire.  The Commerce and other export issue offices are not even sure what they require and some countries do not require the license.  Dr. Torres stated we need to be careful and not add additional paperwork at UTMB to add to the time for process of acquiring the license.  What can the Senate do?  Request that Export Control be on the agenda, support and assist with input, be involved in development with this until issues are resolved.  Dr. Jansen made a motion “The Senate supports the development of a new campus-wide export control compliance policy and program, including expanded personnel efforts, should they be needed, to ensure the success of the program.  Further, the Senate requests that it be periodically briefed on progress towards that goal.”  Dr. Powell seconded the motion and was approved unanimously.   

·      Dr. Wisnewski reminded the senators about the upcoming Annual Luncheon on September 13 and thanked the Senate for their work and she appreciated their support during her year as Chair and Dr. Utsey will be the new chair effective September 1st.


A motion for adjournment was made, seconded and approved.  Meeting adjourned at 6:05 pm.  The Committees met following the general meeting.