UTMB Faculty Senate

December 12, 2011

4:00 – 6:00 pm



Present:  Drs. S. Croisant, Chair, S. Al-Arabi, B. Ameredes, K. Beal, L. Cain, C. Cooper, R. Daugherty, S. Elsaid, L. Farmer, J. Graham, A. Jones, J. LeDuc, J. McBride, N. Mendias, H. Pine, E. Protas, T. Riall, S Sarna, C. Utsey, P. Watson, H. West, C. Wiggs and D. Wild


Absent:  Drs. J. Badalamenti, B. Bryant, P. Crane, J. Davis, C. Houston, C. St. John and D. Young


I.      The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Dr. Sharon Croisant, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.    The Approval of the November 14, 2011 minutes.  The minutes of November 14, 2011 were voted and approved by email on December 6, 2011.


III.  Provost, VP and Dean’s Report


Interim Executive Vice President, Provost and Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – report provided by Dr. Cooper

·      Korn/Ferry International was selected as the firm for the EVP and Provost search.

·      Kim McKay last week showed a mock-up of Old Red first floor identifying areas for study and meetings.

Dean, School of Health Professions – report provided by Dr. Protas   

Dean, School of Nursing and Vice President for Education – report provided by Dr. Watson


III. Reports by Faculty Senate Executive Committee

·      Dr. Croisant stated they met with Dr. Callender on November 22 and he suggested that the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee may want to meet with or query department chairs, deans, etc. as to their development plans.  Also discussed was the faculty lounge which is still planned but the location has been difficult to pin down.  They want something central to campus and thus convenient for use.  He also suggested Ms. Carolee King to provide the Faculty Senate with an update on the background checks. 

·      Dr. Croisant reminded the Senators to send to Mary a one-page bio and a recent photo so that she can compile these into a directory to be sent to faculty and the Department(s) you represent to increase the likelihood of bidirectional communication.

·      Dr. Croisant inquired if there was any interest in holding a separate Executive Committee meeting.

·      Dr. Croisant stated that the next UT System Faculty Advisory Council is next month and if you have any input send her an email.  Dr. Wiggs added that they represent the faculty at these meetings.


IV. Newly Revised Standards of Conduct Guide:  Working with Integrity – Toby Boenig, Associate Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer and Holly Jolin, Compliance Training Manager

Mr. Boenig and Ms. Jolin distributed copies of the Standards Conduct Guide:  Working with Integrity.  The old guide was 60 pages long and dense.  The new guide will be easy to read.  The guide will also contain many links to websites for UT System, Texas Government, Laws, Research Related links and etc.   The new guide will be distributed early next year.          


V.  Revised UTMB IP Rule for IHOP – Jason Abair, Associate Vice President, Office of Technology Transfer

             Mr. Abair distributed copies of the revised draft IHOP policy 1.1.4 Intellectual Property and the Office of Technology Transfer.  He asked that the Senate review the policy and provide a resolution for its support.  The IHOP Committee will review and report back to the Executive Committee and Mr. Abair as soon as possible.


VI. Reports by Faculty Senate Committee Chairs

             Dr. Croisant provided the Committees with the list of issues as prioritized by the Senate.  She asked that the Committees review the issues and determine which, if any, they would focus on in the coming year.  Committee chairs will be asked for updates via email following the day’s meeting to provide an update at the Faculty Leadership meeting with Dr. Callender later this month.  


The meeting was adjourned at 5:52 pm.  The Subcommittees met following the general meeting.