UTMB Faculty Senate

March 8, 2010

4:30 – 6:00 pm



Present: Drs. Wisnewski, Chair, G. Anderson, I. Boldogh, V. Brooke, C. Cooper, Y. Davila, S. Gerik, S. Higgs, C. Jansen, M. Kanuth, L. Massey, N. Mendias, D. Munsell, M. O’Keefe, S. Petronella, K. Sandor, P. Singh, E. Smith, H. Spratt, A. Torres, C. Utsey, P. Watson and C. Wigg


Absent:  Drs. J. Broussard, E. Hannigan, S. Jain, J. LeDuc, D. Powell, D. Solanki and S. Watowich


Special Guest:  Mr. William New and Mr. Drew Walker


I.      The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Charlotte Wisnewski, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.    Approval of Minutes of February 8, 2010.  Minutes of February 8, 2010, were accepted as written and voted on by email sent March 1, 2010.


III.  Provost’s and Dean’s Report


  Provost - Dr. Garland Anderson

·      Email was sent to all faculty and Faculty Senate with the names of the faculty recruited since the storm. 

·      A New Faculty reception for all schools was held on February 25 at the Artillery Club.

·      March on Mondays will be posted on the web; these sessions will cover Education, Research and the Practice Plan.

·      Giving Campaign to raise $230 million, $50 million to be used for endowments to recruit outstanding faculty.  Most of the money will be used for buildings and the School of Nursing and the School of Health Professions will be increasing student enrollment and will need space for the students and offices.


Dean, School of Nursing and Vice President for Education - report provided by Dr. Watson.



·      120th Anniversary Luncheon: A change of venue from Levin Hall Dining Room to the Galleon Room at the Galveston Island Convention Center. The closing reception is supported by the Provost.  A proclamation is coming from the city. 

·      Faculty Recruitment Reward Program: $3,000 reward for bringing in a new full-time faculty member

§  Qualified person who accepts a position

§  Person must be on site

§  Currently enrolled graduate students or very recent graduates not acceptable

§  Looking for: Psychiatric Mental Health, Obstetrics and Pediatrics, Oncology Nurse Researcher

·      Nurse Scientist: The School of Nursing is intensifying effort to hire three Nurse Scientists to enhance research efforts in a focused area consistent with UTMB research directions. 



·      Interprofessional Education Day: A reminder that synergy will host Interprofessional Education Day on Wednesday March 24, 2010. The day is full of opportunities for all students to become engaged in the activities for the day.


The tentative schedule is as followed:

11:00 AM   Welcome / Introductions/ Comments                                (Levin Hall Dining Room) 

11:30 AM   Lunch & Poster Session                                                    (Levin Hall Dining Room)

  1:00 PM    Speaker’s Main Session - Presentation and Q&A                           (Levin Hall Main) 

Presentations by Dr. James LeDuc, Deputy Director,

Galveston National Laboratory and Dr. Rick Piles,

Associate Professor, Department of Pathology

  3:00 PM    Student Team Building                                                      (Levin Hall Dining Room)


·      18 Characteristics of Doctoral Programs:

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is requiring institutions of higher education to publish a document for each doctoral program that describes, among other things, time to degree, graduation rates, and faculty-student ratio.


Selected aspects of the document:

Degrees awarded:

The graduate school produces about 50 doctoral degree graduates per year on average.

The average per program is 5.


Graduation Rate:

All programs report that of those graduating with a doctoral degree in the last three years,

100% did so within 10 years of initial matriculation.


Average time to Degree:

The average time to degree is 5.7 years. 


Employment Profile:

The employment profile of doctoral graduates is, in order of frequency, post-doctoral training, academic employment and employment in industry.



On average 88% of full time students receive financial support.  On average, the amount of support provided is $33,225.


The full document can be accessed here:



·      iSTAR:  The new student information system is making great progress. The team is working very hard to incorporate all requests made to make our new student information system as robust for our university as possible.

·      Tuition and Fee Proposal:  Our final tuition and fee proposal was approved by Dr Shine and will be presented to the Board of Regents early this month.

·      Academic Integrity Week:  The week of March 1 through the 4th was Academic Integrity Week for the University. Events were held in each of the four schools. The week started with an All School presentation by University Professionalism Committee Co-Chair Dr Alice Ann O’Donell and ending with another All School program called “Beyond Science: The Summer Read Follow-Up to the Last Lecture”.

·      The rare book collection of the Moody Medical Library has a fair market value of $25,500,000 according to a formal appraisal received last month from rare book dealer Howard Rootenberg who spent several weeks surveying the collection.

·      In response to student suggestions, the Library has reupholstered couches and chairs in the reading rooms and study areas.

·      The Library is pleased to present the exhibit entitled, “The UTMB School of Nursing 120th Anniversary: Honoring Traditions and Change” in the Library Lobby through May.


Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – report provided by Dr. Cooper.

·      At Homecoming 2010 on Friday, March 5th, GSBS was pleased to revisit with 5 of its Distinguished Alumni who were registered and recognized at the President’s Luncheon.  They were:  - J. Arly Nelson, PhD (Pharmacology & Toxicology, class of ’70)

-   Jerry Daniels, MD, PhD (Anatomy, ’73)

-   Earle Adrian, MD, PhD (Anatomy, ’67)

-   Dan Traber, PhD, (Physiology, ’65)

-   Joseph Wood, PhD (Anatomy, ’62)

·      The inaugural GSBS Dean’s Lecture was delivered as part of Homecoming 2010 at 4 pm in Levin Hall south by Fred Murphy, DVM, PhD, Professor of Pathology at UTMB.  Fred’s title was “New and Emerging Diseases – A Very Personal Perspective”.  The presentation was well attended and was followed by a reception in the GSBS office suite.

·      Last week marked the first acceptance by a GSBS applicant for fall ’10 of a Presidential Scholarship which provides a supplement of $5,000 to the base stipend plus a one-time allowance of up to $3,000 for relocation to Galveston.

·      The GSBS hosted its first recruitment weekend on March 5 & 6 for 12 applicants for fall 2010.

·      GSBS applications are up.


Dean, School of Health Professions – Dr Utsey for Dr. Protas, report provided by Dr. Protas.


·      The Clinical Lab Sciences will have its re-accreditation site visit on April 14th and 15th. 

·      Physical and Occupational Therapy and Physician Assistant Studies are approaching filling their classes for the fall with their new, higher enrollment targets.  Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Respiratory Care begin their admissions process this spring and continue into the summer.

·      The Chair’s Council are reviewing and making recommendations about space and staffing needs to expand enrollment and reach other goals.

·      The Chair’s Council is actively working on a new faculty development plan for individuals in the academic residency program.  They have decided to include the academic residents with the new faculty on the plan. They are also surveying faculty for their participation in the Academy of Master Teacher’s activities.



·      Dr. Protas will have a presentation on Workforce Issues in the Health Professions as part of a hearing on the proposed Texas State Health Plan for 2011-2016 being developed by the Stateside Health Coordinating Council, chaired by Dr. Ben Raimer and on which Dr. Protas is a member.


·      The School of Health Professions was ranked 6th in NIH funding for School of Health Professions in 2008.


·      The CLS Specialist in Blood Banking Certificate program completed and awarded 14 people certificates on March 5th.

·      Applications for permission to plan are being finalized for an Occupational Therapy Doctorate and a Doctorate in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.  These will be forwarded to the SHP Curriculum Committee for approval.


IV. Reports by Faculty Senate Officers/Chairs

·      Dr. Wisnewski and Dr. Utsey attended the Council of Deans meeting last week, where they gave a report of our activities.  Dr. Wisnewski and Dr. Utsey met with Dr. Callender and Dr. Watson that same afternoon.  They thanked him for attending the last Faculty Senate meeting and asked regarding future meetings with the Faculty Senate; he indicated that he will be glad to attend when there are major issues needing dialogue.

·      Dr. Utsey gave a presentation of the Sys Fac meeting in Austin on January 28 and 29 which she attended; Dr. Susie Gerick attended on behalf of  Dr. Wisnewski.  Highlights from presentations included: 

Dr. Shine presented a template for practice plans, Plan on “arm’s length” audits as well as campus audits.  They will audit 2 campuses this year with 4 internal audits to: determine whether terms and conditions are being implemented; does the faculty have representation on finance, audit committees; and results will be transparent.

Dr. Shine also presented a detailed report of progress at UTMB including that UTMB is  

   financially stronger and gave a report regarding the AAUP issues with financial exigency and UTMB situation.  The Regents have a policy when it comes to eliminating departments or programs, but not entire campus being under financial exigency; Task force in Regents working on this.  Dr. Wisnewski added that each campus is drafting its own policy based upon a model draft; UT Dallas has done a lot of work on this model proposal and Dr. Callender is aware of this draft policy.


5% cut mandate from the state will take place across the campuses.

Conflict of Interest draft that Dr. Utsey sent out to the faculty senate; looking for faculty input and the Regent lawyers are reviewing.

Dr. Gerik added there is discussion regarding money borrowed from financial aid while students did not get a degree.


The full minutes from Sys Fac are available at http://www.utsystem.edu/UTFAC/minutes.html.

·      Dr. Utsey discussed the motion tracking form; she has checked the past minutes to get this tracking form set up for eventual posting on our website.


 V.  Research Scientist Tract – Mr. William New

Mr. New introduced the Research Scientist Track to the Senate.  The Research Scientist Track Ad Hoc Committee consists of:  Drs. J. Regino Perez-Polo, Thomas Woods, Bill Calhoun, Miles Cloyd, Darrell Carney, Kelly Dineley, Bruce Luxon along with Andy McNees, Bill New, Jo Bremer, Drew Walker, Cristal Ontiveros and Bernadette Simmons.  Mr. New provided two handouts, Research Scientist Descriptions which contained the 5 research titles, duties, education, expertise and salary ranges and the Research Scientist Track.  The purpose is to hire and retain highly trained research professionals. Research Scientists are committed to the discovery of new innovative biomedical and health services knowledge leading to increasing effective and accessible health care for the citizens of the United States. Their goals are to:  Enhance the UTMB scholarly community by retaining scientists who do not qualify for a faculty appointment; Provide bridging opportunities for Post Doctoral Fellows who have completed their training but are not ready for a faculty appointment; Establish a long-term career track for post docs and other highly-trained technical research professionals with special expertise who add value to the community but do not fulfill faculty roles; and Insure market competitiveness in certain hard to fill positions.  These are non-teaching titles for employees who will be paid monthly; subject to soft money agreements if grant funded.  For visa holders, the Scientist Track requires an amendment to the visa to be filed prior to Research Scientist appointment, and this process can take up to 6 months depending on the visa type.  Mr. New will draft up and announce to the faculty the reclassification form.  Dr. Higgs asked if the wording can be changed at the top of the Research Scientist Descriptions and Mr. New agreed.  A motion to show support for the Research Scientist Tract was made by Dr. Stephen Higgs; it was seconded and approved by the faculty senators unanimously. 

VI.   Reports by Officers/Chairs (continued):

Dr. Munsell reported for the IHOP Committee: They have sent out an email asking faculty for input and received between 8 to 10 faculty responding.  The committee will combine policies and present to the Faculty Senate in May.  They will give the Senate two weeks to review before the May meeting.

Dr. Wigg reported for the Governance Committee: The Ombudsman position is still posted and in medical journals.  Dr. Powell has been in communication with Dr. Sierpina.  Dr. Wiggs stated that an email to the faculty asking if they know of anyone who wants this position might be helpful; she will talk with Dr. Sierpina regarding the possibility.

Dr. Jansen reported for the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee:  they met last week reviewing the grades issue.  Dr. Higgs has created a grid and currently they are looking at the schools; some have D as a passing grade, while in other areas D is failing. Grades need to be standardized.  They are checking to see how these grades were implemented and it does not appear that faculty had input with this.   The committee is working with Vicki Brewer, Director of Enrollment Services and University Registrar to share documents and will be looking at Regents Rules.

Dr. Sandor reported for the Faculty Quality Committee:  The committee is reviewing the Post Tenure Review (PTR) for all schools to ascertain areas of agreement and differences between the Schools. Dr. Sandor showed a chart on power point comparing the overall process in the different schools. She noted that the School of Nursing’s (SON) PTR process is in the process of being rewritten.   Dr. Sandor also distributed a memo to the Faculty Senate from three School of Nursing faculty members to the SON’s Ad Hoc Post Tenure Review Committee regarding their recommendations for the overall SON PTR document. Discussion ensued among the Senators and it was decided that it was premature to discuss the PTR for all schools since the School of Nursing’s PTR has not been approved by their Faculty Assembly.  Dr. Sandor asked for overall Post Tenure Review results for faculty; Dr. Anderson stated that he would need to check but there were very few unsatisfactory results and that faculty with unsatisfactory results would go through remediation. 


A motion for adjournment was made, seconded and approved.  Meeting adjourned at 6:08 pm.  The Committees met following the meeting.