Everyone can relate to the chores of house cleaning and the satisfaction of a job well done. Now imagine if you were faced with cleaning a house that was more than 3 million square feet, spread out over 70 different buildings. How would you keep it clean? That is the challenge that the employees who work in Sodexo’s Environmental Services Department at UTMB Health face every day. 

Dr. David L. Callender, UTMB Health president, recently spent a day in the shoes of Alexandra Ferro, housekeeping attendant, cleaning patient rooms in John Sealy Hospital. 
"I know that Dr. Callender is very busy and for him to take time out of his schedule to come and work with me made me feel like he truly wanted to connect with all of the departments here at UTMB," said Ferro. "Working with Dr. Callender made me feel good about my job."
The department follows a stringent seven-step cleaning process that supports the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation standards. 
Step 1 – Pull trash and linen.
Step 2 – Complete the High Dust process.
Step 3 – Damp wipe all contact surfaces. 
Step 4 – Thoroughly clean the restroom.
Step 5 – Dust mop properly.
Step 6 – Damp mop all appropriate areas.
Step 7 – Inspect the work according to the Sodexo Shine standards.
“UTMB’s department of Environmental Services does an outstanding job of making sure our campus is clean
and orderly. It is a daunting task, but one that is accomplished by the hard work and dedication of more than 300
employees who work diligently to ensure that UTMB meets the highest standards of cleanliness,” said
Callender. “It is a tough job that is performed around-the-clock and many times goes unnoticed. I have a great
appreciation for the department’s commitment to provide a healthy, clean home for us all."