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This is where we give kudos, brag, and share!

May, 2013 - The Informant (student newsletter from Educational Affairs)
We are pleased to announce that the first two issues are now available on the IMO website, located on the Student Resources page! Check it out!


March 6, 2013 - Faculty & Staff support Students attending St. Vincent's Benefit Concert
Rose Garcia, Angel Jolly, Dr. Brain Miller and Dr. Virginia Niebuhr enjoying the Annual Benefit Concert for St. Vincent's Free Student Clinic at the Grand Opera House.

Dr. Miller was a 2 time winner for the raffles, a spa certificate at the Hotel Galvez and UTMB sweatshirt - lucky duck. Rumor has it that he gave the prizes to Rose and Angel.


February 2013 - Putting for Pesos
Friday staff meetings have a new game - Putting for Pesos! Dr. A offers $20 to the lady who can land the golf ball in the cup, in three strokes or less. Missy and Amy both pulled off this impressive feat and got to split the cash.

January 2013 - Karin Elder Retirement/Appreciation Celebration
Karin Elder, Lead Applications Systems Analyst for Business & Academic Systems, may have thought that she was joining us to lead a training session on the evaluation interface changes but IMO surprised her with a feast of goodies as a token of our deep appreciation for her years of service to our department and UTMB. Karin is retiring soon and she will be missed by all!

January 2013 - New Recycling Box
As part of IMO's continuing effort to support the university's recycling program, we have added a box in our office specifically for recycling used pens and batteries. Just drop the items in the box, and we'll make sure they make it to the recycling center.

Dr. Asimakis is the mind behind the Shov-It, which is IMO's answer to the conundrum of how to show that a student is studying in a PBL room without putting unsightly trash outside the door.  But don't take my word for it - watch the inventor's own infomercial (click HERE to view)!

Course Post-Mortems
This academic year the IMO coordinators have started putting together presentations after each of their courses end, offering an overview of the course and helpful tips they discovered while their course was running. We've seen great creativity with each presentation and are proud of all the work our coordinators put into them.
View GAR presentation - Gross Anatomy & Radiology 2012-2013 by Giovanna D'ambra, Course Coordinator
View GIN presentation - Gastrointestinal / Nutrition 2012-2013 by Amy Shanks, Course Coordinator
View CVP presentation - Cardiovascular Pulmonary 2012-2013 by Stacey Gottlob, Course Coordinator
December 2012: IMO Team helping our troops in Afghanistan
The IMO and a few friends showed support and appreciation of our troops by gathering items for a platoon of 20 in Afghanistan. Our hopes were to give them comfort and a little bit of home during the holidays. Phone cards, stationary, games, and personal items were a few of the many items collected.

December 2012: Santa's Helper
Rose Garcia, MCT/NHB Coordinator, Participated as a volunteer in the 2012 Santa Hustle Half Marathon & 5K Run/Walk in Galveston to benefit Toys For Tots.

December 2012: Educational Affairs Holiday Door Decorating Contest
This was the second annual Educational Affairs Holiday Door Decorating Contest. First place - IMO, Second Place - Dr. Asimakis, Third Place - Karen Hunley (Office of Clinical Education)

December 2012: IMO Christmas Party
Dr. Asimakis treated his team at the Pelican Club this year. Good food, lots of laughs, great company!. Our unofficial motto is "The team that plays together, stays to together!"

November, 2012: Angel wins again!
It's not uncommon for Dr. A to throw a $20 on the table after the staff meeting for some friendly competition - paper hoops. Angel Jolly got her second win.

October, 2012: D'Feet Breast Cancer Fundraiser
The IMO Master Minds joined forces again for Dfeet Breat Cancer Fun Run/Walk. GO IMO!


August, 2012: Welcome new Staff member, Amy Shanks
The IMO is pleased to introduce Amy Shanks as the newest member of our team. We welcomed Amy as only IMO can - with a Breakfeast fit for a queen. Amy will coordinate two second year courses, Gastroinstestinal & Nutrition (GIN) and Dermatology / Hematology / Musculoskelatal (DHM). Welcome Amy!

June 21, 2012: Team Building Activity - Painting with a twist
The team that plays together stays together! The Instruction Management Office attended Painting with a Twist where each member painted a fleur-de-lis. Coordinator Angel Jolly put this activity together and the entire staff over-whelming agreed that it was a success and we're looking forward to our next venture. Check us out.


October, 2011: D'Feet Breast Cancer Fundraiser
The IMO "Rack Pack" raised $510 for Dfeet Breat Cancer Fun Run/Walk. GO IMO! http://www.active.com/donate/dfeet2011/IMO

October, 2010: D'Feet Breast Cancer Fundraiser

March, 2007: Professionalism Team Poster Awards
The Instruction Management Office worked in teams with OED and ORME staff to create posters highlighting each of the Professionalism commitments. The posters, displayed in the various offices and Graves hallways, focus on practical application of the assigned Professionalism Principle.  Staff voted for the posters they thought most clearly represent the assigned principle.  

1st Place
Charter 2: Barbara Ferrell, Teresa Kelly, Thea Mallini, Martha Phipps
2nd Place
Charter 7: Scott Griffith, Stephanie Litwins, Ruthanna Ward
3rd Place
Charter 6: Karen Szauter, Melanie Loving, Mary Mallini


September, 2006: Read about our butterfly project in the UTMB Impact

August, 2006: Professionalism Project Awards Announced

The Instruction Management Office (IMO), Office of Regional Medical Education (ORME), and the Office of Educational Development (OED) are among the winners of the Professionalism Project Awards. Read moreĀ…
http://www.utmb.edu/professionalism/default.htm. and http://intranet.utmb.edu/professionalism/project/default.htm

August, 2005: UTMB Commit to Fit Initiative

As busy as the IMO staff are, we find the time to take care of ourselves. How does the IMO keep fit?

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