Vince LoffredoVince Loffredo, UTMB's associate vice president of Student Services and ombudsman, might not be a true superhero, but when it comes to issues involving UTMB students he is suited-up and ready for anything that comes his way. Impact recently spent some time with Vince to find out more about the man behind the suit and his plans for the future.

What words of wisdom do you have for UTMB students as they start the school year?

“To whom much is given, much is expected.” – Luke 12:48

UTMB has built its foundation on the professional standards and ethics that its caregivers provide. Upon entering this University, students are asked to recite the honor pledge.

The UTMB honor pledge simply states: “On my honor, as a member of the UTMB community, I pledge to act with integrity, compassion and respect in all my academic and professional endeavors.”

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you represent one of the most distinguished academic medical institutions in the country. You should be proud of your accomplishments and the fact that you are now part of the UTMB history. Much will be expected of you during your time here on campus, rise to the challenges and you will reap the rewards.

And if nothing else … wear sunscreen!

What path led you to UTMB? 


The path I took to UTMB was not the most traditional path.


I came to Texas from my home town of Syracuse, following my graduation from Syracuse University. My first jobs were in Dallas as an exercise physiologist and intern with the Dallas Cowboys football team in their training department. 


I also served as a founding faculty member and director of Wellness at Montgomery College in the Woodlands. I then made my way to Galveston via Texas A&M where I worked in the department of student success during the summer and taught physical education/recreation parks and tourism during the school year. 


I left Galveston to take the position of founding campus vice president for the American Intercontinental University in Houston. Realizing that I missed my drive over the causeway each day, I returned to the island to work in the School of Nursing at UTMB as an academic counselor until I was promoted to associate dean of Student Affairs.


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?  The most rewarding?

Our goal is to meet the challenges presented to us daily by providing quality professional service to students and our UTMB community. There are three critical departments in student services that contribute to our students' success: enrollment services, student health services and student life.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is that I serve as an advocate for students. In my role, I am able to enhance the quality of campus life for all UTMB students by providing a broad range of services, programs and events. It is critical to me to assist students in removing barriers that may impede their success.

What is your favorite book?

My bookcase at home is filled with many books, the predominant theme you will find are books on the history of baseball. It would be difficult to choose just one because each speaks to different parts of the game. “Only the Ball was White” by Robert Peterson is a great book about the Negro Leagues and the challenges the players were faced with and “Wait Til Next Year” a story about life and growing up a Brooklyn Dodger fan by Doris Kerns Goodwin is also a great one. Of course my favorites are reserved for those that are specific to my beloved (yet heartbreaking) New York Mets.

Any hobbies?

Anything that will give me more time to spend with my wife Megan, and my children Vincenzo, 14, Giovanna, 7, Gabriele, 5, and Rocco, 4.

What is the one thing most people would be surprised to learn about you?

I met my wife, Megan on a plane flight between Syracuse and Houston.

What are you looking forward to the most in the coming year? 

I always look forward to meeting new students and working with the Student Government Association each year. This year I am also looking forward to the completion of the iStar project, our new student information system. The completion of this project will bring a very new and exciting technological advance to our campus. The staff in enrollment services has been working very hard to assimilate this new program into our department. Completing this project will bring UTMB to the forefront of student information systems technology and make us a benchmark for other academic medical institutions to strive for!