Construction across the institution continues to proceed at a rapid pace at the Galveston campus and also at the Victory Lakes campus and some of the stand-alone clinics.
Major construction highlights include:
  • The post-Ike flood wall installed around the Primary Care Pavilion (PCP) is complete, and a public demonstration of flood gates will be scheduled soon.
  • At the Alumni Field House, new carpet has been ordered.
  • Construction of the newly-designed sports field will begin this month, and track surface repairs will also take place during the sports field renovations.
  • The John Sealy Hospital (JSH) new Public Concourse will open this month.
  • The coffee shop, Pastoral Care, the Chapel and the Gift Shop will return to their previous locations later this month. 
  • Design is under way for the John Sealy Hospital elevated walkway, connecting the hospital to the Administration Building and its parking garage and Waverley Smith Pavilion and its adjacent parking facility.The walkway will also serve as the conduit for UTMB’s new thermal pipe distribution system.
  • Renovation of nine galleys on patient floors will be completed this month.
  • The Otolaryngology Department facilities in the John Sealy Annex (JSA) are undergoing a major renovation that will be complete in January 2014. The Pulmonary Office is also being remodeled and will be fully operational this month.
  • New exterior and interior windows will be installed, and mitigation will be complete on the first floor of the Ashbel Smith “Old Red” Building this month.
  • Renovation of the core offices, restrooms, testing areas and Rare Book Room are complete in the Moody Library. The ground floor restoration and refurnishing will be completed this month.
The New Jennie Sealy Hospital is progressing rapidly. Construction crews are installing the concrete deck and columns on floor 8 and ductwork is going in on the second floor now. This project is averaging 185 workers per day.
Expansion of the Victory Lakes Specialty Care Center, to include a short-term stay patient facility, is in progress; the final phase of site utilities and the concrete pour of the first elevated floor is planned this week. This project is requiring about 80 workers on site daily.
Concrete slabs of the first through fifth floors of the Clinical Services Wing (CSW) are now complete, with specialty trades such as plumbing and casting moving in to the site now. An average of 100 workers a day are constructing the CSW.
New clinics planned:
Alvin Family Clinic near Home Depot and Highway 6 will provide adult and pediatric services when it opens in fall 2014.
Texas City Combined Clinic off Emmett Lowry will open in June 2015 for Cardiology, Urology, Pediatrics, Ear, Nose and Throat and Physical/Occupational Therapy patients.
Planning is also in progress for an expanded site for Pediatrics on Galveston Island.