What is the GEM Program?


This recognition program is designed for employees, students and volunteers to recognize each other for professional behavior and for "Going the Extra Mile" in their daily activities. This program reinforces the UTMB professionalism charter.

How the program works

  1. The primary goal is peer recognition for employees, students and volunteers. All employees, including those who work off-site, who work part-time, who work on a paid-by-letter basis, and who work on contract are eligible.

  2. When you observe an employee, student or volunteer modeling professionalism or Going the Extra Mile in daily activities, you can award that person a "GEM card." Award one card per occasion.

  3. Employees, students or volunteers who accumulate three GEM cards may submit them for entry into an annual drawing:
    Employees: submit to immediate supervisor
    Students : submit to Office of Student Life
    Volunteers : submit to Volunteer Services

Recognizing each other

Who should receive recognition with this program?
All of us observe others at UTMB who Go the Extra Mile--who not only perform their regular job, but go above and beyond to help a co-worker or a visitor. An example might be a fellow employee who takes time from the daily routine to help with a special project, or a person who takes time to help a visitor or patient find his or her way around campus.

GEM cards

Who awards the GEM cards?
GEM cards may be awarded by any UTMB faculty, staff, student, volunteer, patient or visitor to any faculty, staff, student or volunteer.

How do I award a GEM card?
GEM cards are available through your immediate supervisor. Departments may order additional GEM cards at no charge from Logistics Warehouse, item number 65114. Cards are also available on the web. Complete the information on the back of the GEM card before awarding it. Cards must be completely filled out to be accepted for entry in the drawing.

Entering the Annual drawing

  1. Once an employee student, or volunteer has received three cards, that person may submit them to the appropriate area for entry into an annual drawing.
    Employees: submit to immediate supervisor
    Students : submit to the Office of Campus Life, Room 2.110, Jamail Student Center
    Volunteers : submit to Volunteer Services, Room 1.308, John Sealy Annex

  2. The supervisor or appropriate office will validate the cards by initialing the "validation line" and will make copies for the participant's departmental file. Each GEM card may be used only one time.

  3. The supervisor or appropriate office will complete one entry in the on-line drawing entry system for every three cards submitted by a participant. Participants may be entered into the drawing one time for every three GEM cards received.

All entries must be submitted by using the on-line drawing entry system. The supervisor entered on this form will receive a confirmation email once the entry has been received.

Annual Recognition

Organizational and Workforce Development will enter all of the names submitted into a drawing at one of the Annual Service Recognition Ceremonies. All drawing participants will receive an invitation to the ceremony.

Annual drawing Specifics

  1. The names of 50 participants will be drawn and contacted before the ceremony.

  2. Awards for those 50 winners will be available the day of the ceremony or the winner can contact OWD to make other arrangements for pick-up.

  3. Participants do not need to be present to win, and are eligible to win as many times as their name is drawn.


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