UTMB Faculty Senate

December 9, 2013



I.           The meeting was called to order at 4:32 pm by Dr. Lisa Cain, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.        The Approval of the November 18, 2013 minutes.  The minutes of November 18, 2013, were voted on and approved by email on November 22, 2013.


III.        Provost, VP and Dean’s Report

              Executive Vice President, Provost and Dean, School of Medicine – report submitted by Dr. Jacobs.

              VP for Education and Dean, School of Nursing – reports submitted by Dr. Watson.

              VP and Dean, School of Health Professions – report provided by Dr. Protas.

              VP and Interim Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – report provided by Dr. Niesel.


IV.     Legislative Affairs – Dr. Ben Raimer, Senior Vice President, Health Policy and Legislative Affairs

                   Dr. Raimer presented a PowerPoint presentation.  Listed below are a few highlights from his presentation: 


SB 406 Scope of Practice

·       Eliminates the requirement for onsite physician supervision and allows doctors to delegate drug and durable medical device prescribing authority to an advanced practice nurse or physician assistant.

·       Increases from four to seven the number of advanced practice registered nurses or physician assistants to whom a physician can delegate prescriptive authority.

·       Improves coordination between the Texas Medical Board and the Board of Nursing and Board of Physician Assistants.

·       Allows physicians to delegate prescribing authority to APRNs and Pas for certain controlled substances in hospitals and hospice settings.


UTMB’s Legislative Priorities – Outcomes

·       Growth in formula funding to support:  $24.5M

                     Education of health workforce needed for Texas, now and in the future, including undergraduate and graduate medicine, nursing, health professions, and biomedical research

                     Necessary infrastructure

                     Research is critical to solving the health problems of the state and nation

·       Continuation of 2012-13 levels of funding for the Health System and existing special items with a new Hospital Formula:  $10M

·       New Exceptional Item Funding for:  NONE

Vaccine development

Regenerative medicine

Emerging infectious disease research

·       TRB funding for Inter-professional Education Building:  NONE

·       Release of TRB debt service for new Jennie Sealy Hospital:  $11M

·       Correctional Health Care funding:  $48.1M


UTMB’s Legislative Priorities – 84th Session

·       Tuition Revenue Bond

·       Formula Funding

·       Hospital Formula



·       What you can do to advocate for your patients, for your profession and your school:

Be involved with your professional society

Visit your State Representative and Senator

Know the issues and stay informed


·       HPLA Web Site:  www.utmb.edu/hpla

Click on “Resources”

Look up your home geopolitical district

Review the Health Policy Briefs

Ben’s Blog


V.      Other Business

              Dr. Wen, Chair of Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee:  announced that Dr. Bhardwaj recently had a meeting which involved all schools and both Academies to work on faculty development, and mentoring.  Discussion included AMT workshops for mentors and mentees, website for links for junior faculty to be housed in one location.  Another meeting is to be scheduled in January.


              Dr. Crane, Chair of the Faculty Quality Committee:  followed up from Dr. Cain’s Executive committee meeting last week where Dr. Cain raised an issue from a faculty member in regards to the travel policy and stated it is too restrictive.  Dr. Crane stated that she will gather more specific feedback from the faculty and report back to Dr. Cain.  Dr. Crane asked for the faculty’s input to be sent to her by email.  Dr. Cain did announce that Dr. Jacobs was looking into the travel and flexibility and will know more in January.


              Dr. Cain announced that Dr. Oberhauser, Chair of IHOP Committee, is reviewing and getting comments regarding the Teaching Observation Policy.  A Senator asked who the author was on this policy and Dr. Cain stated that she would find out.  Dr. Cain announced that Dr. Lieberman will be presenting to the Senate on the teaching metrics. 


                         Dr. Papaconstantinou asked the Senators if there is a way for the departments to work together when scheduling their seminars.  There have been several instances where seminars are scheduled at the same date and time.  This would probably help attendance to these seminars, if not scheduled at the same time.


              A motion was made to extend the faculty senate meeting a few minutes passed 6:00 pm, and seconded and meeting is extended.      


              Dr. Wiggs announced that the Post Tenure Review policy was approved by UTMB IHOP and that the Abandonment of programs is next.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:03 pm.