Volunteers are needed for an asthma research study.

Individuals might qualify if they have a history of physician-diagnosed asthma, have been nonsmokers for at least one year, are 18-60 years old and are free of other medical problems.

Participants will be compensated for their time. For information, contact Ron Medley at rlmedley@utmb.edu or 409-747-1887.

Visiting campus

“NIH molecular libraries program and beyond: Integrative technologies enabling biology and chemistry as a collaborative resource for probe and drug discovery” was the topic of James Inglese, investigator with the National Human Genome Institute.

“Cytochrome P450: From bench to clinic” was presented by Lyudmila Gulyaeva, with the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics at Novosibirsk State University in Russia.


“Some reflections on the relation between humanities and medicine: A north European perspective” was the topic of Dr. Rolf Ahlzén, assistant professor at the University of Karlstad, Sweden.

The special colloquium was sponsored by the medical branch’s Institute for the Medical Humanities, where Ahlzén is a visiting scholar.


“Novel interventions to enhance muscle growth in aging” was the topic of the Pepper Older Americans Independence Center lecture delivered by Blake Rasmussen, professor in the department of physical therapy in the School of Health Professions.

“Medicaid: Dangerous times” was an ethics presentation by Laura Hermer, assistant professor in the Institute for the Medical Humanities, and designed to give an overview of the current state of Medicaid around the country, examine options being proposed and the likely effect on patients and physicians.