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Course Information: Year 2
Renal, Fluids, & Electrolytes

Renal, Fluids, & Electrolytes

The renal course is designed to understand the normal functions, physiology, anatomy/ histology, and pathology of the kidney.  The first half of the course contains anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of renal function and hypertension.  During the latter half, the focus is on the relationship of pathology of glomerular and interstitial diseases, embryology, tumors, microbiology, immunology, and pharmacology to renal function.  A major emphasis is placed on self-directed learning by use of problem-based cases that emphasize the important and relevant basic science issues of renal function and fluids and electrolyte homeostasis from a clinical viewpoint.  Lectures are provided to supplement these self-directed learning exercises by providing a broader picture in which to incorporate new knowledge, emphasizing priority areas for learning issues, and clarifying difficult-to-understand concepts.  Computer-based exercises in urinalysis, anatomy and histology, and acid-base disorders are provided to supplement the lectures, reading materials, and problem-based exercises.

July, 2006

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