Gregory Asimakis, PhD
Director Instruction Management Office
Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs, SOM
2.314A Marvin Graves, Route 0410


As Director of the Instruction Management Office, it is my responsibility to insure that Year 1 and 2 courses provide an exceptional educational experience for our students. To accomplish this, I assist the Course Directors in developing course designs that are consistent with the guidelines and policies set forth by the School of Medicine Curriculum Committee, and I provide guidance to the dedicated staff of Course Coordinators and other support personnel in all aspects of the implementation of the courses. This may sound dull, but it's actually fun and rewarding. The only job I consider better than this one is manager of a major league baseball team.

Favorite quote: "Hey kid! Now is a good time because it's later than it's ever been and as early as it's going to get." Uncle Louie.

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