Samantha DallefeldNew Chairwoman of the UT Systems Student Advisory Council

Samantha Dallefeld, UTMB Doctorate of Medicine Candidate, 2012, has been elected to serve as the new chairwoman of the UT System Student Advisory Council.




UTMB students visit PeruBaptist Student Ministry

Carolyn Utsey, UTMB physical therapy chairwoman, and a group of physical therapy students visited Miraflores, Lima, Peru with the Baptist Student Ministry to provide multidisciplinary medical care to the underserved. 

Eddie Salazar, UTMB clinical laboratory sciences assistant professor, traveled with CLS and other students to Laredo, Texas, in partnership with Hands & Feet and the Baptist Student Ministries to facilitate a short-term clinic providing care to the community.




Excellence in Professionalism Award winner 

Congratulations to third-year medical student, David Clifton, for being the recipient of the UTMB Excellence in Professionalism Award for the month of February. David was chosen by a fellow third-year student for exemplifying “extraordinary integrity and compassion for his patients at all times, even when others do not. He never reports values or findings in notes or on rounds that he did not investigate himself, which unfortunately occurs all too often. David clearly demonstrates the ideal integrity of a future physician and handles himself in this manner continually. I worked with him during our internal medicine inpatient rotation, and I watched patients respond to his calm, unassuming demeanor with trust and respect in return. David's dedication to integrity and compassion for patients, without a need or desire for recognition, places him among a select few in our medical school class and deems him deserving of an award such as this one." 

The award is given each month to recognize a student who has shown exemplary professionalism within the UTMB community.


UTMB Internal Medicine hosts The Texas Club of Internists

The Department of Internal Medicine hosted a meeting of The Texas Club of Internists last month at the San Luis Hotel for over 100 internists and internal medicine subspecialists. The Texas Club of Internists’ mission is “to provide the highest quality internal medicine education to a cohesive group of congenial specialists in internal medicine…fostering bonds of friendship over the state of Texas."  

"For the scientific session, UTMB internal medicine faculty presented state-of-the-art lectures on a wide variety of subjects. The presentations were clinically relevant and very well received by the meeting attendees," said Dr. J. Marc Shabot, vice chairman for Alumni Affairs and Development of Internal Medicine and course director.  Shabot added that organizing and holding this meeting in Galveston was another validation of UTMB’s post-Ike recovery. 

Dr. Randall J. Urban, chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, welcomed the group to Galveston and presented a lecture entitled “Traumatic Brain Injury – Hormones May Make a Difference."

Membership to the group is by nomination by state region with elections held by the club at its annual in-state meeting.  Many UTMB alumni are members.