UTMB is dedicated to conservation efforts through our recycling program to help safeguard and preserve our environment.  We are also committed to protecting all UTMB confidential and sensitive information, including employee, student and patient information.  With this in mind, let’s remember to follow some important recycling guidelines to help maintain our recycling program:

  • When a recycling bag is full, please zip it closed and place an appropriate lock on it. This is to ensure the privacy of the documents enclosed in the bag.
  • Leave the recycling bags in a secure location until they are picked up by the appropriate Housekeeping staff.  If bags are left in a non-secured area there is a high risk of theft or misuse of confidential information, including patient records and sensitive information. Misuse of sensitive information, including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and credit card information, could lead to possible identity theft. Please call X24040 to have the recycling bags picked up and relocated to a secured area.
  • For large clean-outs or purges contact Republic Services at 281-808-2389 or by email at esingleton@republicservices.com.   This company will provide locked rolling totes to assist with large recycling projects.
  •  For other questions or concerns regarding the UTMB recycling programs, go to http://www.utmb.edu/conservation/default.asp or contact X72959.