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Course Information: Year 1
Neuroscience and Human Behavior

Neuroscience and Human Behavior


There is an average of 7 lectures per week; these will present broad overviews of material which cannot be easily derived from other sources or topics which are conceptually difficult to understand.

Small group tutorials

28 groups of 8-9 students will meet for an average of 5.7 hours per week (typically one 1-hour session, two 2-hour sessions and one 1-hour wrap-up session) to discuss a clinical case in the PBL format. These sessions also have a unique team-based learning (TBL) component.

Laboratory groups

14 groups of 16-18 students meet for an average of 3.4 hours per week (typically two 2-hour sessions) during which time they will examine gross specimens, glass slides (most now digitized), and radiological materials illustrating normal and pathologic neuroanatomy. Some labs offer opportunities to become familiar with the technology being used clinically to evaluate the brain and peripheral nervous system.

May, 2008

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