UTMB Police Officers Chad J. Wiland and Steven E. Gehret recently participated in the 2010 UT System Chancellor’s Trophy Pistol Match where they took the first place team trophy.  There were 14 participants from seven UT System Components in attendance. This is the third straight year that UTMB Police teams have won the team trophy.

Wiland and Gehret also both won awards in the Individual Shooter category, coming in first and fourth respectively. 


Shown here are Dr. Maureen Lichtveld of Tulane University, Faith Foreman of the City of Houston, Dr. W. Jarrard Goodwin of the University of Miami, Nolen, Armin Weinberg of Baylor College of Medicine and Lovell Jones of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
Photo by John Sullivan


The NIH-funded Gulf Coast Science, Education and Communities United to Respond to Emergencies Center (SECURE) was inaugurated on June 11 at the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans.  

The event was attended by representatives from several SECURE member institutions, including Alexandra Nolen, director of the UTMB Center to Eliminate Health Disparities.

The new center aims to help communities cope with the special health challenges of the Gulf Coast associated with oil and gas production and the effects of hurricanes.