UTMB Faculty Senate

January 14, 2013

4:30 – 6:00 pm



Present: Drs. C. Wiggs, Chair, S. Al-Arabi, J. Badalamenti, P. Boor, W. Braun, L. Cain, P. Crane, R. Ellis, J. Graham, A. Jones, B. Leonard, J. McBride, A. Oberhauser, R. Rupp, S. Sarna, D. Wild


Absent: Drs. B. Ameredes, S. Clark, S. Croisant, J. Davis, S. Elsaid, S. Fisher, L. Lawrence, B. Luxon, N. Mendias, T. Wen, H. West and D. Young


I.        The meeting was called to order at 4:33 pm by Dr. Carol Wiggs, Faculty Senate Chair.


II.           The Approval of the December 10, 2012 minutes.  The minutes of December 10, 2012 were voted and approved electronically on December 20, 2012.


III.   Provost, VP and Dean’s Report


      VP and Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – report provided by Dr. Cooper.

      VP and Dean, School of Health Professions – report submitted by Dr. Protas.

      VP for Education and Dean, School of Nursing – reports submitted by Dr. Watson.

      EVP and Provost and Dean, School of Medicine – PowerPoint presentation given by Dr. Jacobs.     

         Dr. Jacobs responded to two questions posed by the senators:  (1) how will the Affordable Care Act and    Governor Perry not expanding Medicaid affect us, and (2) how are the other campuses doing?  Dr. Jacobs responded stating with some scenarios and stating efficiency, doing more with less and generating margin to    support academia, will be needed.

         Dr. Jacobs announced that his team is working on a blog, so to speak, where anyone can field questions for a response.


IV.        Reports by Faculty Senate Chair

      Dr. Wiggs announced that the Post tenure review policy was sent to the Council of Deans and thanked the two committees for their efforts.  The proposed retirement package for tenured faculty is now in the Texas Attorney General’s office with no response to Dr. Callender’s request for a decision. 

      Dr. Cain finished reporting for Dr. Wiggs and announced that the UT SysFac meeting will be January 24-25.  Encryption as well as intellectual property will be on the agenda.  She mentioned that Dr. Wiggs had sent out an email earlier today with the twenty-six page document entitled “Issues Related to Encryption.”  Please send Dr. Wiggs your input.  Dr. Cain mentioned to the Senate that she also serves as Co-chair of the Health Affairs Committee of the Executive Committee of the UT System’s Faculty Advisory Council.  She briefed the Senate on the purposes of these committees.  Two additional issues to be discussed at the UT SysFac meeting will be domestic partner benefits and faculty input regarding the evaluation of Department Chairs.

      Dr. Cain announced that she serves on the University IHOP committee and they meet the first Thursday of each month and she checks to see if there are any policies that greatly impact faculty.  If there are policies of concern then she will bring those to the Senate.  Dr. Cain stated that she will participate in a conference call on January 17, with the Chancellor and the Executive Faculty Advisory Council regarding a new policy and will know more after the conference call.


V.     Reports by the Executive Committee and Committee Chairs

Dr. Crane announced for the Faculty Quality Committee that they will be meeting to go over the UT System Regents Outstanding Teaching Award nominees, following the Faculty Senate meeting this evening. 

Dr. McBride announced that they had finished with the Post Tenure review policy.  Dr. Wiggs announced that the Governance committee will start working with Dr. Wiggs and the IHOP committee on the Abandonment of programs and financial exigency policies to revise into one policy and revise some minor edits.

Dr. Wiggs announced that Dr. Ameredes is appreciative of everyone’s support.


VII.   New Business

            A Senator announced that some faculty have given them concerns of the three ASGs outplaced, what affect will this have, especially getting grant support accomplished and believe that the remaining will be spread thin now.  Dr. Wiggs will follow up.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.