UTMB Faculty Senate

May 10, 2010

4:30 – 6:00 pm



Present: Drs. Wisnewski, Chair, G. Anderson, V. Brooke, J. Broussard, Y. Davila, S. Gerik, E. Hannigan, S. Higgs, S. Jain, C. Jansen, M. Kanuth, J. LeDuc, L. Massey, N. Mendias, D. Munsell, M. O’Keefe, S. Petronella, D. Powell, K. Sandor, P. Singh, D. Solanki, H. Spratt, A. Torres, C. Utsey and P. Watson


Absent:  Drs. E. Smith, S. Watowich and C. Wigg


Special Guest:  Dr. Vince Loffredo, Mr. Mike Shriner and Mr. Mike Mastrangelo


I.      The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Charlotte Wisnewski, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.    Approval of Minutes of April 12, 2010.  Minutes of April 12, 2010, were accepted as written and approved at the meeting.


III.  Provost’s and Dean’s Report – Dr. Garland Anderson

·    Dr. Anderson handed out the April 2010 report from AAMC on the Relationship between Tenure and Guaranteed Salary for U.S. Medical School Faculty.  The conclusion of the report was that “4 in 10 medical schools offer no financial guarantee” associated with tenure.

·    Discussed the AAUP report briefly, if censored it will be the UT system.

·    AAMC publication Volume 9, No. 6, April 2010 entitled “The Relationship between Tenure and Guaranteed Salary for U.S. Medical School Faculty” was distributed.

·    We are still making our financial targets.


Dean, School of Nursing and Vice President for Education – report provided by Dr. Watson.

     School of Nursing Dean’s and UTMB Vice President for Education Reports (click on link for report).

Dean, School of Health Professions – report provided by Dr. Protas.

     School of Health Professions Dean’s Report (click on link for report).


Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – report provided by Dr. Cooper.
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Dean’s Report (click on link for report).


IV. Emergency Preparedness – Dr. Vince Loffredo, Associate Vice President for Student Services, presented a report regarding plans for students.  UT System is presently also putting together a System wide plan.

The documents have been sent to the Deans.  Mr. Mike Mastrangelo has joined UTMB, he came from UT System.  We are setting up some key areas for our students including Austin, San Antonio and working on off-island housing and student wellness for medication refill and direct deposit.  The University of California, Berkeley has received a grant to design an emergency plan that will be shared with every business community and we will implement on this campus.  The residents are in place, we have contacted the hospitals.  Our student information system needs updating and we are putting in a new Oracle based system which works with PeopleSoft.  We have back up sites with Lone Star System and the Woodlands, we could house our classes, and we have off-island student health.  Students would like an avenue for life activities, a place for students to congregate.  Our next step is for the Council of Deans to see our plans.  FYI, from Ike, we had 485 students needing housing and after we made arrangements with Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG), only 40 students signed up, probably since the TAMUG plan was that the students would had to pay for their food.


V.  UTMB Rebuilding Process – Mr. Mike Shriner, Vice President, Business Operations and Facilities

In Mr. Shriner’s PowerPoint presentation, he updated the Senators of the rebuilding process.  Some highlights from his presentation: 

The Road ahead in our rebuilding efforts include: Faculty Recruitment, Health System Capacity Management and Facilities Restoration and Expansion.  Since Ike, we have about 1 new clinic opening monthly on the mainland.  15% of space on main campus was affected and most of the damaged sustained by Ike was in buildings constructed 30+ years ago.


Response and Recovery: Education: our students were back within 2-5 weeks; residents placed within 2 weeks.  Guiding Principles for Mitigation:  What to put back and where, mission critical functions, located above 20 feet in existing buildings and located above 25 feet in new buildings.  Our uses below 20 feet are: classrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, and non-critical support.

Ike Recovery Projects Overview:  Academic and Business Buildings, $162,105,000, Health Care Buildings, $271,668,000, Infrastructure, $146,032,000 and Research Buildings, $87,195,000 for a estimated total of $667,000,000.  Funding from FEMA, private insurance and State Matching Funds approved by 81st Legislature and Scope for each project includes renovation and mitigation in multiple buildings and infrastructure.  FEMA mitigation policy is that for every dollar of damage they allow up to another dollar to protect the element.  We are looking into changing from steam to a hot water central heating system and we will have to elevate equipment in most buildings. 

Elevators: Repair group and Modernization group.  Repair: Create mechanical room above 20 feet for pumps.  Modernization: put in new elevator mechanisms or replace old and modernize 40-50 elevators.  The time frame is 2011-2012.  Total elevators in service: 64 of 128 = 50% and Total critical elevators in service 49 of 75 = 65% (10 of the 133 elevators were not damaged and 5 others will be de-commissioned).

Projected Development for Galveston campus facilities over the next 25 years: 

             Existing             Projected

clinical      39%                    26%

research    19%                    25%

academic    7%                       9%   

parking      19%                   20%

other          16%                   20%


Growth Corridors:  Custom house for technical training, student housing, perhaps nearby the strand.

Projected Development for Victory Lakes:


clinical                                             19%

academic/research                8%                

parking                               44%   

other                                    31%


Questions from the Senators:

Old Red - Old Red has some mechanical, electrical and safety issues.  Duct work is in bad shape-but the building will be returned to service.

Surgical Tower – is in design process

Childrens’ Hospital - Ground floor will be converted into conference rooms and classrooms

Rebecca Sealy – the master plan will be to demolish the center part and reconnect with a corridor

Beautifying the campus, to help with admissions/recruitment

Faculty Lounge - perhaps can be replaced back in Old Red

Day Care Building – Two attempts with vendors.  To run the day care service is costly, we would lose $700,000.  We will review again next year.

Coffee Shop – MOD café perhaps for the library site.

Rosenberg House – will have to raise 3 feet. We are considering relocating another historical home to be placed adjacent to Rosenberg to be ADA compliant. 


Mike Mastrangelo – Program Director, Institute Preparedness

Plans are to develop and increase resilience and he is working with Dr. Loeffredo’s office.  They are meeting with UT Austin; Houston does not have a lot of facilities for our students.    


IV. Reports by Faculty Senate Officers/Chairs

·      Dr. Jansen reported for the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee:  They presented a PowerPoint presentation on Grading.  There is inconsistency with our four schools.  They worked with Dr. Fiandt and in conclusion; the Grading system objective was met and the most current definitions of the grading system were identified and the main concern was addressed, faculty input was requested by the AAC and incorporated.  In the future, all involved will need to work together to review policies to see if adjustments are needed.  Dr. Wisnewski stated that they need to make sure the bullets are correct.  A motion was made, seconded and approved for “When grading changes are proposed, the Faculty Senate and faculty will provide input to the Council of Deans.”

·      Dr. Munsell reported for the IHOP Committee:  Faculty policies will be sent out today by e-mail.  Dr. Petronella suggested that we send to all faculty all changes.

·      Dr. Sandor reported for the Faculty Quality Committee:  AAUP report and UT system report are posted.

·      Dr. Utsey announced that the Faculty Senate website now has a link for anyone with questions will be linked to her and Dr. Wisnewski and they will draft up and post on the UTMB announcement.

·      Dr. Wisnewski announced that at the June meeting, health benefits will be discussed.  She will send out an e-mail regarding benefits, costs, etc.  Also elections are coming up.  Since the chair elect is from SHP, GSBS is the next school in line for having the chair elect position; theoretically according to bylaws the SOM could also have the chair elect position. Everyone should start thinking about elections.


A motion for adjournment was made, seconded and approved.  Meeting adjourned at 6:14 pm.  The Committees met following the meeting.