From left to right, front row seated: Renee Sckittone, RN; Nellie Loewen, RN; Odette Comeau, RN; Shirnyl Alviza, RN Back row standing: David Marshall, RN; Donna Sollenberger; Gail Kwarciany, RN; Cheryl Day, RN; Lee Alviza, RN; David Callender, MD; Demetria Jefferson, RN; Billie Hansley, RN

Congratulations to Nellie Loewen for being recognized as the Silver Medalist for Clinical Practice in a Large Hospital; and to Shelito Alviza, Shirnyl Alviza, Odette Comeau, Cheryl Day, Billie Hansley, Demetria Jefferson, Gail Kwarciany, Kathy Labuff, Margaret Matthews, Grace Money, Stephanie Nwadiei, Sandra Rondeau, Renee Sckittone and Karla Zengerele-Levy for being honored as Bronze Medal Nominees. UTMB is extremely fortunate to have the team of highly skilled, devoted and compassionate nurses that we do, and these nurses are a terrific reminder of that.