UTMB began implementing a new student information system, ORACLE’s Campus Solutions version 9.0, last year to replace the old mainframe system, which has been used since 1994. Included in the new software package are modules for recruiting and admissions, student enrollment, academic records, financial aid and student financials. 

Training sessions were held recently for third- and fourth-year medical students who began registering for classes this month for the first time in Campus Solutions. The new integrated system greatly enhances the customer experience for students, faculty, university leadership and administration by providing a portal interface and powerful reporting capabilities.

Some highlights made possible by the new system are:

  • Integrated systems so that students do not have to log in to several systems to access their data
  • Enhanced fee assessment process
  • Enhanced of the ability to monitor that student fees are deposited into the correct accounts
  • Enhanced on-line services to students (financial aid, admissions, registrar functions and alumni)
  • Integrated WebCT/Blackboard for the schools
  • Enhanced on-line services for faculty and faculty advisors.