UTMB Health is dedicated to six strategic priorities – people, growth, education, quality and service, and community – all factors leadership considers essential to our success as an institution. The “people” are you, our employees. You are the foundation of our organization, and you will play a key role in our future progress and achievements.

In fact, one of six strategic goals for the university as a whole is to attract and retain a world-class workforce, and achieve recognition as a preferred employer. In order to accomplish this, leadership needs feedback from you about the institution.

If you are a benefits-eligible employee who was on payroll on or before Jan. 21, you can do your part by participating in the new You Count! Employee Survey, beginning Monday, Feb. 7, and running until noon on Monday, Feb. 21. I respectfully ask each of you to use the survey as a mechanism to share your ideas, perspectives and perceptions. Leadership throughout the institution needs to hear about the issues and opportunities that are important to you and are critical to our success.

It has been three years since our last You Count! survey, and UTMB Health has undergone tremendous change since then. Those who have taken You Count! in years past will notice that the new survey is shorter, with questions focusing on our mission, vision, values and employee commitment. Also new this year is an automated system that will allow the survey results to guide action planning efforts at the organizational and work-unit levels. If you’re relatively new to the institution and have never had an opportunity to participate in the survey, now is your chance to tell us what you think.

To ensure anonymity and foster candid responses, the survey will be administered by a third party, Morehead Associates. Please watch your email on Feb. 7 for an invitation to participate from support@moreheadassociates.com. Our participation goal is an ambitious 70 percent. Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing for a cruise or the cash equivalent of $2,500. Additional details about the survey will continue to be updated online at: http://www.utmb.edu/youcount.

Thank you in advance for telling us what you think through this important anonymous survey. Leadership is eager to review the results, and we look forward to sharing them with you later this year.


Dr. David L. Callender



For more information on You Count!, view Martha Livanec, Senior Workforce Development Consultant, in the You Tube video below.