The grand prize winner of the You Count! drawing is Ernestina C. Viernes,  who won the cruise trip for two. 
“I feel very lucky, I wasn’t expecting anything back from what I did,” said Viernes.
She attended the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and started her career. She relocated to Vero Beach, Fla. and worked at Indian River Hospital. Eventually she moved to Galveston and worked at St. Mary’s Hospital for 16 years, until they closed in 1996. She began her career with UTMB Health in 1997 and says her goals are to continue her education and earn her master's degree.
When asked if she has ever won something like this, Ernestina said, “Not this big. I have won a little bit like $50 here and there, $10 here, but not this big. I cannot even imagine.” 
Congratulations Ernestina and get ready to set sail!

Ernestina C. Viernes










Below is a list of all the other You Count! raffle winners by executive:

Dr. David Callender’s areas:
·         iPad – Noe Perez (Community Based Mental Health Services)
·         iPod – Alexandra Nolen (Center to Eliminate Health Disparities)
·         iPod – Michele Rainford (Development Communications)
·         iPod – Matthew Grove (Technology Management)
·         iPod – Kelly Panfilli (University Events)
Dr. Garland Anderson’s areas:
·         iPad – Amanda Hall (Moody Medical Branch Library)
·         iPod – Cheryl Kirk (Animal Resources Center)
·         iPod – Ashley Maltz (Internal Medicine House Staff)
·         iPod – Alexandra Glaser (PM&CH Administration)
·         iPod – Kathryn Fiandt (School of Nursing)
Donna Sollenberger’s areas:
·         iPad – Paul Bolling (Victory Lakes Administration)
·         iPod – Victoria Henderson (CMC – Hamilton Unit)
·         iPod – Jennifer Jelliff (CMC – Skyview Unit)
·         iPod – Molly Lopez (Breast Imaging Services)
·         iPod – Tina Gomez (Transplant Unit)
William Elger’s areas:
·         iPad – Kirby Potts (Facilities)
·         iPod – Tina Gonzales (IS)
·         iPod – Rongxia Du (IS)
·         iPod – Peter Martin (Logistics)
·         iPod – Jesus Morin (Police)