UTMB Faculty Senate

April 14, 2014



I.           The meeting was called to order at 4:32 pm by Dr. Lisa Cain, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.        The Approval of the March 10, 2014 minutes.  The minutes of March 10, 2014, were voted on and approved by email on April 3, 2014.


III.        Provost, VP and Dean’s Report

              Executive Vice President, Provost and Dean, School of Medicine – report provided by Dr. Jacobs.

              VP for Education and Dean, School of Nursing – reports provided by Dr. Watson.

              VP and Dean, School of Health Professions – report provided by Dr. Protas.

              VP and Interim Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – report submitted by Dr. Niesel.


IV.     Role as Associate Vice President, Communications, Recruitment and Special Projects – Dr. James Mahon

              Dr. Mahon gave an overview of his role and stated that Dr. Papaconstantinou is the Faculty Senate’s representation for the Communication Strategy Committee that he has organized.  He commented about chair searches and the faculty’s role; faculty packages and commitments; philanthropy and our oil and gas donors and scholarships for faculty.


              Dr. Mahon discussed the survey and stated the communication can always be enhanced on all levels. He discussed the ombudsperson position and he stated that he views himself as a faculty advocate.

              Questions, comments and concerns mentioned by the Senators include:  recruitment process and the too many steps involved and the length of time it takes to recruit a faculty. The process needs to be streamlined.   Faculty commitment packages and fulfilling the commitment promises; fundraising; discretionary funds and pay raises for lab personnel.


V.      Other Business

              Dr. Cain and Dr. Graham attended a recent Council of Deans meeting and that they will be attending the UT SYSFAC meeting in Austin this Thursday and Friday, April 17 and 18, 2014.  She stated that the upcoming chair-elect needs to be from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.  Dr. Cain discussed Mentoring Day, the Faculty Affairs website and stated that the Faculty Quality Committee needs to obtain an update on the Faculty Lounge.  She distributed a report of ethnicity by rank to the Senators.  She stated that Alfredo Torres, Ph.D. has approached higher administration on the need to increase diversity in faculty leadership positions at UTMB. Dr. Cain commented that the Senate should make suggestions as to how diversity at UTMB in terms of faculty, salary equity and faculty leadership can continue to be enhanced.  She stated that she is also exploring the issue of diversity on a UT System’s level.  Dr. Cain has met with Dr. Torres regarding this issue and will be talking further to higher administration. We will examine the facts and data regarding diversity at UTMB.  Dr. Graham commented that myPOWER does not have Research and Teaching loaded to date.  Senators made the following comments:

·     Most of the faculty do not understand the metrics

·    GME is not in the plan and should be

·    Seminars, student committees, student interviews, faculty research discussions is not included as a category in the compensation plan

·    Qualitative assessment need to be considered?

           Dr. Cain asked for the senators to obtain from faculty in their schools a list of concerns regarding the compensation plan and send to the Faculty Governance Committee to be discussed and sent to her for discussion with the Provost and President.  Dr. Cain mentioned that the policy for the Abandonment of Programs is still under revisions and that the IHOP Committee should review this policy.


          Senator Walker made a motion to make a resolution of sincere condolences to Dr. Tony Wen, seconded by Senators Knox and McCammon, and voted on and was passed unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:57 pm.