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Christine Ford


Christine Ford
Coordinator II, Special Programs
Area of Responsibilities: Theme Initiative and POM1scheduling
2.314 Marvin Graves, Route 0410


The Theme Coordinator provides support and coordination for integration of the Theme Initiative into the School of Medicine curriculum. The curricular themes include Public Health and Prevention, Evidence Based Medicine, Healthcare Delivery, Health Economics and Policy and Professionalism. The Coordinator is responsible for the organization of committee meetings, maintenance of associated files and records, generating reports, manuals, instructional materials and correspondence, as well as maintenance of a database of information related to Themes in the Curriculum. The Coordinator works directly with the SOM Faculty and staff to facilitate changes in the curriculum as related to the Curriculum Themes.
Christine also handles all the clinic site scheduling for POM1, assists with educational technology support to IMO staff, and manages special projects for the IMO office.


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