Honorees and Winners

GEM Honorees:

The 2014 honorees list will be released soon. Please check back.

Click here to see the list of GEM honorees for the March 2014 celebration (PDF).

GEM Winners:

The annual GEM drawing will be held on May 8, 2014. GEM honorees and drawing winners will be recognized at the Employee Service Day celebration on May 8th.

The winners will receive a UTMB portable media player during the Employee Service Day celebration. To see the gift please click here.

The list below shows last year's winners.

March 2013 Winners:
Employee Name Department
Charlene Allen Ron Jackson Unit
Margaret Bares Animal Resource Center
Anise Castillo UHC 4th Fl Clinics
Miguel Copado IS-Customer Service
Kacee Cox Emergency Services - Nursing
Barbara Carwford Pack 1 Unit
Richard Creighton Clinics Administration and Support
Tina Dambra UHC 4th Fl Clinics
Rose Ellis Access Center
Diane Ellison Pmch - Academic Clinical Prev
Beverly Gilley Acct. Payable
Glynnis Glover Laundry
Maria Gonzalez UTMBHCS Administration
Barbara Griffin Cole Unit
Debra Gunnels Giddings State School
Lisa Hayman Lynchner Unit
Rebecca Hofferek Giddings State School
Christina Holloway Surgical Operating Suite
Peggy Johnson Postpartum
Christine Kite Animal Resource Center
Bonnie Laramore Inst for Translational Science
Lisha Marshburn Luther Unit
Vallerie Meador Animal Resource Center
Erica Mendoza Emergency Services - Nursing
Everett Milligan UHC 4th Fl Clinics
Kathleen Nash Emergency Services - Nursing
Lan Nguyen Chemistry Division
Danielle Payne ISCU
Kelli Pelzel Giddings State School
Darryl Perry Neuro/Neurosurgery
Tammy Pfannenstiel Inst for Translational Science
Meredith Pierce UHC 5th Fl Clinics
Patrick Root BSL4 Maintenance
Angie Rubio Giddings State School
Amada Salinas Hospital Transportation Service
James Sirmons Support Services EMS
Amanda Soltani Speech and Audiology - OTO
isabel Soria UHC 4th Fl Clinics
Amy Stanchos Woodman Unit
Melisa Sutton TDCJ San Saba
Webster Tharp Blood Bank Division
Madalyn Tucker Stewart Road Family Med Clnic
Kimberly Weaver Hutchins Unit
Brandi Williams UHC 5th Fl Clinics
Melinda Winfrey Huntsville Central Pharmacy
Cheryl Winkle Huntsville Central Pharmacy
Marci Hubbard Wise Ophthalmology Clinic
Ralph Drees BSL4
Vicki Blanchette Wynne Unit
Connie Gauntt Huntsville Central Pharmacy




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