UTMB Faculty Senate

August 8, 2011

4:30 – 6:00 pm



Present:  Drs. Utsey, Chair, I. Boldogh, B. Bryant, C. Cooper, P. Crane, S. Croisant, Y. Davila, L. Farmer, S. Gerik, C. Jansen, J. LeDuc,  H. Pine, D. Powell, E. Protas, T. Riall, P. Singh, H. Spratt, C. Wiggs and C. Wisnewski


Absent:  Drs. K. Beal, C. Houston, L. Massey, N. Mendias, M. O’Keefe, E. Smith, D. Solanki, C. St. John, A. Torres and D. Wild


I.      The meeting was called to order by Dr. Carolyn Utsey, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.    The Approval of the July 11, 2011 minutes.  The minutes of July 11, 2011 were voted and approved by email on July 22, 2011.


III.  Dean’s and VP Report

·      Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) – report provided by Dr. Cooper

·      Dean, School of Health Professions (SHP) – report provided by Dr. Protas

·      Dean, School of Nursing (SON) and Vice President for Education – reports provided by Dr. Watson


Dr. Utsey wanted to say to Dr. Anderson a “thank you” for all his years as Provost and Dean and our appreciation of his leadership for the many years he served.  She also thanked Dr. Cooper for accepting the role as Interim Executive Vice President and Provost.


Dr. Croisant asked the Deans if any problems with the increased enrollment and the budget shortfall.  Dr. Protas answered not this year, it was already planned for.  The following years, plans to review the Strategic plans for what it will take and what we can do with the current resources.


Dr. Carol Wiggs was nominated to be Chair-Elect and she informed the Senate about herself and she was approved unanimously by the Senate. 


IV.        Legislative Update – Dr. Ben Raimer, Senior Vice President, Health Policy and Legislative Affairs

Dr. Raimer presented the Senate with a PowerPoint presentation, linked here: Faculty Senate 8-8-11.pptx


V.   Reports by Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Committee Chairs

·      Dr. Utsey informed the Senate that we will need to provide Dr. Callender with a list of names for the new Faculty Compensation Committee to serve for next year.  If anyone is interested or if they knew of anyone, to let her know.  Also the University’s IHOP Committee needs representation, if interested please let her know.  They meet on a monthly basis, the 2nd Thursday of the month.  The Chair and alternate of the Faculty Senate Subcommittee IHOP Committee serves on the University committee.  Dr. Utsey will submit their names to Ruth Finkelstein.  Dr. Utsey stated that they met with Dr. Callender and they talked about the budget, which did not have a lot of changes since presented at the town hall meeting and for the other issues, email communications were sent out.  We discussed the Communication survey and the Security clearance check since no IHOP policy and it was mandated by UT System.  At the Council of Deans meeting we discussed the Family Campaign and thought that the timing may not be good to be rolled out just yet since the tight budget and working with less. 

·      Dr. Wisnewski thanked the Senate, this is her last meeting.  She became chair-elect one month before Ike hit and it was a long three years in some ways and we did accomplish a lot.  She was appreciative of everyone’s support.

·      Senator Jansen presented a report for the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee:  The Committee’s focus is faculty development and a motion was made of their proposal of a creation of a Faculty Development Program particularly aiming for Junior Faculty.  The motion was seconded and voted on and approved unanimously to take to the COD.  Senator Jansen will include suggested improvements to the presented report.

·      A motion to extend the meeting for 10 minutes was seconded and approved.

·      Senator Crane presented a PowerPoint for the Faculty Quality and IHOP Committees and provided handouts of the policy for Elimination of Faculty Positions Due to Financial Exigency.  Senator LeDuc asked about severance package and Dr. Utsey stated that the Exigency policy addressed the severance package.  A motion was made, seconded to accept this policy and was voted unanimously.


6:17 pm, a motion was made to adjourn, was seconded and approved unanimously.