Helping to maintain UTMB patients’ confidentiality is an extremely important function of the Office of Institutional Compliance (OIC). This is especially critical when assisting with the care of your own family member that may be hospitalized or receiving clinical services at UTMB.  Remembering to follow IHOP Policy 6.2.36, Maintaining Patient Confidentiality, is an integral part to this function.

The OIC understands that some UTMB employees may need to be directly involved with a family member’s health care while they are a patient at UTMB.  If this involves the UTMB employee needing access to the patient’s medical records or protected health information (PHI), then the employee needs to follow the appropriate procedure. Prior to viewing any PHI, including electronic PHI, please make sure the patient completes the Authorization for the Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) by UTMB.  If you have questions or concerns regarding this matter please contact the OIC at 409-747-8700.